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The best Lightning cables: What are your options?

Here's our list of the best Lightning cables for your iPhone and iPad!
October 27, 2019
Lightning cable connected to an iPhone 7

Even if you rely on the Lightning cable that came with your iPhone or iPad, odds are it won’t last forever. That’s where Apple’s large ecosystem of Lightning cables come in, since it offers a variety of options to pick from.

You don’t just want to buy any old Lightning cable, however. You want one that is durable, reliable, or some combination of the two. You also want one with MFi certification, if you go down the third-party route.

Here’s our list of the best Lightning cables you can buy today.

The best Lightning cables:

Editor’s note: We will update our list of the best Lightning cables over time.

1. Anker PowerLine III

Anker PowerLine III

At first blush, the Anker PowerLine III looks like a Lightning cable with a different paint job. However, Anker’s cable promises to be significantly more durable.

According to Anker, the PowerLine III can withstand up to 25,000 bends and has a rustproof connector. If you’re worried about issues cropping up over time, Anker backs up the PowerLine III with a lifetime warranty. Also, the cable is MFi-certified and shouldn’t give you any compatibility issues with iOS devices.

The Anker PowerLine III is available for $14.99.

2. Anker PowerLine+ II

Anker PowerLine II

If you live the all-USB-C life and own an iPhone, take a look at the Anker PowerLine+ II.

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The PowerLine+ II is a nylon-braided Lightning to USB-C cable. According to Anker, the cable can withstand up to 30,000 bends and supports the Power Delivery charging protocol. Finally, the MFi certification means you don’t have to worry about using the cable with iOS devices.

The Anker PowerLine+ II is available for $21.99.

3. Unbreakcable Lightning Cable

Unbreakcable Lightning Cable

The Unbreakcable Lightning Cable has a pun-tastic name, but don’t let the giggles distract you from its durability.

According to Unbreakcable, the cable can bend at 95 degrees over 20,000 times and supports loads of up to 275 pounds. Also, the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) for the connector promises to be tear-resistant. Finally, the cable has MFi certification and a lifetime warranty.

The Unbreakcable Lightning Cable is available (bars!) for $11.99.

4. Native Union Belt Cable

Native Union Belt Cable

Known for its Apple accessories, Native Union offers the four-foot Belt Cable. According to Native Union, the cable can withstand over 10,000 bends and is six times stronger than Apple’s Lightning cable.

Also, the Belt Cable features a leather strap to keep the cable together. The strap might be annoying if you leave the Belt Cable stationary, but it’s helpful if you bring the cable everywhere with you. Finally, the cable comes with MFi certification.

The Native Union Belt Cable is available for $25.

5. Amazon Basics Double Nylon Braided Lightning Cable

Amazon Basics Double Nylon Braided Lightning Cable

In addition to an online marketplace, Amazon is also an accessory maker through its Amazon Basics line. That’s where the Amazon Basics Double Nylon Braided Lightning Cable comes in.

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Ignoring the ridiculous name, the cable can withstand 20,000 bends, comes with a lifetime warranty, and is MFi-certified. Also, the small head means the cable fits with most cases. Finally, the cable is available in four-inch, three-foot, six-foot, and 10-foot sizes.

We recommend getting the six-foot Amazon Basics Double Nylon Braided Lightning Cable, which costs $15.99.

6. Monoprice Luxe Series Lightning Charge & Sync

Monoprice Luxe Series Lightning Charge and Sync

The Monoprice Luxe Series Lightning Charge & Sync is another cable with an unnecessarily-long name, but it’s durable. There’s a metal enclosure for the connector head and a nylon-braided jacked for the cable itself.

More notable is the LED charging status indicator close to the connector. The light is orange when the device is still charging and green when the device is fully charged. That way, you don’t have to constantly check your phone and see its charge status.

The Monoprice Luxe Series Lightning Charge & Sync is available for $17.08.

7. Apple Lightning to USB Cable

Apple Lightning to USB Cable

If you’re averse to third-party Lightning cables, play it safe with the Apple Lightning to USB Cable.

There are no durability features to speak of about Apple’s cable. If anything, people criticize the cable for its durability. If you get Apple’s Lightning cable, know that it might not last as long as other cables on our list.

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Instead, the main feature is the cable being a first-party accessory. That means you only have to go to Apple if the cable acts up and your devices misbehave as a result. That’s not to say it happens much, but it’s nice to know you don’t have to go to multiple companies to get a solution.

The Apple Lightning to USB Cable comes in 0.5-, one-, and two-meter sizes. We recommend the two-meter cable for $15.

8. Fuse Chicken Titan Loop

Fuse Chicken Titan Loop

According to Fuse Chicken, the Titan Loop Lightning cable is the toughest in the world. The company claims the cable withstands everything from dog bites to chainsaws. While we don’t have a chainsaw lying around to test Fuse Chicken’s claims, it’s nice to know the Titan Loop promises to be durable.

It’s also small enough to carry around in your keychain, thanks to the nine-inch size and loop. The Lightning connector goes through the loop on the USB connector, which results in an ultra-portable cable. Finally, the Titan Loop comes with MFi certification.

The Fuse Chicken Titan Loop is available for $16.75.

That’s it for our list of the best Lightning cables for your iPhone and iPad. In the comments below, let us know your thoughts on our list and recommendations of your own!