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Chromebook covers

Chromebooks, the laptops that have Google’s Chrome OS installed, are becoming more and more popular, especially for students and education customers. While some Chromebooks made for that market are designed to be more rugged than standard laptops, it’s still a good idea to protect them with Chromebook cases and covers.

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While there are not a lot of Chromebook covers and cases out there, you can still find some that should protect your new laptop. Here are our top choices for the best Chromebook covers and cases that are currently available.

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Best Chromebook cases and covers

Editor’s note: We will update this post with more Chromebook cases and covers as they are released.

iPearl mCover

Chromebook covers - iPearl

If you want to protect the top part of your new Chromebook, or perhaps you just want to give it a pop of color, then you might want to look into the selection of Chromebook covers sold on Amazon by iPearl. Its mCover lineup of products makes covers for a variety of devices, including Samsung, Acer, Asus, and HP.

The covers themselves are made of translucent polycarbonate material that is designed to be shatterproof. The cover actually comes in two pieces and is designed to snap on and off your Chromebook easily. The bottom section of the covers also have retractable feet so that you can type more comfortably, and it also helps with the heat ventilation so you can keep on typing for hours without fear of it getting overheated.

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Finally, iPearl offers the mCover in a wide variety of colors, including red, blue, aqua, green, orange, pink, purple, black, and even clear covers. All of the products are available on Amazon for $19.99 each apart from a few exceptions. Keep in mind that these covers are sold for a specific number of Chromebooks, so your product may not yet have a cover from iPearl available.


Chromebook cover - amCase

This Chromebook cover, which also serves as a case for the laptop, is made for devices with small 11.6-inch and 12-inch displays. It uses a seamless wrap of Impact Foam padding, which should offer complete protection. It also has space in front for any cables, power adapter, and or other accessories. Finally, there’s a convenient carrying handle on top. You can get this amCase Chromebook case right now on Amazon for $11.99.

Case Logic

Chromebook cover - Case Lock

Case Logic’s cover also doubles as a case with a sleeve-like design. This product comes in several different sizes for various Chromebooks. It has Impact Foam padding inside, and its slim design lets you put it inside another suitcase or backpack with no issues. The zipper on top provides quick access to your Chromebook when needed. The Case Logic cover starts at $13.99 on Amazon, though some prices vary depending on the size you get.

Timbuk2 Stealth Folio

Timbuk2 Steal Folio Chromebook case

Timbuk2 is a San Fransisco based company that specializes in high-quality bags and accessories, and the company’s Stealth Folio is no exception. This case offers a slight amount of protection for your Chromebook while also supplying plenty of other pockets and storage for all of your accessories, making it a robust all-in-one solution. The folio touts premium-looking materials, a slim design, and it can hold up to a 13-inch laptop. At nearly $50, it’s easily the most expensive Chromebook case on the list, but its versatility and quality should prove to be worth your money.


Lacdo Chromebook case

Lacdo cases come in a few different colors and size variations. They are compatible with anything from 11-inch to 16-inch laptops and sport various gray, blue, and pink colorways. They also look a bit more stylish than many other products on this list, featuring a fleece fabric interior lining to pamper your Chromebook and a water-repellent material on the outside to help keep it dry. These sleeves also come with three exterior pockets to house a few more essentials, and some variants even feature a handle for easier portability. As far as Chromebook cases are concerned, Lacdo hits that sweet spot between design and functionality with its offerings.



Amazon also sells its own Chromebook cases under its AmazonBasics label. These sleeves come in a wide variety of sizes, and they also happen to be a few bucks cheaper than most competitors. They offer quick loading and unloading of Chromebooks, and the slim design lets you store it safely in another case or backpack. They may be a bit simple compared to the alternatives, but sometimes that’s all you need.



The folks at HESTCH make a variety of Chromebook cases. Not only do you have choices in terms of sizes, but HESTECH offers a ton of different colors and designs as well. In our opinion, we like the model shown above. Not only is it made of soft and durable neoprene, but it also comes with two side pockets. They are perfect for holding mice, cords, smartphones, earbuds, and much more. Of course, you also have a convenient carrying handle to quickly transport your Chromebook while traveling.


Nacuwa hardshell Chromebook case

If you value keeping your Chromebook safe above all else, then the Nacuwa case is for you. This case is water, shock, and dust resistant thanks to its four-layer, padded hardshell exterior. It also features four internal pouches to hold your charger, notebooks, pens, phone, etc., and it completely unzips for easier access to all of your accessories. There are also varying sizes that can accommodate most Chromebooks with up to 15-inch displays. The Nacuwa case may come with a slightly more premium price tag, but it’s definitely cheaper than replacing a broken Chromebook.

That’s a look at just some of the Chromebook cases, covers, and sleeves that are available for sale at the moment. Do you have any suggestions on new ones we should add to this list?

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