Have you ever owned a TV with just one or two HDMI ports? This is fine for someone with really basic needs, but the techies and gamers among us can attest to how annoying this situation can get. Imagine having a PlayStation 5, an Xbox Series X, a Nintendo Switch, a streaming TV device, and a cable box, all under one TV. This would force you to go behind the screen and unplug/plug cables way too often.

Those stuck in this frustrating situation might be happy with their TVs and don’t exactly want to upgrade to one with more HDMI ports. Especially considering TVs with more ports are usually more expensive higher-end models. You can’t just add an HDMI port on your TV though, or can you? The simple (and affordable) solution to this problem is to buy an HDMI switch.

With that in mind, we’ve put together the best HDMI switch guide to help you out!

What is an HDMI switch?

An HDMI switch is a device that allows for multiple outputs to connect to a single input. This would make it possible for multiple devices to be connected to a TV simultaneously. This eradicates the need to constantly plug and unplug HDMI cables behind your screen.

While all outputs can be connected to a single input, they obviously can’t be displayed all at once. Unfortunately, the TV still sees this as a single port and so switching to each HDMI port requires an extra step through the included switch.

There are three common methods used by switches to change which HDMI device is displayed: manual, remote or automatic. The manual method will rely on an actual switch or button. Other units come with a remote. Meanwhile, the automatic switches depend on priority. If you set your PlayStation 4 at a higher priority then your cable box, the switch will automatically connect to the console when turned on. Once the PlayStation is shut down, the Switch will revert back to whatever is prioritized next.

The method used depends on your HDMI switch. Higher-end switches will have more options and features. Switches don’t just differ in how they switch the signal, there’s also different models with varying amounts of ports. Some switches even allow for 2 outputs, for the dual-display fans among you.

Don’t confuse it with a splitter

Customers often make the mistake of confusing a switch with a splitter. The difference here is that while a switch allows for multiple outputs to enter a single input, the splitter does the opposite. In summary, a splitter would be helpful for those who want to play the content from one device on multiple screens or projections. It’s pretty much a multiplier.

Now that you have figured out what an HDMI switch is and realize you need one, it’s time to start shopping. Make a quick search online and you will realize there is an endless list of options out there. This is why we have curated a list of our favorite HDMI switches in the market. Let’s see which one meets your needs!

Best HDMI switches

1. Dotstone HDMI Switch

dotstone hdmi switch

Credit: John Callaham / Android Authority

The Dotstone HDMI Switch is simple, multi-functional and costs a mere $9.99. All it takes to operate this switch is one button, which selects one of the two HDMI ports available. Of course, this only adds one more port than you had before, so it might not be ideal for your needs if you are trying to hook up a lot of devices to your TV at once.

2. Gana HDMI Switch

hdmi switch

Credit: Gana

The Gana HDMI Switch is another affordable option at just $9.99. Though it’s not as fancy as the dual-purpose Dotstone unit, it does its job well and happens to expand its input count to 3. Operating it is as simple as pressing a single button. If you care about 4K resolution and 3D content, this switch will support those, as well as LPCM, Dolby, AC3 andDTS7.1 audio. It’s simple, affordable, capable and it works. 

3. Techole Switch-Splitter

techole hdmi switch

Credit: Techole

This device can actually serve as both a switch and a splitter. Of course, it can connect two devices to one HDMI port on your monitor or PC. On the other hand, it can also connect one device to two monitors or TV as well, although both screens cannot show the same content at the same time. It supports 4K resolution and 3D content. All of that is available for a resonable price as well.

4. Sgeyr Switch

sgtyr hdmi switch

Credit: Sgeyr

If you are willing to spend a few bucks more, in exchange for more ports, this product is for you. The Segyr switch has five ports for all of your devices, so you can connect them all to one HDMI port on your monitor or TV. The included remote allows you to quickly switch between devices, and supports 4K, HDCP 1.4, Dolby Vision, and 3D,

5. Zettaguard Switch

zetta guard hdmi switch

Credit: Zetterguard

The Zettaguard HDMI switch includes four ports, plus an IR remote to switch between connected devices. You get true 4K resolution support with this device, thanks to its 18Gbps speeds. It also supports audio formats like LPCM 7. 1Ch, DTS-HD and more. It’s also HDCP 2.2 compliant for added security of your digital content.

6. Iogear Switch

iogear hdmi switch

Credit: Iogear

If you really want to go all out with connecting lots of media devices to one monitor or TV, the Iogear Switch could make that happen. It has eight ports that you can use to plug in game consoles, PCs, streaming devices and more. It supports Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio formats, along with 3D media. you can get this switch with 1080p resolution support, and it will cost a bit more money. If you want true 4K resolution, you can get the upgraded model, but’s it’s also a lot more expensive.

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