The Amazing Spiderman

The Amazing Spiderman swings back into action and this time around, you can enjoy Spidey’s web swinging skills right on your Android device. The Amazing Spiderman for Android is another game that is tied to the movie with the same title. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, then the game might spoil your anticipation. But, for those who already watched the movie, then downloading the game is the next step that you should do.

The Amazing Spiderman is a sandbox type of game where you can go freely roam around New York City. If you are planning on downloading the game, then let me warn you it took me 2 hours to finish downloading, as the game is massive and requires 2 GB of free space. The game is absolutely gorgeous; there’s a reason it’s called “Amazing”. And, just like any other Gameloft game, the game’s graphics is top-notch and worth the extra penny that you spend. If you have already watched the movie and want to experience firsthand saving your ultimate crush Gwen Stacey, then this is your chance to do it. Just don’t get tangled with Dr. Lizard’s devious traps.

Get more details about this game in our Android app review entitled “The Amazing Spider-Man game: Catching thieves just like flies, all on your Android device.”

Asphalt 7 : Heat

If you thought Miami was the only place for a summer vacation, then Asphalt 7: Heat will surely burn you away once you tried the game. Asphalt 7: Heat is the seventh installment of Gameloft’s popular racing series. If you have been a huge racing fan in the console versions, then Asphalt 7: Heat fits in nicely in your Android device. Being a racing addict myself, I have already tried and tested the game itself, and definitely, the graphics are just mind-blowing.

There are over 60 different cars to choose and customize. Famous cars like the Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin are still present and if you want other cars, the game has plenty to offer. Speaking of cars, you’ll be able to race around real world tracks that take place in Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami, and the streets of Rio. What made me love the game even more was its multiplayer mode. There is nothing better than competing with real-live players over Gameloft Live’s servers and letting them eat your dust as you zoom past straight right in front of them. If racing is your thing, then Asphalt 7: Heat is more than just your ordinary racing game.

Metal Gun – Blood War

Back in the old days, I used to play Metal Slug on those bulky arcade machines which I had to feed coins just for me to enjoy an action-packed 2D game. Metal Slug was a huge success way back then, and up to this day I still enjoy it playing on my PlayStation Portable. You can now enjoy an inspired version of this classic shooter game on your Android device.

Metal Gun – Blood War by Fantasy Game is my personal choice for a fantastic 2D action-packed experience. In Metal Gun you control a single character and blast your way through hordes of enemies on screen. You’ll be equipped with a lot of weapons like flamethrowers, submachine guns, and automatic rifles. The game feels like a Metal Slug clone, if you ask me; nevertheless, the game is insanely fun to play and you could get very well addicted in the process. Not bad if you are bored in the office and just want to spend a quick game to boost your energy in the process.

Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher is another UI launcher that is lightweight and useful to low-end Android smartphones. Developed by GinLemon, Smart Launcher proves to be a great alternative UI launcher most especially since it features a minimalist design, low memory usage, and a user-friendly UI, that will make Android users love their phone even so much more.

What’s even better, Smart Launcher is reported to be the first of its kind to feature automatic cataloging of installed apps. Talk about easy management and categorizing. I was surprised when I opened my app drawer and found out that all my apps are neatly categorized in tabs.

Take for example all my social-networking apps like Facebook, GTalk, Maps, and Opera Mobile are all nestling under one roof in the Internet tab, while my entire game collection that includes Dead Trigger, Final Fantasy, and Angry Birds are placed inside the Controller like tab. Other tabs include those for Multimedia, Accessories, and Settings.

If you have tons of applications installed on your phone, then Smart Launcher will fit just right when it comes to organizing your apps. Smart Launcher is currently under heavy development and continues to be tweaked and improved.


If you hadn’t been sleeping in your literature class, you’d remember Friday, Robinson Crusoe’s trustworthy and hardworking personal assistant.  Android app developer Dexetra has honored the man by naming an app after him:  Friday, a unique application that keeps tabs on your important activities of the day. The app is a note-taking journal similar to Evernote and Catch Notes. But, instead of writing out all your thoughts and feelings of the day on a generic piece of white digital paper, you will be able to personalize and be more accurate with the descriptions of the things that you want to be kept updated.

On the app’s main homescreen you can see 9 hexagon buttons with symbols on it. Each button represents a particular task that will keep you reminded, like the TV for all of your favorite TV series that you don’t want to miss, or the Soccer ball for your important gaming events. The app is useful for remembering things and tasks. It is also a great way to capture your life and categorize it piece-by-piece. With Friday, you won’t have to miss a thing ever again.

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