Slice Summer

Slicing games have grown to become a popular genre, starting with Fruit Ninja and then evolving to SushiChop, in which players slice food with their hands like a Samurai. Slice Summer is another slicing game that has made its way to the Google Play Store. Instead of the usual food slicing antics that you experience in Fruit Ninja, Slice Summer lets you slice and dice shapes until you fill the progress bar. Sounds easy, right? Wrong.  There’s a catch: don’t touch the scarab that roams around the place.

Slice Summer is a combination of Fruit Ninja and Slice It. There are over 96 levels to complete, with additional levels to be added to later updates. No game is complete without power-ups, and Slice Summer has lots of them including slow down, erase, and protect to give you an advantage in the game.

If you love casual games or just want to dive into the action, Slice Summer is your best friend during those boring moments in your life.

London Olympics 2012 Result App

With the London Olympics in full swing after the opening ceremonies, here’s your chance to stay updated with all the latest Olympic events happening right now. If you can’t make it to the Olympic games, the London Olympics 2012 Result App will be the perfect companion to keep tabs on the latest medal count of the day. While I’m not that into watching the Olympic games all day on my television, the app is quite useful for me just to be updated with the medal count standing.

The app not only keeps you updated with the medal standing but also keeps track of scheduled events and news. There’s also a handy little countdown timer found at the bottom ticking its way to the last few seconds before the next event begins.

Perhaps, the scheduler is the best feature that I consider to be important because I can easily just find upcoming games quickly without having to check my local TV listings. You can download the London Olympics 2012 Result App absolutely free from the Google Play Store.

Watch TV Free

From the name itself, Watch TV Free is an Android application that lets you watch live TV shows on your Android phone and tablet. The app features tons of available free content that includes 100 live TV channels from BBC, Fox 8 News, Swimsuit TV, and a whole lot more. And, the best part is, you don’t have to pay a single cent for the television services you watch. How great is that?

The only requirement for the app, though, is that you need to have Flash Player installed on your Android device. While most phones are already equipped with such a feature, some are not allowed to have one installed. Nevertheless, if you can play Flash games on your web browser on your phone, then Watch TV Free is good to go.

Other features of the app include a built-in search function so that you can easily search your favorite shows in real time. Once installed, the app will place a search icon, bookmark link, and a browser homepage in your Android device. Download Watch TV Free and enjoy great TV shows anywhere right on your Android mobile device.

Critical Strike Portable

Being a fan myself of first-person shooting (FPS) games, there’s nothing better than blasting your way through a competitive game of Counter Strike with friends via local area network. That is soon about to change with the release of Critical Strike Portable for Android.  I’m sure it made FPS fans crazy.

Critical Strike Portable is a Counter Strike Clone that feels and looks like the real thing. I have spent numerous hours on the game and all I can say is that Critical Strike Portable is an awesome game to play, most especially when you are sitting on the train, whiling away the hours as you head home.

Perhaps the best thing I like to emphasize about the game is the multiplayer mode. Selecting matches are done in a breeze and all you need to do is input your log-in credentials and you’re good to go. There are tons of maps to choose from and some of them even incorporate classical maps found in the successful Counter Strike 1.6 game. if you have been a Counter Strike fan before, then be sure to check this one out. I highly recommend this game to serious FPS gamers out there who are looking for a challenge.


Staff Picks

That was quite a mouthful, eh?  We recommend that you check all of them out.  But, if that list is too huge for you, let us tell you which ones we encourage you to check out first and why.  Here’s our staff’s hand-picked list of the best new Android apps of the month of July:

  • Dead Trigger
    • The amazing 3D effects, realistic sounds, and scary zombies made us jump off our seats while playing this game.  Smooth and extremely enjoyable, this game will satisfy your bloodlust towards zombies.  We tried playing this game at night — with all our office lights on.
  • Smart Tools
    • Carry your toolbox in your pocket.  Almost everything you need for your DIY projects — ruler, protractor, compass, flashlight, level, etc. — is in your pocket.
  • Pedometer Free
    • Count your steps to a healthy life.  This app counts your steps accurately.  You can even use it to log your physical activities.
  • Super Zombie Hunter
    • This zombie game will make you wish you paid attention in your physics class.  Shoot zombies in the head to kill them, but firing headshots isn’t as easy as Hollywood portrays it to be.
  • Mission of Crisis
    • Avoid earning the zombies’ hate.  In fact, use their hate to your advantage.  Your mission: save the royal puppies.
  • Mutant Roadkill
    • Get rid of the mutants.  Run them over in a row, and beat your personal distance record.
  • Word Soup Free
    • Some people find word search games somewhat boring.  This game just might change their mind.
  • Hatchi
    • This is a completely new game for those of you who weren’t from the 90s.  A remake of the classic Tamagotchi, which took Japan and the world by storm, this app will have you take care of an 8-bit virtual pet, just like the real Tamagotchi.
  • SMS Rage Faces
    • Stop sending plain ol’ boring SMS texts and emails.  Spice them up with funny faces that will surely turn on the hilarity switch of recipients.
  • Amazing Alex
    • Leverage the domino effect. This game will have you donning your strategizing hat in order to solve the puzzles.
  • Watch TV Free
    • Ahhh! The joys of free TV — minus the actual TV set.

(with contributions from Alvin Ybañez, Dan Evans, Elmer Montejo, and Paul Nuñal)

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