The Nexus 4 is one of the hottest Android handsets of the season, even though Google or LG (or both) have missed the mark when it comes to producing enough units to go around.

While the device is out of stock with Google Play in the U.S. and other regions of the world, we keep getting new reports telling us that the Nexus 4 will be available in other markets, including Canada, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

But the Nexus 4 will apparently go to other U.S. electronics retailers as well, with Best Buy being now ready to start stocking the handset. The device has been already spotted on Best Buy’s website, which means you may soon be able to order yours from this retailer, but it’s not yet good news.

You won’t enjoy Google Play-like pricing, as Best Buy seems to stock only the T-Mobile Nexus 4 version. That means you’re going to get it for $199.99 as long as you ink a new two-year contract with the carrier, while the “unactivated price” of the device is $599.99. The subsidized price is exactly what you pay when ordering from T-Mobile, as long as you don’t mind the $50 mail-in rebate card, which is something Best Buy won’t annoy you with.

Also worth noting is the fact that the handset appears to be “sold out online” at this time, and there’s no telling when it will be available again. So either keep checking out Best Buy’s online store, or head out to Best Buy retail stores to look for your Nexus 4 smartphone. Whatever the case is, we should hear more details from Best Buy in the future regarding Nexus 4 availability, at which point we’ll bring all the updates to you.

Has anyone out there purchased a Nexus 4 from Best Buy?