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11 best new Android apps released in August 2014

August is coming to a close and that means it's time to round up the best new Android apps released in August of 2014!
August 30, 2014
August is coming to a close and that means a lot of things are about to happen. IFA is going to show us most of the autumn lineup of smartphones, people are going back to school, and the holiday season is officially almost here. Before all those exciting things happen, let’s take a look at the best new Android apps released in August of 2014.

Blur Launcher icon new Android apps
Blur – A Launcher Replacement

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Blur is a new application from the makers of EvolveSMS and Talon for Twitter. It brings with it Google Now Launcher style functionality and alongside Google Now, it allows users and app devs to create cards and customize the experience. It’s brand new but it’s definitely worth a shot if you like Google Now Launcher but wish it could do other things too.

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Device Unlock new android apps
Device Unlock

[Price: Free]
T-Mobile’s Device Unlock app is in its infancy right now but it’s primed to be a must have app for T-Mobile subscribers. The app’s premise is simple. It will unlock your device to work on other networks. For now the selection of phones it supports is very slim but eventually it should support more so keep your eye on it.

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Device Unlock new Android apps

Duet new Android apps

[Price: Free / $3.00]
Duet is a fun minimal brain teaser game where you control two balls that revolve around a central point. You must spin the balls to avoid obstacles and continue on. The game features a bunch of levels for free and you can get more stuff if you fork out the $3.00 for the full version. It’s a lot of fun and the core game is free to play so why not try it?

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Google News and Weather new android apps
Google News and Weather

[Price: Free]
The once dead Google News & Weather has come back to life and is now available in the Google Play Store. The revived app also comes with a brand new card UI that brings a modern touch to the old app. It’s free in the Google Play Store right now if you want to give the revamped news and weather app a try.

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Google News and Weather

Guardians of the Galaxy TUW new Android apps
Guardians of the Galaxy: TUW

[Price: $2.99]
One of the best summer blockbusters of the year also came accompanied by a pretty decent mobile game. This is an action adventure game that also has some RPG elements. There are no in app purchases which will appeal to a number of gamers and it’s pretty cheap all things considered.

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hangar best new android apps

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Hangar is an application that essentially puts a small app dock in your notification pane so you can get to your favorite apps more quickly. It’s a great tool for minimalists who don’t like apps on their home screen or people who heavily multitask. You can customize it yourself or let the app choose based on your tastes.

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hangouts smart app shortcuts

Locket Lock Screen best new android apps
Locket Lock Screen

[Price: Free]
Everyone remembers Locket Lock Screen as the app that used to let you tap on advertisements on your lock screen to earn money. Now it’s marching to a different tune as a news aggregator lock screen replacement. It’ll feed you news you want straight to your lock screen for you to check out every time you turn your device screen on. It’s in beta, but it’s also free so it’s worth checking out.

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locket lock screen new android apps review

Surgeon Simulator new Android apps
Surgeon Simulator

[Price: $5.99]
Surgeon Simulator is already a classic on PC but it’s not available for Android. In this slightly twisted surgeon game, you’re supposed to operate on people and save their lives. Keywords there are supposed to. In reality you can do pretty much whatever you want and you can have a lot of admittedly grotesque fun with it. It’s a paid game but there are no in app purchases.

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Swing Copters new Android apps
Swing Copters

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
While I personally dislike this game, I can’t deny that its popularity and ability to kill time by making you hate yourself is something to truly behold. It’s not a fun game but it isn’t not fun if that makes sense. It’s free to play and you can hate yourself right along with all the rest of us who have played it.

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TapPath icon new android apps

[Price: $0.99]
TapPath is a potentially useful application that allows you to control how your device reacts to tapping on links. For instance, a single tap will open the link in a browser while a double tap may add it to Evernote and a triple tap will let you share it on social media. The possibilities are nearly endless and if you deal with third party links a lot then you should totally have TapPath.

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Wally best new android apps

[Price: Free]
Last and certainly not least this month is Wally. This is a beautifully designed wallpaper app that really shows off the elegance of material design. It has a really good wallpaper selection and it’s just really fun to use. If you want some new wallpapers, give this app a shot.

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Wrap up

If there were any more awesome apps released in August of 2014 that you’d like to talk about, leave us a comment below and tell us about it!