Muzy is an all-in-one photo editor, collage maker, and photo uploader for Android. The app lets you instantly edit your photos and post them to your Facebook account. If you like editing your photos but don’t like to go from one app to another, you should definitely try Muzy on your Android device.

You will need to log in to your Facebook account so the app can post the images on your wall and also to display your friends’ Muzy-created pictures. Once logged in, you will be directed to the app’s interface which consist of the photo wall feed and some buttons above.

Through the photo feed, you can browse different pictures created by your friends. You can like a picture, repost it, and add a comment directly from the app. Above the main interface, you can also find different buttons to access different sections of the app. The default section consists of the Photo Editor and Camera. The app also supports other apps that can be used within Muzy such as PicCollage, PhotoGrid, Pixlr, FxCamera, and much more. The third-party apps, of course, need to be installed (or purchased) separately.

The Muzy app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Surprisingly, I did not find any ads while testing the app. The app’s user interface is also clean and simple to use. There also some features in the Photo Editor that needs be purchased from the Google Play Store. Overall performance was good and I didn’t encounter any bugs or force close errors while using the app.

All-In-One Toolbox (14 Tools)

The All-In-One Toolbox (14 Tools) is like your tools hub on your Android device. You can access various system tools all in one app. No need to download separate apps for these 14 tools:

  1. System Information
  2. Task Killer
  3. Memory Status Report
  4. Cache Cleaner
  5. Call log and messages cleaner
  6. History Cleaner
  7. SD Card Manager
  8. SD Card Cleaner
  9. Startup Manager
  10. App to SD Card
  11. Batch Installer
  12. Batch Uninstaller
  13. Add app to startup
  14. Homescreen widget

With this app, you can enjoy the features of multiple apps on your Android device. You can easily monitor the RAM and check of unwanted apps running in the background. You can easily preserve your privacy by erasing the call logs, Internet history, or messages instantly in the app. You can also select multiple apps and uninstall them at the same time.

The app includes an add-on battery booster. This is not included among the default 14 tools. You will have to manually download the add-on for free from the Google Play Store.

The All-In-One Toolbox (14 Tools) is ad-supported and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Ads will only appear at the bottom of the screen and don’t interfere with navigation. The app’s interface is also clean and easy to use. It won’t take long for non-advanced users to learn to use this app.

Stick Tennis

If you love playing tennis, then you will surely love the Stick Tennis app, a virtual tennis game for Android. With this game, you can fit a tennis court into your Android device and play tennis wherever you go.

You can control the game by swiping your fingers on the screen. The swipe direction will also be the direction of the ball. Timing is important so you can swing your ball properly to the opponent. No need to worry about where your player goes. The player will automatically move around the court. All you need to do is concentrate, watch the ball, and swipe your fingers at the right time.

You can also enjoy various modes in the game. You can play sets and improve your skills in playing the game. You can also try your skills in the world tournament. The game features sound effects like the cheering of the crowd that makes the game more realistic.

The Stick Tennis game can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Ads will occasionally pop out after every game. The free version allows for a limited number of games, which you can unlock by buying the full version. Overall game experience was excellent. The graphics is good and the game ran smoothly while I was playing the game.

Where’s My Perry? Free

From the creators of Where’s My Water? comes another water-filled fun game for Android. Swampy, the alligator, has already taken its bath. Now it’s time for you to help Detective P in accomplishing his mission. But, before he goes out for his mission, he must make it to the headquarters. Unfortunately, something went wrong with his transportation tubes and he needs your help to pass through.

The Where’s My Perry? Free is a physics-based puzzle game that lets you use water to solve puzzles. The game also needs you to control other forms of water–steam and ice–to solve puzzles. You must navigate the water so it will be collected in the backup generator. Once you have collected enough water, the backup generator will fire up and will fix the transportation tube, bringing Detective P to the headquarters.

The game somewhat follows the same concept as Where’s My Water with a few technical twists. You will encounter Lasers that will change water into steam or solid ice. In each stage, you will need to collect the gnomes for extra points and unlock new worlds.

The Where’s My Perry game has a trial version that lets you play the game for free. You will have to buy the game so you can unlock and play more levels. The trial version has ads appearing below the screen. Buying the game will remove those ads. The game performance was smooth and I did not encounter any flaws while playing the gaming.

Weather HD Free

Our Android device has a default weather forecast app. But, among the Android devices that I have used, I like the animated and realistic weather app on HTC phones. It feels like you are looking through a window on your Android device and see what today’s or the next few days’ weather will be. If you also want that realistic and animated weather app, you can try Weather HD Free.

This app is just like any ordinary weather app on your Android device. The only difference is that this app displays the weather in realistic HD. You can also add unlimited numbers of cities on the weather list. You can adjust the unit of measure and set the weather data to be displayed such as the visibility, wind chill, precipitation, heat index, and much more.

Weather HD Free can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The app displays ads above the screen, which can remove by buying the premium version of the app. It would also be a plus point if the app included a widget so the users can easily access the app directly from the homescreen.