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The best curved TVs you can buy

Curved TVs are rare, but they still exist.
December 6, 2021

Samsung brought the first curved AMOLED TVs to market in 2013, but they never quite took off as expected. While they offer an immersive viewing experience flat displays can’t match, they come with some significant downsides.

These televisions can’t be mounted flush on flat walls, and due to their curved nature, they usually take more space. Furthermore, perspective can get distorted when viewing them from an angle, and you need to sit at the proper distance to get the total immersion you’re looking for. Simply put, curved TVs have more inconveniences than benefits. Curved TVs are becoming so rare that Best Buy currently only has a couple. Both are from Samsung, and they’re technically the same model at a different size.

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All that said, we can’t deny having a curved TV has its benefits. A more immersive experience is always nice, if you can get your set-up right. They might also fit slightly better on a room’s corner, if that’s where you usually place your TV. Not to mention that “wow” factor that makes them so attractive. These will undoubtedly leave your visitors improved.

The best curved TVs:

Editor’s note: We’ll do our best to update this list of the best curved TVs when and if more come to market.

Samsung 55-inch Class TU8300

Samsung 55 inch TU8300

Curved TVs used to be known for their higher price tags, a trend that reversed as soon as the industry found out they weren’t as desirable. Available options are now quite accessible. The Samsung 55-inch Class TU8300 is the perfect example of this.

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Despite the large 55-inch LED panel, 4K resolution, Tizen TV smart operating system, and curved nature, this television manages to stay under the $600 MSRP. It’s one of the best curved TVs around, as well as a great deal.

Samsung 65-inch Class TU8300

Samsung 65 inch TU8300

If 55-inches isn’t quite enough for you, Samsung also offers a 65-inch version of the TU8300 model. It has the same specs as the 55-inch version, albeit for the larger screen size. This makes it a better fit for those looking for one of the best curved TVs to use in a larger room. It also only costs a bit more than the 55-inch version.

Not satisfied with the mediocre selection on curved TVs? Maybe it’s time to consider a flat television. Here are some great lists of alternatives you can pick from.