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Best LG V30/V30s screen protectors

The LG V30 and LG V30s are LG's latest flagships with gorgeous screens. To keep those screens safe, we have built this list of the best LG V30/V30s screen protectors you can buy.
March 11, 2019

LG released two versions of its media-creating flagship phone — the LG V30 and the LG V30s ThinQ. The difference between the two is largely in the RAM and AI engine on board the LG V30s ThinQ. What this means is that the screens are identical, so they share the same screen protectors.

This is a list of some well-rated screen protectors you can pick up to keep your LG V30 or LG V30s looking great. The phone was designed with creators in mind, and having a scratched or broken display won’t allow you to utilize the phone to its full potential. 

IQ Shield LiQuidSkin LG V30 screen protector

IQ Shield screen protector

The IQ Shield LiQuidSkin screen protector is a transparent film that affixes to your screen to protect it from scratches. The shield uses self-healing technology to erase small marks on its own, giving you a crystal clear view of the screen. This durable, flexible film is perfectly contoured to cover your phone’s screen. The package contains two screen protectors, installation tray, spray solution, squeegee, and lint-free cloth — everything you need for flawless installation of the shield.

Abcalet tempered glass LG V30 screen protector

Abcalet Screen Protector

Abcalet’s tempered glass screen protector gives your phone that extra layer of protection. Sporting 9H hardness, it provides wear, heat, shock, and scratch resistance. This LG V30s screen protector will keep your phone safe from all manner of hazards. It’s laser cut with precision for a great fit. Additionally hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings make the device easy to keep clean and clear.


BONUM tempered glass LG V30 screen protector

Bonum Screen Protector

This screen protector brings 9H hardness to your phone screen with just .33mm thickness. This results in a safe, scratch and shock resistant cover that remains highly touch sensitive. Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings on the screen protector give it an anti-glare and anti-fingerprint finish. The screen protector is very easy to install and comes with two screen protectors, two wet wipes, two dry wipes, two dust removal stickers, two cleaning cloths, and two dust absorbers.

Dmax LG V30 screen protector

DMax makes LG V30 screen protectors, including this Armor model. It has a 9H hardness rating and is made of high-quality tempered glass. It also has hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to help protect against sweat and oil from fingerprints. It also uses  100 percent bubble free adhesives for easy installation. This LG V30 screen protector is available in a two-pack on Amazon for the price of $10.99.

ILLUMI AquaShield LG V30 screen protector

This LG V30 screen protector comes from ILLUMI AquaShield. It uses a military grade film that should keep the phone’s display safe from scratches, dents, and other scrapes. Also, it has a UV-resistant layer that should prevent yellowing on the display to ensure the screen remains clear to use. You can get this ILLUMI AquaShield LG V30 screen protector from Amazon now for the price of $7.85.

Those are our picks for the best LG V30 and LG V30s screen protectors available. Did you pick up any of these screen protectors? Let us know in the comments!