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Thanksgiving is happening right now which means Black Friday is right around the corner. We have no intention of trying to break the tradition of waking up at the crack of dawn to go shopping for absurdly discounted items. We would like to help. In this list are the best Black Friday app for Android that will help you find better deals both on the internet and on the store floor.

Black Friday 2013 Coupons best black friday apps for androidBlack Friday 2013 Coupons! (by Retail Coupons App)

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First up is an app that is simply named Black Friday 2013 Coupons. Obviously, this app will find you coupons to use at local stores. It boasts being able to provide coupons for things like restaurants, department stores, gas station discounts, giveaways, free magazine subscriptions, and other things. The interface is nothing to write home about but Get it on Google Playthis isn’t about how pretty an app is, it’s about how much money it can save you and this one has the potential to save you a few bucks.
Black Friday 2013 Coupons best black friday apps for android

Black Friday App best black friday appsBlack Friday App (by, Inc)

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Black Friday App by DealNews is one of the better known names on the list. This app has already received commendations from PC World and PC Magazine which is a really good start. It’s claim to fame is bringing you “leaked” and “confirmed” deals from major retailers. It also has a website interface so you can save wish lists or coupons and find Get it on Google Playthem again on the web in case you need to print them out or just want a bigger screen than your phone to look at stuff. Black Friday Apps is definitely worth checking out.
best black friday apps - Black Friday App

black friday 2013 ads best black friday appsBlack Friday 2013 Ads (by Sazze, Inc)

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If you need something a little more simple, Black Friday 2013 Ads may be right for you. With this app you can find Black Friday deals without all the extra stuff found in many of these other apps. Simply search and buy. You can opt in to get push notifications for Black Friday deals as they Get it on Google Playhappen and the app on its own looks really nice. If you want something a little more streamlined, this is what we’d recommend.
black friday 2013 ads best black friday apps

Black Friday Deal Finder best black friday appsBlack Friday Deal Finder 2013 (by

[Price: Free]
Right off the bat you’ll notice that other prominent blogs like Mashable thought well of this app, so this is certainly an app worth recommending. It’s called Black Friday Deals Finder and as the name implies, it’ll help you find deals on Black Friday. It doesn’t have a lot of features but the features it does have cover a very wide ranges of needs. You can search for ads in a variety of Get it on Google Playways, including Doorbusters which are those deals people line up at 3am to get. You can also shop for stuff right from within the app or share deals with friends.
Black Friday Deal Finder best black friday apps

black friday coupons shopular best black friday appsBlack Friday Coupons Shopular (by Top-Rated Coupons App | Shopular)

[Price: Free]
While Black Friday Coupons Shopular does function as a regular Black Friday app, its biggest feature is actually going on when you’re not using it. You can search for deals in the app or simply go out shopping and the Shopular app will send you notifications when you’re in or near a store that has specials going on. This is one of the few apps Get it on Google Playon the list with contextual coupons based on your location so if you plan on just winging it on Black Friday, having this app along can’t hurt.
black friday coupons shopular best black friday apps

TGI Black Friday best black friday appsTGI Black Friday (by Ecatcher, Inc)

[Price: Free]
If you’re more of a traditionalist then TGI Black Friday may be for you. It does have the usual search and browse for deals features that most of these others have. However, it also allows you to see full printed ads as they would appear in, say, a newspaper. You can download them in PDF format to search for apps the old fashioned way. Get it on Google PlayYou can then share on social networks or email and print them out so you can have the actual advertisement. If you’re a coupon clipper, this is the one to check out.
TGI Black Friday best black friday apps

GeoQpon best black friday appsBlack Friday Coupons GeoQpons (by Most Useful Shopping App)

[Price: Free]
This is one of the most widely used Black Friday apps on the list and also one of the highest rated. GeoQpons has a veritable boat load of features including custom shopping lists, coupon alerts, over 100,000 coupons from local businesses, and more. One of our favorite was the Get it on Google Playcoupon feedback feature which lets you know which coupons are good and which ones aren’t. That can really be helpful. If you haven’t yet, try it out.
GeoQpon best black friday apps

zoomingo best black friday apps for androidBlack Friday Ads & Local Sales (by Top Black Friday App | Zoomingo)

[Price: Free]
Touted as being one of the best already by sources like Forbes and Oprah, Zoomingo’s Black Friday app is both functional and good looking. It allows people to customize their ad and sales experiences by assigning favorite stores. So you only get alerts from places where you actually go to buy things. Another nifty feature is the ability to find an item and put it on a watch list. Zoomingo’s app will then let you know when that item is on Get it on Google Playsale so you can get it for cheap. There is also a rewards system for using the app that can nab you some free gift cards too if you’re into that sort of thing.
zoomingo best black friday apps for android

black friday coupons and deals best black friday apps for androidBlack Friday Coupons & Deals (by Best Coupons & Deals)

[Price: Free]
The last app on our list is a little more down-to-earth than most. Instead of automatically pulling deals from various databases, Black Friday Coupons & Deals employs a number of people who handpick coupons for people to see. It does have some features of the other apps, like deal alerts, but this is by far one of the more simple applications on our list. The interface is easy to use and Get it on Google Playit gives you coupon codes for online use as well as digital codes for in-store use. If you need something that’s not so in depth but still very useful, check this one out.
black friday coupons & deals best black friday apps

Wrap up

Black Friday only comes once a year and it’s a pretty big day for a lot of people. Many can get their entire holiday shopping list done in just one day and for much less than they’d otherwise have to pay. The problem with that is most of these apps are one offs and that makes the good ones really hard to find. Some of these apps even have duplicates under other names! So if there’s a great Black Friday app that you’ve had success with and we didn’t include it here, feel free to leave it in the comments. Good luck with the shopping!

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