Things continue to look not-so-good for Samsung in its complicated patent-based lawsuit against Apple. The two giants are going to face each other off in courts starting with July 30 in the U.S. case, the most important one of for both companies – and they’re fighting it out in over 50 cases in 10 countries.

Earlier today, we heard that Google warned Samsung that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 looked too much like the iPad, which is what Apple was able to get apparently from Samsung documents.

Now we hear that the iPhone and iPad maker scored other similar documents that reveal internal Samsung discussions regarding similarities between its products and Apple’s. One of the interesting tidbits, which Samsung will have a tough time fighting, is the fact that Best Buy customers returned Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices after realizing they were not iPads, which is what they though they were buying in the first place:

Samsung was forced to release a bunch of documents it had been keeping under seal that show the likeness between its products and Apple’s. Examples outlined in the documents include comments from Samsung workers discussing similarities with Apple’s products, and reports Samsung got from retailer Best Buy that Samsung tablets were being returned because customers thought they were getting iPads. Samsung still has a pending motion to prevent all of this information from being included at trial.

So far, Samsung did not have such a great time in courts, where Apple has won more favorable rulings than the South Korean company did, with the most recent one being scored in the U.S. case – the jury was instructed to take into account that Samsung did not preserve documents that could have been used by Apple as evidence in court.

We are thoroughly following the Apple vs Samsung battle because it’s one of the most important legal fights out there for the mobile business, so we’ll be back with more details from the U.S. case that’s about to begin.

Meanwhile, if any of those Best Buy buyers that returned Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices after realizing they were not iPads are reading these lines, then let us know what happened back then and why you made such a mistake.

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