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The best gaming accessories launched at E3 2021

From controller batteries to GaN charging bricks, we've got 'em all!
June 16, 2021
OtterBox Power Swap Controller Batteries 6
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Obviously, E3 is mostly about game launches. However, companies announce lots of other things during the event such as movies, TV shows, and even physical products, such as gaming accessories. That last bit is what we’re going to focus on with this article!

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To be fair, there weren’t a ton of accessory launches during E3 this year. What was launched, though, was pretty cool, so this year must have been all about quality over quantity.

Below, you can see our favorite E3 2021 gaming accessories. Where applicable, we’ve also included links to buy or pre-order the products.

OtterBox Power Swap Controller Batteries

OtterBox Power Swap Controller Batteries 7
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

It’s happened to all of us: you’re in the middle of an intense gaming session and your controller battery dies. If you’re lucky, your console may have warned you about it, but in many cases, it just dies without warning.

That’s where the OtterBox Power Swap Controller Batteries come in. The retail package gives you two controller batteries that are hot-swappable. This is possible thanks to a “cage” that you install into the back of your controller which has a tiny battery inside that keeps your controller powered for about 30 seconds.

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There’s also a charging dock in the box that allows you to charge both batteries with the included USB-C cable. However, each battery also has its own USB-C port so you can charge them individually, too.

All in all, this is a terrific product that heavy gamers will no doubt love. It’s also one of the best gaming accessories we saw at E3! This package is available now for $59.99 and works with both the Xbox One and Xbox Core controllers.

Razer GaN Charger

Razer GaN Charger

The future of charging is through gallium-nitride (GaN). GaN chargers can charge devices faster and can perform that task on multiple devices at once. They also can do that in a relatively small form factor.

The new Razer GaN Charger exemplifies all those points. It can charge up to four devices at once and delivers 130W of power output. That’s enough to charge your laptop, two phones, and a set of earbuds all at the same time. And it’s not even much bigger than the charging bricks you already own!

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Unfortunately, GaN technology is still very expensive. This Razer GaN Charger has an eye-watering price of $179.99, which is a lot of money for a product that doesn’t do more than the chargers you’ve already purchased. However, frequent travelers will no doubt appreciate the ability to only bring one charger with them wherever they go.

Razer has pre-orders open now for this product. It says it will ship the charger within 30 days of pre-order, but it doesn’t give any indication of an exact date.

Turtle Beach Recon Controller

Turtle Beach Recon Controller
Turtle Beach Beach

When you think of Turtle Beach, you likely think of gaming headsets. Those are the gaming accessories for which this company is so well-known. However, at E3 2021, the company announced that it will expand its portfolio to include gaming controllers.

The first major launch for this new division is the Turtle Beach Recon Controller. As you may have guessed from the design, the controller mimics the Xbox One/Core aesthetic and only works with those Xbox consoles.

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What makes the Recon special, though, is that it incorporates Turtle Beach audio technology directly into the controller itself. This allows you to use any headset with a 3.5mm headphone jack and get a similar Turtle Beach audio quality experience through the controller. It even features audio preset buttons to quickly get the best audio experience for the type of game you’re currently playing.

Aside from the audio experience, it also offers ergonomic cooling grips and a set of two extra mappable buttons underneath the controller.

The Recon Controller comes in both black and white and will cost $59.99 when it launches this summer.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight

Turtle Beach Velocity One Flight
Turtle Beach Beach

Playing Microsoft Flight Simulator can be incredibly fun with just a mouse and keyboard or Xbox controller. But what if you want to take your experience to the next level and actually get the tactile feel of being in the cockpit?

Say hello to the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight! As you can tell from the image, it offers a realistic interface for flying virtual aircraft in Flight Simulator and other sims. It’s designed to work with Xbox consoles as well as Windows 10 PCs.

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Every detail of the VelocityOne Flight is focused on delivering the most true-to-life experience you can have at home. The 180-degree yoke handle has built-in rudder controls to provide precise control of any virtual aircraft. There are even displays and lights that sync with your in-game flight.

Unfortunately, this controller won’t be cheap. When it launches this summer, Turtle Beach will get $349.99 for the VelocityOne Flight. Ouch. Still, that’s cheaper than a real plane!