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There’s more to the perfect gaming experience than just a powerful computer. Of course, a powerful computer will give you smooth gameplay, but you have to be comfortable to play for hours on end. A supportive gaming chair is a good investment, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are the best gaming chair deals we found across the web.

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Different gamers prefer different chairs, and we’ve sought out options for racers, Fortnite fighters, and gamers who do it all. Instead of spending money on new PC components, get ready to invest in comfort.

Best gaming chair deals

Editor’s note: We will update our list of the best gaming chair deals as new sales launch.

Staples bonded leather gaming chair

gaming chairs staples bonded leather

Credit: Staples

Staples is an expert in all things office-related, so it stands to reason that the company offers some well-designed gaming chairs. This bonded leather option doesn’t offer built-in speakers or 180-degree reclining, but it’s a comfortable option that’s built to last. The lumbar support and flip-up armrests should help you to stay locked in and focused during your gaming marathons. If you want to match your chair to your rig, this Staples chair comes in five colors.

$149 .99
Staples Bonded Leather Gaming Chair
Save $50 .00
Buy it Now
Staples Bonded Leather Gaming Chair Buy it Now
Save $50 .00 $149 .99

BestOffice High-Back

bestoffice high back gaming chair

The BestOffice High-Back gaming chair is nearly as bright as the Staples option above, though there aren’t as many color options. It boasts an easy-to-assemble design extra padded supports for your neck and back. BestOffice also designed the High-Back gaming chair to be wider than standard chairs for easier movement and comfort.

$99 .99
BestOffice High-Backed Gaming Chair
Save $70 .00
Buy it Now
BestOffice High-Backed Gaming Chair Buy it Now
Save $70 .00 $99 .99

Homall gaming chair

Homall Gaming chair

As well as this deals list, this Homall gaming chair also makes an appearance on our list of the best gaming chairs, plus it’s the number one seller on Amazon. It not only supports 300 pounds, but the hinges can also recline to 150-degrees. The Homall gaming chair is made of PU leather and high-density shaping foam so you should have no problem playing for hours on end.

$119 .99
Homall Gaming Chair
Save $44 .99
Buy it Now
Homall Gaming Chair Buy it Now
Save $44 .99 $119 .99

Homall Comfort gaming chair

homall comfort gaming chair

One of the few ways to make a top gaming chair even better is to boost the comfort level. That’s just what you can expect from the Homall Comfort — after all, it’s in the name. The Comfort version of the chair adds a footrest and more comfortable padding on the backrest. Homall says that the seating position is more comfortable and the backrest reclines up to 160-degrees in case you need a quick power nap.

$129 .99
Homall Comfort Gaming Chair
Save $20 .00
Buy it Now
Homall Comfort Gaming Chair Buy it Now
Save $20 .00 $129 .99


gtracing gaming chair

To beat the best, you have to maximize your comfort. The GTRacing gaming chair is carefully crafted for comfort with an ergonomic design and adjustable neck and waist supports. It might be difficult to game from a horizontal position, but the GTRacing chair kicks back to 170-degrees. The chair is made of PU leather and the armrests adjust four ways to customize your comfort.

$155 .99
GTRacing Gaming Chair
Save $34 .00
Buy it Now
GTRacing Gaming Chair Buy it Now
Save $34 .00 $155 .99

Staples Vartan gaming chair

gaming chairs staples vartan

Credit: Staples

The Bonded Leather chair from Staples is a good introductory seat, but the Vartan gaming chair kicks things up a notch. It comes with adjustable head and lumbar pillows, and you can recline to a comfortable 135 degrees. Available in red, white, or blue, the Vartan offers a solid blend of comfort and style with a tall racing-style back.

$179 .99
Staples Vartan Gaming Chair
Save $50 .00
Buy it Now
Staples Vartan Gaming Chair Buy it Now
Save $50 .00 $179 .99

Hbada gaming chair

hbada gaming chair

The Hbada gaming chair matches the weight capacity of the Homall chair, though you can recline an extra five degrees. It combines a high backrest, lumbar support, and a removable headrest for customizable support. You can also disable the rocking function when you need to stay completely focused and the armrests can adjust to the perfect height.

$164 .89
Hbada Gaming Chair
Save $35 .10
Buy it Now
Hbada Gaming Chair Buy it Now
Save $35 .10 $164 .89

Fortnite Raven-X

fortnite raven x gaming chair

It should come as no surprise that the unique styling of Fortnite’s costumes has made its way to a gaming chair. The Fortnite Raven-X is a special edition of the Respawn 100 gaming chair. It’s decked out in purple leather with the Fortnite logo embossed on the headrest. Whether you win or not, the Raven-X can make you feel like the coolest player online.

$193 .21
Fortnite Raven-X Gaming Chair
Save $106 .78
Buy it Now
Fortnite Raven-X Gaming Chair Buy it Now
Save $106 .78 $193 .21

Dowinx gaming chair

gaming chairs dowinx

Credit: Amazon

The final option on the list is easily the most luxurious as well. Dowinx packed a USB-powered massager, folding footrest, and weight capacity of 350 pounds into its chair, and it has to be felt to be believed. A wing-back design helps to ease pressure from your spine and the chair reclines up to 180-degrees so you can lay back for comfortable gaming sessions. Dowinx even added a whopping 10 inches of soft foam padding to cover the alloy frame.

$229 .99
Dowinx Gaming Chair
Save $20 .00
Buy it Now
Dowinx Gaming Chair Buy it Now
Save $20 .00 $229 .99

That wraps up our list of the best gaming chair deals, but there are other accessories that might help you compete. Here are a few more lists to dig into:

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