Smart Tools

Maybe you’re doing some renovations around the house, or you’re working on a DIY project. No matter what you’re up to, Smart Tools makes sure that you can leave your bulky toolkit at home and simply keep all the tools you need on your Android phone.

Launch the app if you need to measure sound through the Sound Level Meter, vibration using the Vibrometer, or the angle using the Protractor in any of its three modes. Measuring an object is also easy, thanks to Smart tools’ Ruler tool. If you’re not sure if a surface is level, simply place your Android phone on it and tap the Spirit Level function. You’ll know if something isn’t level when the green ball moves out from the center of the circle. If you’re in a noisy environment and you’d like to measure the sound, tap on the Sound Level meter and determine just how loud your surroundings are.

Before flashlights were built into phones, people used to rely on their phone’s screen to light the way. Smart tools can turn your camera into a flashlight through its Light tool. You’ll never have to stumble around in the dark to find your flashlight again.

Mission of Crisis

You might be getting sick of zombies right about now, but I certainly still have a soft spot in my heart for them. (In fact, most of us here at Android Authority are so fond of them that we wrote about some of the best zombie games for Android.)  Make way for a different kind of zombie hunter.

Mission of Crisis has you controlling a team of dogs. You read that right. Dogs. These dogs must save the royal puppies who have been abducted by an evil greedy cat. You might be tempted to laugh but when you’re taking control of this team of dogs, but you’ll be amazed at how they can use their unique abilities to clear the field of zombies.

What makes Mission of Crisis’ zombies particularly interesting is that they have a hate factor. The soldier who shoots a zombie first will be the target of their hate, drawing that zombie to him or her. This might mean trouble for that unlucky soldier, but it’s a great opportunity for other soldiers.

With the zombie sufficiently distracted, you can assign other soldiers to target the zombie. Just because you have guns doesn’t mean you can just charge right in. You’ll need to strategize or else you’ll find your soldiers quickly overwhelmed by the zombies. Quickly eliminate zombies and make sure they don’t have a chance to warn the other zombies or else you’ll have a horde headed straight at you.

Mutant Roadkill

You’re a driver on a mission and that is to run over every mutant on the road. Explore the dry, dusty, and ruined post-apocalyptic world with your old beat up but still reliable car in Mutant Roadkill.

Dodge the cars that have been left to rust on the street. Try to run over as many mutants as possible, and if you fill up your star gauge, you can spin the wheel and get power ups such as a Driver Weapon to shoot any pesky mutants clinging to your car or a turret to shoot them down even before you’ve run them over.

Don’t get too cocky, though. The wastelands are filled with more than just roadkill. You’ve got mutants that will try to tip your car over. You’ll know which ones they are when you see a neon green exclamation mark over their heads and they’ll charge towards your vehicle. Run them over before they can cling to the side of your car. If you can’t run them over, don’t worry. They’re easy to deal with; simply navigate your car close enough to any of the wreckage on the road and scrape them off. There are other mutants with claws, though, and you have to watch out for those.

Complete as many of the missions as possible in one run and see how many mutants you can run over and how far you can go before you crash into a wall, destroy your car, or get overwhelmed by mutants.

Legend of Master 3

If you’re itching to test your Android device’s graphics capabilities, then I suggest downloading Legend of Master 3. Even before the fighting starts, you’re treated to gorgeous graphics and beautiful art. You follow the story of Cain Ashton, a warrior whose family has just been turned into stone by B’kar, an evil sorceress. Knowing that he’s not strong enough to defeat B’kar, Cain casts a spell on himself and splits his soul into seven pieces, scattering them all over the world.

400 years later, Cain’s spirit is awakened in William, a wanted prince in his kingdom, after his brother is struck down by one of B’kar’s servants. B’kar promises Cain revenge if he can manage to retrieve his lost spirits. Cain must struggle to get used to this futuristic world as he collects the rest of his soul pieces, overcomes difficulties, and trains to avenge his family. He’ll need to travel with Isabel, B’kar’s servant, to Wyvern’s Nest to find the second part of his spirit.

The game makes great use of a richly detailed background, beautifully rendered art, and background music to tell Cain’s story. Navigate Cain around dungeon levels with the use of the D-pad and the attack button to strike enemies, collect gold, and collect items.

Word Soup Free

With the number of game apps the Google Play Store has in store for every Android user, some word games have been overlooked while action and casual games have gradually taken the limelight. What we need is a word game that allows much interactivity and unlimited content to keep Android users hooked for hours and maybe even weeks.

Word Soup Free takes word searching to a new level. Word searching is done in a more fun and competitive way where you can play with a random opponent in a timed match, or you can invite one of your pals to play the game with you. Whomever you may be playing with, this classic game is made hipper with its unlimited number of puzzles and the use of colored highlighters to mark the words you’ve found.

You can also get awards for completing an achievement, so you’ll be enticed to play the game more. Complete a number of puzzles or obtain a certain number of points for a single puzzle and you’ll get an award. You can obtain awards when you play a single-player game or a multiplayer game.

Word Soup Free also allows you to create your own puzzles if you feel like you are getting better and better at hunting down words. The possibilities are endless with this game, for you can create puzzles that fit your preferences and your mood. You have free rein on what you want to search or you can let your friend play the puzzle you’ve just created.

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