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Gyms across the world are closed due to coronavirus, but that’s no excuse not to keep exercising. Not only is working out good for your body, but it can also help you feel better mentally, sleep better, and much more. Basic exercise like running in the park is free, but there are also all levels of fitness equipment to assist and motivate you.

We’ve put together a list of the best fitness deals for working out from home available right now. Our list covers deals in all aspects of fitness including home gym equipment, fitness trackers, sports headphones, and more.

Best fitness deals for working out from home

  1. Home workout equipment deals
  2. Fitness tracker deals
  3. Sport headphone deals
  4. Other fitness deals

Editors note: All of the deals in this post were live at the time of writing. We’ll revisit it regularly to add any hot new deals that we find.

Home workout equipment

Whether you’ve got a vast budget or just a few bucks, there are many ways to improve your home fitness setup.

On the budget side, resistance bands and yoga mats are one of the simplest ways to improve your workout. They’re cheap, lightweight, and can be used anywhere. The Limm Resistance Bands Exercise Loops are on offer from Amazon now for $16.92 ($23 off), and you can also make a small saving on the BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat at $18.60 (8% off).

Free weights are a bit less portable but are great for building muscle. There are some budget options, but the best deal we could find is on the multi-functional Shanchar Adjustable Weights Dumbbells Set. It’s half price at $249.99 ($250 off) and includes two high-quality dumbells that can be connected to form a barbell. 

Limm Resistance Bands Exercise Loops
$16 .92 Save $23 .01
Buy it Now
BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat
$18 .61 Save $1 .60
Buy it Now
Shanchar Adjustable Weights Dumbbells Set
$249 .99 Save $250 .00
Buy it Now

If you’ve got a bigger budget to play with, the obvious step up is some sort of exercise machine. Treadmills and exercise bikes are the most popular choices, but if you’ve bought one for $79.99 before, you’ll know that you get what you pay for in this market. To avoid a rickety machine that falls apart in minutes, it’s best to spend at least a few hundred bucks.

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The Schwinn 130 Upright Bike is an ideal balance of price and quality, with a DualTrack LCD screen displays that offer increased visibility to 22 workout programs and goal tracking. It’s $329 right now on Amazon ($170 off). For runners, the Sunny Health and Fitness Folding Treadmill is another great choice. This easily-stored running machine is $316 ($83 off) right now.

Stepping up a level, the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym gives you more than 25 exercises that cover the entire body for $549 ($250 off). For the most serious of fitness freaks among you, the impressive ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer is on offer for $1,069.45 (47% off).

Sunny Health and Fitness Folding Treadmill
2.20 peak HP drive system provides speeds of 0.5-9MPH along with three manual options for adjusting incline levels.
Schwinn 130 Upright Bike
$329 .00 Save $170 .00
Buy it Now
Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym
$549 .00 Save $250 .00
Buy it Now
ProForm HIIT Elliptical Trainer
$1069 .45 Save $930 .55
Buy it Now

Fitness trackers

Going for a run is a good way to stay fit while the gyms are closed, but some people can struggle for motivation. One way to stay motivated is to notice gains, hit goals, and track your progress. That’s where fitness trackers come in, and there are a number of great deals around right now.

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The Garmin Vivosport has been around for a while but still packs a GPS and a heart rate monitor, which is pretty incredible considering its slim and lightweight design. You can own it now for just $119.99 ($50 off). Fitbit is another top name in fitness trackers, and you can pick up the Fitbit Charge 3 for just $99.95 ($50 off).

Check out those deals and more via the widgets below.

Fitbit Charge 3
Fitbit knocked it out of the park with the Charge 3. You're getting an attractive, accurate, and feature-packed fitness tracker. The display is awesome too, and it's water-resistant.
Garmin Vivosport
$119 .99 Save $60 .00
Buy it Now
Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro
$140 .00 Save $59 .98
Buy it Now
Striiv Fusion Bio2
$24 .99 Save $55 .00
Buy it Now

Sports headphones

Music is another essential while you’re working out from home. You could use your normal headphones, but sports headphones offer particular capabilities for fitness regimes. For example, they shouldn’t fall out during vigorous exercise and should be water-resistant to avoid damage from sweat or the elements.

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We’ve found a number of good deals, including the Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100 earbuds for just $59.99 ($90 off) and the JBL Endurance Dive — which you can actually use while swimming — for $49.95 ($40 off).

Check out those deals and more below.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100 True Wireless Earbuds
If you're a swimmer or runner who also happens to be a die-hard true wireless fanboy, then the Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100 is a great choice. The attractive flat panels on each earbud are functional and the ear hook design promotes a stable fit.
JBL Endurance Dive
$49 .95 Save $40 .00
Buy it Now
Jaybird Tarah Bluetooth Wireless Sport Headphones
$76 .57 Save $23 .42
Buy it Now
Treblab XR500 Wireless Sports Earbuds
$29 .99 Save $150 .00
Buy it Now

Other fitness deals

There are so many more products that can help you find your fitness. For example, a set of smart scales can help you track your progress. The Arboleaf Digital Scale easily pairs with the app on your phone to help you hit your goals, and it’s just $39.99 ($10.96 off) right now.

Another important part of recovery is massage. This can be self-applied very cheaply using something like the Yes4all foam roller for just $17.99 ($22 off) or more extravagantly using the Jawku Muscle Blaster V2 Massage Gun. The latter is $259.99 ($40 off) on Tech Deals.

If you really can’t self-motivate, then the obvious solution is fitness classes. Live Streaming Fitness offers daily live classes as well as on-demand classes that you can stream any time. You can get lifetime access right now, worth $499, for just $79.

Arboleaf Digital Scale
$39 .99 Save $10 .96
Buy it Now
Yes4all Foam Roller
$17 .99 Save $22 .00
Buy it Now
Live Streaming Fitness: Lifetime Subscription
$79 .00 Save $420 .00
Buy it Now

There are endless resources to assist you in your fitness goals. Here are some guides that might help you stay motivated while you’re working out from home:

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