Easy A

Mathematics is not a really easy subject either in college or in high school. The mere fact that we encounter numbers is kind of intimidating for some but there are also a number of people who enjoy problems that involve numbers.

If you are not that confident when it comes to algebra, geometry, or calculus, Easy A will definitely be of help.

Easy A helps you solve algebraic problems, the area or perimeter of a certain shape, or solve for derivatives. The app lets you key in the given variables or figures, and it solves for the answer. If you want to find out what the surface area or perimeter of a particular shape is, provide the figures and it does all the work for you.

The app has an easy-to-use interface. It automatically makes the screen brighter once you launch the app, making sure that you will be able to see the figures right. Easy A can aid you in your assignments if nobody is around to assist you, but make sure you also learn while you use the app.

Easy A doesn’t have obtrusive ads that may annoy you while you are solving. It also doesn’t push notifications on your notification bar.

TakeABreak Free

Working for 8 or 9 hours straight can really stress both our eyes and our backs, especially when we don’t pause to take a break. Facing the glaring monitor of the computer for a long time can cause problems with eyesight and improper sitting position can result in several bodily pains. Luckily, TakeABreak Free is here to help you alleviate the pains and discomforts you are feeling.

The app provides you stretching and eyes exercises to relieve yourself of all the back pains and eye strains you get from work or even school. The app has 15 simple exercises you can readily do in just a few minutes.

These exercises include quick stretches for your back and some tips to relax your eyes. When you purchase the paid version of this app, you can set it to notify you to take a break. The app can be set to a certain time to remind you to break off from all your work and just sit back, relax, and do some exercises.

Having this app on your Android device will help you be more effective in work. Taking a break will help you refresh your mind and liven up your body to help you accomplish more work, maybe hours before you finish your shift.

TakeABreak Free is, of course, an app you can download for free. Get it now and take a few minutes off to relax.


Fans and enthusiasts of wrestling will now have all the information and news they will ever need with WWE. WWE is an app that houses all the videos and photos from the world of wrestling. Results from matches can also be viewed in this app.

When you launch the app, you’ll see four categories — Breaking News, RAW, Smack Down, and My WWE Universe. The Breaking News category provides you the latest from WWE; upcoming matches, results, and other news that will surely sate your need for any WWE news. RAW and Smack Down have all the photos and videos of your favorite wrestlers — from John Cena to Dolph Ziggler.

WWE is one essential app any wrestling fan should and must have. All the latest information and news you’ll ever need is in this app.

You can also discuss with other fans in the My WWE Universe. You have the option to converse with fellow fans from any city and get to know their opinions and ideas about a certain match or a certain wrestler.

Yin The Cat

Want to see something refreshing and cute on your home screen? If you are fed up with your bland and not-too-attractive-looking wallpaper, maybe it’s high time for you to try putting Yin The Cat on your homescreen.

Yin The Cat is a cute black cat that you can dress up with different hats and necklaces. This cute little cat will definitely brighten your mood.

Yin The Cat allows you to change the cat’s hats to suit your preference. You can have him wear a dino hat, bunny hat, watermelon hat, and tons more. The cat’s necklace can also be changed, as well his eye color and the designs of his eyeglasses. Dress up the cat in different combinations of accessories to have your homescreen seem to look new every time you look at it.

Shaking your Android device will make the cat go all dizzy, too. That is one way you can interact with this furry little creature. The cat also has thought bubbles that show how the cat is feeling at the moment, whether he is bored, tired or happy.

In exchange for little, you can have Yin The Cat on your home screen to brighten up your day. Download it now from the Google Play Store and have a cute pet-slash-wallpaper on your Android device’s homescreen.

Greedy Spiders 2

Greedy Spiders 2 is another fun game that will test your wit and strategy skills. Greedy Spiders 2 is the sequel to the first adventure where evil spiders try to eat the poor, helpless little bugs. The game’s goal is to help the bugs to avoid becoming the spiders’ dinner. You have to come up with good tactics to prevent the spiders from getting any closer to the bugs. You will play a very important role in helping the bugs claim freedom, and that is to cut parts of the web where the poor bugs are entangled in.

This second adventure of the original Greedy Spiders now has more intelligent and more cunning spiders to battle against. Plan your moves carefully to assure your victory over them; assuring salvation to the bugs, as well.

Greedy Spiders 2 has 144 levels you can play, quite a number that will surely keep you entertained for quite some time. The game’s graphics are as impressive as the background music played in the game.

In this game, you have the freedom to select the difficulty, but don’t be too complacent because as you progress through the game, surprises await you in the next levels, testing your quickness and strategy-making skills.

Greedy Spiders 2 can be downloaded from the Google Play Store in exchange for a few bucks. The app also has a free version, but if you want to enjoy more features, the paid version is very much recommended.

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