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The best Bluetooth headsets for when you're on the go

Here are the very best Bluetooth headsets you can buy right now, based on recommendations from our sister site SoundGuys.
April 17, 2021
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Even before the coronavirus outbreak hit, more and more people found themselves working remotely from home. It’s led to a resurgence in the use of Bluetooth headsets in many professions. People are using them more than ever for Zoom meetings and conference calls. If you are in the market for getting a Bluetooth headset, the good news is that there are many terrific choices to choose from. Here’s our look at the best Bluetooth headsets you can currently purchase.

This list of the best Bluetooth headsets comes from the audio experts at our sister site SoundGuys. Check out their in-depth take on the best Bluetooth headsets.

Best Bluetooth headsets:

  1. Poly Voyager 5200
  2. Sennheiser Presence
  3. Jabra Stealth UC
  4. Poly Voyager Focus UC
  5. Mpow Pro Trucker

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best Bluetooth headsets regularly as new devices launch.

1. Poly Voyager 5200

Poly Voyager 52002
Plantronics, Poly

The Poly Voyager 5200 is a great choice for users who want something small and doesn’t stand out inside the ear. Not only do they offer a secure fit, but their long noise-cancelling microphone can be placed right next to your mouth, so people hear you and not other sounds inside your office.

This headset supports Bluetooth 4.1 with a range of about 30 meters. It will last up to seven hours of battery life on a single charge. It also has Amazon Alexa support which means you can control your Alexa-based smart speakers and other smart home devices. All in all, the Poly Voyager 5200 is a terrific pick for Bluetooth headsets owners who want to look cool while using it.

2. Sennheiser Presence

Sennheiser Presence3

If you want a small Bluetooth headset that looks cool but stands out more, check out the Sennheiser Presence. Not only does this look like it comes from a sci-fi movie, but it is also comfortable to wear thanks to its around-ear hook. You also get a few different-sized ear tips for a more custom fit. Snapping this headset open turns it on, and you can turn it off just by closing it back.

Another big plus for this headset is the long use with a single change. You should get up to 10 hours of talk time before you have to recharge. Speaking of which, this headset does use the older micro-USB connection, which is a small annoyance as most new models have moved onto the USB-C connection. However, if you need long battery life and want to look cool, consider the Sennheiser Presence.

3. Jabra Stealth UC

jabra stealth uc

The Jabra Stealth UC is made for people who want a Bluetooth headset that’s as small as the rival Apple Airpods. This model fits inside with many different ear tips and an ear hook, which should keep it secure while you chat.

You can get a decent amount of use on a single charge, up to six hours. It also supports NFC hardware, which should make connecting this headset up easier, except for Apple devices. It even features a smart assistant button for any time you need Alexa or Google Assistant. All in all, the Jabra Stealth UC is made for folks who don’t want to stand out in a crowd but want a solid Bluetooth headset.

4. Poly Voyager Focus UC

Poly Voyager Focus UC2
Plantronics, Poly


If you are like many people, putting in a small earbud can be a pain. Those folks still want an old-fashioned headphone form factor. The Poly Voyager Focus UC is made for this kind of user. In addition to the two on-ear speakers, this comes with an adjustable headband. You should be able to use this while on an hours-long Zoom meeting with no issue. It also has a long 30-meter range. If you don’t need to use its wireless features, you can connect it to a computer via a USB adapter for a better connection.

This model also comes with active noise-cancelling for keeping other outside sounds out. You should get up to 10 hours of use on a single charge. Finally, this comes with its own charging dock for easy storage and charging.

5. Mpow M5 Pro Headset

Mpow Trucker Headset1


The Mpow M5 Pro Bluetooth headset’s biggest asset is that it’s very affordable. You should be able to get this for less than $40. For that price, you can get a lightweight headset that has a 360-degree rotating microphone, so you can always get a comfortable fit. It also comes with a very long 12-hour battery life and a decent 10-meter range.

On the downside, the build quality isn’t quite as good as some other headsets on this list, and it also supports just Bluetooth 2.1. That being said, this is an excellent choice for a Bluetooth headset that will last a long time and won’t hurt your wallet.

What you should know about Bluetooth headsets

Are Bluetooth headsets safe?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Bluetooth headsets are definitely not dangerous to use. In fact, SoundGuys has an entire piece on this question. If you don’t want to check that out, here’s the quick 411.

Radiation like x-rays and ultraviolet rays are labeled as “ionizing radiation.” If your body gets hit by this kind of radiation, it can do some damage at the cellular level. That’s while you wear a lead vest when you go to the doctor’s office to get an x-ray or stay in the shade or wear a hat during a hot summer day. Bluetooth wireless waves are labeled as “non-ionizing radiation.” In other words, it won’t damage your body when it encounters those kinds of radiation.

Can Bluetooth headsets work with Xbox or PS4?

Audio Technica ATH G1 woman PlayStation 4 controller PS4 gaming
John Callaham / Android Authority

While the Bluetooth headsets on this list are great for phone calls or Zoom meetings, they are not really made for gaming. To get the best audio experience for your new or upcoming gaming console, you should check out the lists of the best gaming headsets at SoundGuys made for your specific console. Most serious gamers get wired headphones for the best audio while gaming.

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