Looks like someone at Best Buy messed up! As you can tell from the picture above, Best Buy is advertising the Droid 4 on its Rewards Zone website, along with a flagship phone from the other three major US carriers. While Verizon put ice on the Droid 4 release date already, looks like someone at Verizon forgot to tell the folks at Best Buy. So the purchase of a Droid 4 won’t be earning you 5,000 Rewards points anytime soon, unfortunately, but for all you QWERTY fanatics out there, who cares?

This isn’t the first time Best Buy has let things slip. Before the Galaxy Nexus was announced, we all remember the rumored name of the Nexus Prime, then Samsung or Google – not sure which – changed it to the Galaxy Nexus. Well Best Buy was advertising the Verizon LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus as the “Samsung Nexus Prime”. I am fairly sure this will not be the last time Best Buy lets secrets slip from their chest of goodies, as it almost seems intentional at this point.

When do you think Verizon will be launching the Droid 4? My guess is sometime in late January or early February. Let us know what you think in the comments. QWERTY love, anyone?