Country Quiz +

People who are very familiar with almost all the countries in the world are very admirable. Memorizing the countries, their capitals, and flags is not an easy thing, unless you have very good retention power. For students who are constantly plagued with the problem of squeezing the countries into their heads, Country Quiz + can tremendously help them.

Country Quiz + tests your knowledge about the different countries in all continents. The testing doesn’t even stop there. You can try testing yourself by identifying what country is being asked according to its capital or flag. You can also do the reverse, identifying what capital or flag is being asked according to the country. To make things more challenging, you can also try playing the arbitrary mode where everything is mixed — identify the capital, the flag, and the country.

The app has three difficulty levels, easy, medium, and hard. If you think you are ready to take on the most difficult level, then you can play the hard level and see your stats for comparison. If you keep on playing this app, you’ll probably master the countries in no time.

Country Quiz + is one app that could be of great help especially when you have upcoming exams that entail memorization and familiarization of countries, flags, and capitals. Download this free app today and add vital information to your knowledge bank.

SMS Rage Faces

Fans of 9GAG will surely love this app. SMS Rage Faces is an app that lets you add faces to your SMS or e-mail. Bid bye-bye to the days when all you can send are plain old text messages with smileys and emoticons, which by the way, are getting a bit too dull to look at, unless you have different sets of smileys you can use.

SMS Rage Faces features faces we see in 9GAG that are now gradually taking over Facebook, Tumblr, and other social networking sites. Hilarious faces will never fail to make the recipients of your message laugh their lungs out. The app features a lot of categories for you to choose from. You can opt to pick a face that best shows how you feel or what you are thinking at the moment.

Popular memes are also included in the app, which you can send as is instead of composing the body of your text message or your e-mail. The faces you’ve recently used are also stored in your Favorites, making it easier for you to use them again without going through the hassle of having to find them.

Send your friends fun messages with SMS Rage Faces. They’ll definitely expect messages from you because of the fun faces that come with them.


Here’s another app that complements the popular photo sharing service, Instagram. If you are not satisfied with having just one app that lets you spruce up your photos, Instacollage may be that other app that can completely cover all the photo decorating you’ll ever need.

Similar to Instaframe for Instagram, this app also lets you create collages using your photos. You can choose templates for your collages and you can also edit and tweak your photos using numerous camera effects and text captions. Your collage’s background may either be transparent or with color, depending on your liking.

Instacollage lets you create a collage even when your photos are of different sizes. Just choose the grid template that can fit the photos in. After you’re done making collages, you have the option of setting one of your collages as your wallpaper or you can directly share them via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or Picasa.

Take your Instagram addiction a notch higher with apps that let you pretty up your photos even further. Get Instacollage today and share your beautifully-decorated photos to your friends.

Angry Mama DX Puzzle Games

Most of the time, mothers are neat freaks. Everything should be squeaky clean, dustless, and spotless. Having our mothers around would usually call for extra effort in cleaning our rooms or washing the dishes. It’s because of this inherent trait of mothers that when we move out and live on our own, we tend to slack off and leave everything in a mess.

But, what if you missed washing the dishes and making your room spotlessly clean? You sure missed it but wouldn’t want to actually do it, right? You can still “clean” your room with Angry Mama DX Puzzle Games. From the name itself, you probably get the whole picture.

Angry Mama DX Puzzle Games is a free puzzle game that tests your memory and judgment. You need to clean your room and put the items back to their exact places before you started cleaning. Cleaning is a bit challenging in this puzzle game because you have to do it fast. A time limit is given in every puzzle so you have to be quick in cleaning the room or else, Mama will be very angry. Strive hard to finish cleaning the room before the timer ends and you’ll get praises from Mama herself.

The app has 15 challenging stages. Start from the easiest stage and gradually challenge yourself with the moderate and harder ones, testing your performance in every stage. If you manage to clear all 15 stages, then it’s a given that Mama will be very proud of you. You should be proud of yourself, too, because you’ve become a lean, mean, cleaning machine.

Total Recall

The movie with the same title to be be released next week, what better way to enjoy the movie than by downloading yourself a copy of, Total Recall, the movie’s official Android game. Although it’s really too early to say whether the film will become a box office hit, the game should pretty much say it all. The original Total Recall movie was released way back in 1990. The new reboot of Total Recall (the movie) promises to put viewers to the edge of their seats with awesome special effects and storyline.

The Total Recall game for Android will place you closer to the movie and immerse you into the action itself.  But, if you were expecting your thirst for 3D graphics to be quenched, expect Total Recall to leave your mouth a little bit dry.  The game employs simple graphics, albeit above average, and without dynamic lighting or special effects.  Controlling the game can also be a bit challenging at some point, and we felt that it does not give enough justice to the movie’s extreme action.  We think this app is not — or not yet — sophisticated enough for hard-core gaming.

But, for an app intended to create hype and drum up publicity for an upcoming movie, the Total Recall game for Android will have you want to watch the movie itself.

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