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Take a minute and think about how many rechargeable devices you use every day. You might have a phone, a laptop, headphones, and more. Sure, you can carry around a power bank all day, but there are ways to make life easier. Here are the best charging backpacks you can buy to take your charging on the go.

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We’ve tried to cover the full range of backpacks — we have stylish business options, adventure-ready packs, and everyday picks. They’re not in any particular order, but the prices can vary.

The best charging backpacks:

Editor’s note: We’ll make sure to add new options to this list of charging backpacks as we come across them.

Korin FlexPack Pro

KORIN FlexPack Pro

The Korin FlexPack is an excellent commuting companion, and it’s one of the most stylish options on the list. Its main pocket is large enough for up to a 15.6-inch laptop, as well as all of the accessories you might need. You can also pack hot or cold food wherever you go, thanks to a built-in insulated pocket.

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The FlexPack Pro has a volume of 18L, and two USB ports allow you to recharge your laptop and phone simultaneously. You’ll also find a retractable cable lock and YKK explosion-proof zipper for added security.

Energizer PowerKeep Wanderer

PowerKeep Energizer Wanderer

Our next charging backpack comes right from the Energizer Bunny itself. The PowerKeep Wanderer is a sizeable 30L backpack with a built-in 3W solar panel to keep you moving. Of course, you can also recharge via micro-USB, which may get the 10,000mAh power bank to full speed faster.

Like Korin’s backpack, the PowerKeep Wanderer packs a pair of USB-A ports. It comes in bright red, which is an excellent safety measure if you plan to go for longer hikes.

Tzowla charging backpack

Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack

This Tzowla backpack is one of the most affordable on the list and one of the most colorful. Sure, you can go for classic black, but you can also check out red, blue, purple, and gray. It drops down to just one USB port, but the Tzowla charging backpack adds a headphone jack so you can keep your cable tangle-free.

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The backpack is large enough to fit up to a 15.6-inch laptop, and you can stash peripherals in the smaller tablet pocket or front zipper. On the top, you’ll find a secure zipper with a combination lock to protect your gear.

Matein travel charging backpack

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

If you need a few more pockets to choose from, the Matein charging backpack might be a better bet. It’s similar to the Tzowla option, but it doubles up on the main segments. You’ll get one USB port to work with, and there’s even a rear-mounted security pocket for passports and plane tickets.

Matein’s backpack comes in a solid mix of colors, including a few camouflage patterns. Like the others, it can handle laptops up to about 15.6-inches.

Shrradoo anti-theft backpack


This is another budget-friendly charging backpack, and it carries an Amazon’s Choice distinction. You’ll have to supply your own power bank for the single USB port, but you’re saving enough money on the pack itself to afford a good one. Shrradoo’s backpack also features a 3D Air Flow back, a blessing for anyone who tends to run a little warm.

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Overall, it makes for a great travel option. The secure zippers and luggage strap add some extra peace of mind if you have to hurry through the airport. Shrradoo has plenty of colors to choose from, and they all feature a heathered pattern.

Swissdigital Katy Rose backpack

Swissdigital Katy Rose

This list of the best charging backpacks is full of great options, but we can’t say there are many picks specifically directed at women. This one tries to add a more feminine touch by improving design and including some pink accents and a pink interior. It also comes with an integrated USB port for easy charging, so all you need is your own battery pack. It also offers RFID protection, just in case you want to keep everything secure.

North Face Resistor

The North Face Resistor

If you’re not worried about cost, the North Face Resistor is the way to go. It’s the most expensive option on the list, but it’s also the most adventure-ready. The secret is its built-in Joey T3 Smart Pack System, which can connect to your phone via the Joey app. It serves as a proximity reminder, and you can also set up a Charge Timer for controlled 30-minute boosts.

Like most North Face products, the Resistor is built for adventure. It packs a pair of water bottle pockets and internal fleece lining to keep your tech safe from the cold.

Omen Transceptor

OMEN Transceptor

Gaming laptops pack their own signature style, so why shouldn’t a gaming backpack do the same? The Omen Transceptor comes with a roll-top and a solid 25L capacity for all of your accessories. It’s big enough to handle the 15.6-inch Omen 15, but you may have to look elsewhere if you have the larger Omen 17.

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As you might expect, it comes exclusively in black, but there are red details to match the color scheme of your laptop. You’ll find two water bottle pockets, and the single USB port should keep you topped off.