Best Buy Samsung

Best Buy Samsung mini stores will be available for you to experience and buy Samsung products in for at least three years from now, as representatives of the two companies have revealed at a recent press event, which took place at the Best Buy location in New York’s Union Square.

According to President of Samsung America Tim Baxter, the partnership to operate the Samsung stores in Best Buy locations has been agreed upon for three years, after which the two companies will decide whether they will extend it or not. At the moment, 200 Samsung Experience Shops have already opened out of the 1400 planned to be up and running by June this year.

Another interesting piece of piece of information came from Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly, as he revealed that the two companies have plans to expand the partnership into Best Buy locations in Canada. He also added that initial feedback from customers has been positive, and that the same can be said in terms of sales.

Asked whether Best Buy’s traditional Blue Shirt employees can remain unbiased with all the Samsung action and employees around them, Joly reassured everyone that their job remains unchanged and that they will continue to give “objective advice”.

As for devices shown and sold in the Best Buy Samsung Experience Shops, you should know that you can now try out Galaxy S 3 and S4 smartphones (Samsung has kept its word, to have the stores available for the flagship’s launch), as well as Note 10.1, Note 8 and Tab 2 tablets, but availability will change as Samsung’s product line-up changes.

Bogdan Bele
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