Touch the Frog

Looking to work out your brain a little? After you’ve finished popping cubes in PopCube, move on to the adorable frogs of Touch the Frog. There’s no fancy graphics here, but the hand-drawn quality of the frogs and the paper texture of the background are quite charming.

Touch the Frog calls itself a small speed test. It’s certainly a very charming game with simple instructions that can be challenging. You’ll be asked to do things such as tranquilize frogs when they run away, tap the frog when its color and the text above it match, or tap on a green frog if the answer is correct and tap on the red frog if it is wrong. Extra challenging levels are when you’re asked to tap on the pink frog only when the timer hits 5.000 and not a second before.

The only real catch we saw in this game, aside from the non-obtrusive ads, is that the game is only 12 levels long. Touch the Frog’s individual levels are fun and you can easily go through them once you’ve started. Right after you finish, however, your progress will not be saved. This allows you to go back and start all over from the levels so you can gain more badges and earn more stars.

Call of Mini – Zombies

We may have an obvious fondness for zombies in this part of the Internet, but there are so many games out there that are just as fond of them. When something unique and charming pops out, we can’t help taking notice. And by charming, I mean terrifying. Have a different flavor of scary with Call of Mini – Zombies.

The game follows the same genre starting point of a strange disease taking over a town, people getting infected, and eventually desiring a craving for — you guessed it — brains. You play the role of a mini-hero who fights to live another day. Thankfully, you’re armed to the teeth, but you can’t be too careless. There are zombies everywhere and they’re as tiny and superdeformed as you.

Seeing the game video, I had been skeptical. Who could be scared of superdeformed zombies? Launching Call of Mini – Zombies on my HTC Sensation, however, made me realize that I was so very wrong. Just because they’re cute doesn’t mean that these mean, flesh-eating machines will take it easy on you. In fact, always make sure to watch your back because it doesn’t take long for a bunch of them to swarm you.

Control your mini-hero by using the virtual joystick on the left and aim and shoot with the virtual joystick on the right. Be careful not to waste your bullets because they’re limited in stock.

Tank ON – Modern Defender

We’re not quite done trying to live another day just yet. If you’re tired of going up against zombies, have something different with Tank ON – Modern Defender. You control a single turret and your job’s a whole lot harder when you’re the only one defending your base. You’ll need to act fast and take out the enemy tanks and vehicles before they overwhelm you.

The good news is, the turret fires on its own. All you need to do is move it up and down the base wall and properly time your shots. If there is more than one tank on the field, spread out those shots to whittle down each tank’s life rather than concentrating on just one. If your situation gets particularly tricky, unleash the power of your more powerful weapons such as the devastating Orbital Ion Cannon, electromagnetic waves, and the deadly nuclear bomb.

Your turret is thankfully protected by a force field that “catches” the enemy fire and protects your base. Too many attacks to the force field, however, will exhaust it and you’ll have to wait until it regenerates.

With each enemy that you destroy, you earn coins. With these coins, you can purchase upgrades to make your firepower more effective.

moovebo Live Wallpaper

We’ve taken a look at the best live wallpapers for Android phones in the past but we noticed that most of them were inclined to nature. If you’re not all that into nature and you certainly aren’t the outdoorsy type, don’t worry. We have something for you. Fans of abstract art, funky shapes, or just lively non-organic wallpapers will love to have moovebo Live Wallpaper. Triangles dominate this wallpaper’s theme, sure to give your home screen a sharp edge compared to when its using other wallpapers.

Developed by squaresocket, you’ll never get bored with this on your home screen. moovebo Live Wallpaper, as it says on the tin, is a live wallpaper. Every few seconds, or depending on your settings, it switches to a different abstract design. You can customize it in a number of ways, from choosing color profiles like Rainbow, Phoenix, Lagoon, and Purple, to changing the effect frequency, the effect duration, and the movement type.

For a free live wallpaper with this much style, you’d think that it would at least have ads. Nope, moovebo Live Wallpaper does not have a single ad on it. I checked in the Settings menu and was expecting ads just like the ones on Galaxy S3 Drop LWP. Not a single one showed up.

With moovebo Live Wallpaper on your Android device, you’ll always be moving with style.

Save the Puppies

Oh no! During the night, someone has stolen your precious puppies. When the humans don’t seem to be alarmed, it’s up to a dachshund to retrieve the pups by using their brains and their increasingly lengthening body.

In Save the Puppies, you control this nameless dachshund using an on-screen directional-pad. This game puts together puzzle solving and a touch of the classic snake element. You can make the dog longer by eating sausages. Eat enough sausages and you might just be long enough to use yourself as a bridge. Save the puppies by approaching their cage.

Use your wits and play with the game mechanics. If you can wake a sleeping dog up by stepping on its tail, how can you do that when you don’t have any sausages around?

Each level has a specific method of clearing it, so one false move could seriously set you back. Instead of having to start a whole level over, Save the Puppies allows you to undo your last step. Some of the stages are quite challenging and really require the player to think out of the body and utilizing the objects in the area. One little feature that I especially appreciated in Save the Puppies is that if you find a level particularly hard, pinch to zoom in. This is quite handy for levels that are rather large in size.

Save the Puppies is ad supported. The ads, however, only appear at the upper left corner of the screen and are far away from the virtual D-pad.

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