Amazing Alex Free

When I was a kid, I liked to file domino tiles, each one standing on its end, into a long line. After creating the long line, I would flick the last the domino and watch the dominos fall down like a wave. The hard work I did for a couple of hours only entertained me for a few seconds. Now, I can do lots of domino effects with the Amazing Alex Free game. I can stack up books, tables, balloons, and a lot more with this app.

The Amazing Alex is a physics puzzle game on your Android device. The game lets you various feats, such as placing a ball in the basket, knocking out a robot, releasing a balloon, and a lot more. Sounds easy, right? The twist here is that you will need to arrange certain objects to create domino-like effects and attain your goal. You can place a book to fill in a gap, attach tables as platforms, and use the balloon to knock off the ball.

The game can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store but you can only play up to level 16. You will need to purchase the premium version to unlock all levels. Overall performance of the app is good. I did not find any lag and the graphics was excellent. If you like to play the game in high-definition, you can also purchase The Amazing Alex HD from the Google Play Store.

Pedometer Free

The Pedometer Free app records the number of steps you have made. This app is perfect for those who like to run and want to record their steps. Aside from recording your steps, the app also records the distance traveled, speed, and the calories you have burned.

Launching the app will require you to add your personal profile such as your weight, height, and gender. These will be needed for the app to accurately calculate the steps and the calories you have burned.

I have tried walking around with my phone on my palm and the app was able to detect and count my steps. You can also try putting your phone inside your pocket or in your belt bag while doing your morning jog or having a stroll at the park.

On the app’s main interface, you can easily locate all the important data that you need. You can find the number of steps, duration of activity, the speed, distance traveled, and the calories burned on the main page. The app also keeps a history book of your activity. You can also set the app to view your data on a bar or line graph.

The app also has an option that allows you to launch your default music player. But, it seems that I can’t use that feature because I’m getting an error message while accessing that feature.  Though, that’s not a huge dealbreaker for me. Nevertheless, the app features a simple interface and works very well in counting your steps.

Dead Trigger

The Dead Trigger game is a first person shooting (FPS) zombie game for your Android device. The app features realistic 3D display, blood oozing graphics, and scary zombies that could make this game the best zombie shooting game on the Google Play Store to date. If you own a Tegra-3-powered device, you can even enjoy additional effects such as water stimulation and the ragdoll effect.

The best part is that you can enjoy the zombie-killing action for free. The new update lets you download the game for free. Along with the new updates come new weapons, such as a chainsaw for cutting the zombies’ limbs. You can purchase weapons by using the money or gold you accumulate in the game. If you can’t collect enough money or gold, you can purchase an item by exchanging your real money for in-game money or Gold from the Google Play Store and unlock weapons and equipment that will help you survive in this zombie apocalypse.

The game experience is outstanding. The realistic display, the blood splash, and the sounds makes the game so real. But, I don’t know why the developers limited the additional effects to Tegra 3 devices only. Quad-core powered smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X, are also capable of handling these effects.

The price of the weapons in the gun shop is expensive, making it hard to purchase or upgrade weapons, unless you buy additional money or gold from the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, the total game experience is so wicked and outstanding that it will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

Millionaire Pro Free

Do you want to be a millionaire? Who doesn’t? But, do you have what it takes to answer 15 questions before becoming a millionaire? Test your general knowledge skills with the Millionaire Pro Free app on your Android device. This app let you play the famous TV game Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on your Android device, save for actually winning the money.

The app lets you answer 15 random questions about everything. You will encounter questions about history, geography, math, science, current events, and many more. This app will surely test if you were attentive to your classroom lectures. Every question will also provide you with 4 choices. If you don’t know the answer, use your 25% luck in guessing the right answer.

Just like in the TV game show, you will also be given three lifelines to use during the game. Use your lifeline wisely. You also have to watch the timer and give your answer before the time runs out.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. It also come ad-supported. Ads will appear at the bottom of the screen, but doesn’t hinder interaction with the app.


Like any form of music, rapping is really not easy. You can’t just throw words together and rap them to a beat. Rapping require style, as well as an understanding of what you’re trying to put together. It might even require studying under a rapper who knows his stuff, but thanks to apps, we can take one step closer to our dreams with AutoRap. You might seem skeptical at first, especially when you launch the app. Once you give it a try, however, you’ll have a hard time putting your Android device down.

You can choose between Talk Mode and Rap Mode. Personally, I found Talk Mode more entertaining. I tested it out by reading some passages from Android Authority’s How To guides before I decided to recite some of my favorite lines from a webcomic. All you have to do is recite your lines, no need to rap them, and AutoRap will do the rest for you.

Marvel as your awkward speech gets turned into a snazzy rap. If you’d like to share your new rap with your friends, you can choose to share it via e-mail, Google +, Skype and a number of other ways. The more you use AutoRap, the more free beats you can access.

Rap Mode lets you Rap to the beat and AutoRap will adjust your tune accordingly. It isn’t quite as entertaining as having your speech converted into rap for you, but it can make for pretty good practice.

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