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Having a good keyboard can make or break your gaming experience. High-end gaming keyboards can run you anywhere between $150 and $200, or sometimes more. The good news is you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a quality gaming keyboard. You can buy one of these best budget gaming keyboards and use the money you save for games instead.

For this post, we’ll be focusing on the best budget gaming keyboards under $100. Let’s show you our favorites.

The best budget gaming keyboards:

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best budget gaming keyboards regularly as new ones launch.

Razer BlackWidow Lite

Razer BlackWidow Lite The best budget gaming keyboards

Razer is an expensive brand, but they have a few keyboards under $100. The absolute cheapest one is the Razer Cynosa V2, but that one uses membrane key technology. The next step up is the Razer BlackWidow Lite, which uses true mechanical keys with quiet orange switches.

You won’t get all the bells and whistles that come with the more expensive keyboards, though. Lighting isn’t RGB, for example, but you get white backlit keys. There’s no number pad if you care for that. And aesthetics aren’t as “in your face,” but that could be a good thing if you prefer a more modest look. Regardless, it’s still one of the best budget gaming keyboards you can find, and it’s definitely worth paying a bit more over the Cynosa V2. Not to mention there’s a white version for those who want a cleaner look.

If you want an affordable Razer keyboard with cool colorful lights, you should take a look at the Razer BlackWidow V3 Tenkeyless.

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Logitech G613 Wireless

logitech g613 lightspeed keyboard

The Logitech G613 Wireless is very special. For starters, it’s a genuine mechanical keyboard, which offers excellent performance and an improved typing experience. That’s hard to get at a low price point. What’s also hard to get at a low price is a mechanical keyboard with wireless functionality, and this one accomplishes that. The combination of these two features makes this one of the best budget gaming keyboards around.

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Logitech’s G613 keyboard has Romer G mechanical switches that are quiet and highly durable; they have a tested 70 million keystroke lifespan. There are also six programmable G keys for custom macro sequences. You can use Logitech Gaming Software to set everything up to your liking and even customize the G keys for each app on your computer. There’s also a palm rest built into the keyboard for extra comfort.

The only real downside is that the keyboard isn’t backlit, but that’s a sacrifice we’re willing to look over, given all the pros the Logitech G613 offers at such a low price. The keyboard’s launch MSRP goes over $100, but prices are much lower now.

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Logitech G413 Carbon

Now, if you want some colors, you should take a look at the Logitech G413 Carbon. One of the main differences between Logitech’s G613 and G413 keyboards is wireless versus wired. The G413 utilizes a wire for power, so you won’t have to worry about changing the battery. Another big difference is that the G413 has illuminated keys, so you can always see exactly what you’re doing, even at night.

Like the G613, the G413 is also tested for 70 million keystrokes. It’s a durable keyboard equipped with a brushed aluminum-magnesium alloy top case. And although it may not have dedicated G keys on the side for customization, you can utilize the function (FN) keys to control volume, enter game mode, and more.

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SteelSeries Apex 5

SteelSeries Apex 5 mechanical keyboard

SteelSeries is another popular brand in the industry, and they make some of the best gaming keyboards around. They aren’t exactly cheap but have some options that fall under the $100 threshold.

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The SteelSeries Apex 5 costs right under $100 and comes with all the bells and whistles gamers expect from a good gaming keyboard. It comes with hybrid blue switch mechanical keyboards. The frame is made of aluminum. Other nifty features include media controls (including a volume wheel), multiple-profile support, and dynamic RGB lighting.

Alienware AW310K

Alienware AW310K gaming mechanical keyboard

Alienware has become a staple brand in the PC gaming industry, but it’s by no means synonymous with affordability. In fact, Alienware products are known for being expensive, but many gamers love their aesthetics and quality. We’re glad to inform you there is a keyboard under our $100 threshold, and it’s the Alienware AW310K.

It doesn’t look as flashy as other Alienware keyboards, but it is still one of the best budget gaming keyboards around. The full mechanical keyboard features Cherry MX Red switches, which are known for being fast and smooth. RGB backlighting is fully customizable per key. It also has an aluminum construction that makes it very sturdy and solid.

Havit RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard that’s great for gaming but also lightweight and portable, Havit’s keyboard is the one for you. It has the standard 104 keys, including the number keys, with Kailh Blue mechanical switches. So your keyboard will be thinner and lighter than traditional mechanical keyboards, but you’ll still have that satisfying feel while gaming and typing.

There are also multiple RGB lighting settings that you can customize. And another fantastic highlight – it’s driver-free! So you won’t have to download any software before using the keyboard; you can plug it in, and you’re ready to go.

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Corsair K60 Pro SE

Corsair k60 pro se keyboard
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If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard that’s great for gaming but also lightweight and portable, the Corsair K60 Pro SE is definitely among the best gaming keyboards under $100. For starters, it’s one of the few wireless gaming keyboards under $100. Not only that, but it’s actually a competitive product.

The wired unit’s keys rest on Cherry MX Viola mechanical switches. The only real downside is that the K60 Pro SE doesn’t have customizable RGB lighting. Instead, it features zoned lighting, which you can’t change. That may not be an issue considering all the value you get with this keyboard, though.

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Redragon K552

redragon K552 Multi Color Best Mechanical Keyboards

The main lure about the Redragon K552 is its super low price and how much you get for it. This is one of the most affordable gaming keyboards on this list, and it doesn’t fall too far behind the others.

The K552 has 87 Cherry Blue mechanical keys, a metal-ABS construction, and a compact design. It also features RGB in 18 different modes, nine colors, and five brightness levels, making it an excellent option for those on a tight budget.

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MSI Vigor GK50 Elite BW

MSI Vigor GK50 Elite BW

We can’t forget about MSI, one of the biggest brands in PC computing. Their products are unique looking too, and the MSI Vigor GK50 Elite BW is no exception. The brushed aluminum finish looks very interesting, not to mention that the metal construction also makes this a very sturdy product. It features white mechanical switches too.

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It has 104-keys and features all the bells and whistles you can expect from the best budget gaming keyboards. In fact, it’s probably one of the coolest-looking keyboards on this list.

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Razer Ornata V2

Razer Ornata V2 keyboard


Our last entry to the list of the best budget gaming keyboards is just a hair under $100, but it’s a worthy upgrade if you’re willing to pay that amount of cash. The Razer Ornata V2 is a great mecha-membrane hybrid keyboard.  It also comes with features you usually only find in high-end keyboards, such as dedicated media keys, a volume wheel, a wrist rest, and it is a great introduction to Razer’s extensive Chroma RGB ecosystem. 

Those are all the best budget gaming keyboards you can buy right now. If you’re in the market for a gaming keyboard, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. These brands are reputable, and I guarantee a good mechanical keyboard will enhance your gaming experience.