aukey three port usb wall charger

Nowadays, just about everything in your home relies on a charger to keep going. From phones and tablets to earbuds and speakers, you’ve probably got more cords than outlets. One of the best ways to save space is with a multi-port USB wall charger, but you’ve got to know your options. Here are our picks for the best multi-port USB wall chargers available now!

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We have a few picks ranging from two ports all the way up to five, which should help you make the most of your outlets. We’ll note what the port selection is like for each charger so that you can match your cords in no time. Ready to dig in? Let’s get charging!

The best multi-port USB wall chargers:

Editor’s note: We will update our list of the best multi-port USB wall chargers as new options launch.

Anker two-port

Anker Atom 2

Sometimes two ports are all you need, and this Anker option shows just what 60W of output can do. It’s equipped with two USB-C PowerDelivery ports that intelligently allocate power to ensure an even charge. Available in white or black, the Anker Power Port Atom relies on GaN to keep the temperature low and the power high. It’s a great travel companion as the prongs fold flat to fit into a bag.

RAVPower two-port

usb wall charger ravpower

This RAVPower option doesn’t quite reach the same speeds as the Anker charger, but it adds USB-A charging back into the mix. You can reach 18W speeds with the USB-C port while the iSmart USB-A option tops out at 12W. RAVPower’s two-port USB wall charger packs over-charge, over-heat, and short circuit protection to keep your devices safe and energized. At just 2.8 ounces, you can carry the RAVPower anywhere and you’ll barely notice the weight.

Aukey three-port

aukey three port

It’s pretty easy to say that three ports are better than two. After all, you can charge 50% more with the extra connectivity. This three-port Aukey option adds a second USB-C port to the mix so you can choose from Power Delivery 3.0 and Quick Charge 3.0 speeds. The USB-C port reaches 90W, so you can even charge laptops, while the Quick Charge USB-A maxes out at 45W. Built-in safeguards mean that you can spend more of your time charging and less time worrying about overheating.

Satechi four-port

usb wall charger satechi

Jumping up to four ports, the Satechi USB wall charger balances between two USB-C options and two USB-A. The two USB-C ports combine for 108W of total charging while the USB-A options add 12W between them. It’s an easy way to recharge all of your devices at once, but be ready for some varied speeds. A convenient LED light indicates when your devices are charging, and a sleek gray finish lends a touch of luxury to this handy USB wall charger.

Anker Power Strip

anker power strip

If you want to max out your options, Anker is back on the list with a full-blown power strip. It plugs into the wall with a single AC outlet, and a five-foot cable means that you can position the charging hub wherever you need it. Once you’re plugged in, you can choose from one USB-C port and two USB-A ports, as well as two more AC options. It’s pretty much the ultimate charging station for the flexibility that it provides. The cable is wrapped so it should last a long time without fraying or snapping.

Those are our picks for the best multi-port USB wall chargers. There are a few more accessories that you might need if you want to stay charged on the go, so check these options out: