best designed apps winter collection

The Android Design team from Google HQ published a new list of Android apps that “go above and beyond the guidelines” when it comes to design.

Google first published a Beautiful Design collection in July, praising apps like Pattrn, Pocket, Flipboard, or Pinterest, for their masterfully crafted design elements. Since then, a new batch of beautiful applications have hit the Play Store, while several apps were updated in line with Google’s design guidelines.

The new Beautiful Design Winter 2013 app collection contains apps “with masterfully crafted design details such as beautiful presentation of photos, crisp and meaningful layout and typography, and delightful yet intuitive gestures and transitions”.

In a post on the Android Developers Blog, Marco Paglia from Google’s Android Design team highlighted three apps in particular:

  • Timely – this alarm clock app is rich in “liquid smooth” transitions, and using it feels like interacting with a real object. In a few words, Timely makes setting an alarm fun, says Paglia.
  • Circa – Google praised this news reading app for its “fast, elegant and full of beautiful design details throughout”. One of the finest design traits of Circa is its sophisticated typography.
  • Etsy – a “wonderfully detailed” app, Etsy impressed Paglia and his colleagues with its thoughtfully designed transitions and subtle design elements.

Also making the top are these six apps:

Finally, two apps from the previous list are also present in the Winter Collection:

What are some of the best designed Android apps in your opinion?


Bogdan Petrovan
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