best_buy_logoBest Buy put out a release touting its selection of 5 Android smartphones that are available for $99.99 this holiday season.

The HTC Hero and Samsung Moment are down to $99.99 from Sprint’s normal $179.99.  T-Mobile’s myTouch 3G and Motorola CLIQ are down to $99.99 from $149.99 and $199.99, respectively.  Best Buy is also offering the HTC DROID Eris for $99.99, which is the same as Verizon, but Best Buy notes that with any of its phones, there are no mail-in rebates to deal with to get the good prices.

Oddly, the press release doesn’t mention when the prices go into effect, saying only “this holiday.”  I’m guessing that the prices will start on Friday, if they haven’t already, and run through the end of the year – or longer. The press release mentions that the Verizon MiFi will be available for free on contract this Friday and Saturday, so that seems to imply that there is no such date restriction on the Android phones.  And by the way, the Verizon MiFi is *the* portable 3G device to use.  I love mine, it is wickedly fast and maintains a connection everywhere.