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With the next Nexus likely not too far off, you might be considering selling your Nexus 4 in anticipation of what’s next. If so, you’ll be excited to know that Best Buy has now announced a new Nexus 4 trade-in program where the retailer will give you up to $256.50 in store credit for your Nexus 4.

Of course, there’s a bit of a catch here. The offer specifically mentions the T-Mobile LG Nexus 4, though there are some reports suggesting they will take the handset regardless of whether it came from the Play Store of not. If not doubt, you can always call your local Best Buy to verify whether they will take your handset or not.

As to be expected, how much you actually get will depend on the condition of your phone. If your handset is in nearly perfect shape, you’ll get $262.50. If it has some minor scuffs but in otherwise good condition, you’ll get $250. Even if your phone is in poor (but still working) condition, you’ll at least get $112.50.

So how do you trade the device in? There are two ways: you can either take the handset to a store near you, or you can head to their trade-in site and ship it directly to Best Buy.

Andrew Grush

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