Instaframe for Instagram

Instagram is hands down a really great app for people to share photos and connect socially. It is some sort of a quasi social networking site, minus all the long status updates and spam. If you have used the app, you certainly should get Instaframe for Instagram.

Decorate your photos with different frames before you upload it to Instagram for the rest of the world to see. The app also allows you to make collages out of numerous photos from your photo gallery. You have 20 frame choices to choose from, varying from category to category. With Instaframe for Instagram, you don’t only get to put frames on your photos, you can also do some minor tweakings such as panning, zooming, and rotating, and applying different photo effects and funny captions.

You can spruce up photos directly from your gallery or you can take a photo using your camera if you’d rather have a new photo to decorate. Photos you’ve edited can be shared not only on Instagram but also on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and even through your email.

Instaframe for Instagram is simple to use. One won’t need to know rocket science to be able to use this app to its full potential. Most of the menus and options found in this app are easy to navigate around, cutting the time you spend on understanding how the app works, which in turn will give you more time to spend on prettying up your photos.


Who wants to go back in time and experience playing the games that once held children and adults captive? I know I would. And, one game I wasn’t able to play way back then was the Tamagotchi, a virtual pet you take constant care of, similar to how you’d give so much attention to real-life pets.

If you had the chance to own a Tamagotchi and you are aching to relive the times you spent with it, Hatchi is here to fill that void. Although Hatchi doesn’t come in an egg-shaped keychain, like the ones that were so popular in the 90s, it still can give you the same feel as when you are caring for a real pet.

Hatchi requires your care to help it grow as healthy as possible. You get to feed, clean, and play with it, three of the most important factors for it to grow properly and evolve. How well the Hatchi grows and evolves depends on the quality of care the owner gives. Your Hatchi will go through numerous stages of growth, so you have to keep a careful eye on it to help it evolve well.

With the time you spend with your Hatchi, you’ll definitely have an irreplaceable bond with it. Despite the fact that your Hatchi’s look is 8-bit, you’d still see cute expressions that will surely send you heart aflutter, especially if you are all for anything and everything cute.

Take care of a Hatchi today and see what the fuss a decade ago was all about. Play, clean, and feed your virtual pet anywhere and anytime with the use of your Android device.

1Tap Quick Bar

Access all your most common tasks with just a tap using 1Tap Quick Bar. You won’t need to go through a lot of tapping just to launch an app, open the calendar, send a message, or call a contact. Have 1Tap Quick Bar placed on your notifications bar so that you can easily access an app or do a task.

What’s great about this app is that you are not limited to putting toggle settings on the bar.  It also allows you to put your most important contacts, most used apps, and even your most favorite games. The bar can also be customized by changing the overall design, text color, and colors of the icons when their statuses change.

This app allows one quick bar for free. Upgrade to any of the three packages — the beginner pack that allows a maximum of two quick bars, the premium package that allows a maximum of five quick bars, or the ultimate package that allows you to put as many quick bars as you want.

1Tap Quick Bar is a big help to people who are always too busy to spend even a nanosecond to launch an app. Having easy access to their most used and most important apps is what they need, and this app answers exactly that.

Mushroom Garden Deluxe

Grow cute little mushrooms with Mushroom Garden Deluxe. In this game, your guide, Cromwell, gives you hints, tricks, and rewards in growing cute fungi in your garden. Very fun to play, this game lets you purchase equipment and materials that help grow your mushrooms.

Cromwell has a lot of requests for you to accomplish. Don’t get irritated with him for being too demanding because when you successfully accomplish a request, he rewards you with things you can use for your garden. Aside from that, he also guides you on what to do and what not to do to improve your mushroom garden.

If you manage to upgrade up your Fungi Log, you’ll get to unlock rare fungi that you can grow in your garden. Special events are also available for you to play so that you can get seasonal items and special gifts.

And, to make your gameplay experience even better, you are given six background music titles to choose from. You can change the background music as often as you want, depending on your mood. For starters, try setting Bossa Funghi as your background music. It’s a great bossa tune that will surely put you in the mood for growing and harvesting your mushrooms. Check your garden as often as you can so you won’t miss Cromwell’s rewards and special gifts.


Have you ever grown tired of the same old boring photos you have in your phone? And, whether you’ve applied different color tones or filters on them, do they still look rather plain and unflattering to you? If you feel this way, maybe it’s time you start using MixBooth.

MixBooth mixes your photos to create interesting combinations. Try mixing your face with a friend’s and you’ll see how fun this app actually is. The app has default pictures you can play with and later on, you may add other pictures so that you can try mixing one with another.

The app also autocrops photos using its face detection function, helping you merge photos easily. You can use photos from your device’s photo gallery or you can choose to take snapshots using your device’s camera. Merging photos won’t require an Internet connection, so you can have fun with this app even if you are on a remote island.

Once you have mixed two photos together, you can see the before and after views just by shaking your device. The photos you’ve fused together are automatically saved in your photo gallery and you can share the photos to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email. Try merging your face with a celebrity’s photo and strut it to your friends, they’ll surely want to download this app, too.

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