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Best BitTorrent Clients for Android

December 14, 2011

With the popularity of BitTorrent clients for desktops and laptops, it was only a matter of time before developers started releasing Android versions of their desktop software. This means that your Android phone can now download legal and legitimate torrents directly.

Just like their desktop and laptop counterparts, these BitTorrent apps allow your files to resume downloading if your Internet connection was interrupted. It is also possible to look for torrents in search engines like ExtraTorrent, isoHunt, Kickasstorrents, and The Pirate Bay, to name a few. You can also control downloading speed, uploading speed, and torrent queuing.

Here is a list of some of the best Android BitTorrent clients. All of these can be downloaded from the Android Market.

aTorrent – Torrent Downloader

aTorrent is a native P2P BitTorrent app. This application supports ads, but a paid version of aTorrent may be purchased to remove them.


  • Search for new torrents using the torrent search dialog
  • Open torrents right from the browser
  • Add torrents from files
  • The option to set your download folder location
  • Partial download (choose files from torrent)
  • Multiple parallel downloading
  • Option to limit the download and upload speed
  • Option to limit downloads by Wi-Fi
  • Option to pause downloads when external power supply is not connected
  • Supports various protocols such as BitTorrent P2P, DHT, Advanced DHT bootstrap, magnet links, HTTP and UDP trackers

Get aTorrent – Torrent Downloader from the Android Market.


aDownloader uses the BTJunkie torrent search engine by default, but can be changed to ExtraTorrent, isoHunt, The Pirate Bay, and more. It has no ads and it also has an easy-to-understand user interface.


  • Supports IP filtering
  • Option for the EzRSS search engine
  • Moving all the apps back to phone
  • Supports various search engines
  • Adds your SD card to torrent directories
  • Control the maximum speed and upload speed
  • Control the maximum connections for torrents
  • Can also work as an HTTP downloader

Get aDownloader from the Android Market.


tTorrentLite supports ads and has a maximum download speed of 250 kb/s, but purchasing the paid version can remove the download speed limit, as well as the ads.


  • Multiple torrent downloading
  • Queuing torrents
  • Wi-Fi only mode, Wi-Fi or WiMax mode
  • Limit your upload or download speed
  • Provides web browser integration
  • Provides RSS support for automatic torrent downloads from published feeds
  • Trackerless torrent (DHT) support
  • Set peer limits
  • Support magnet links downloads
  • UPnP and NTP-PnP support
  • IP filtering support

Get tTorrent Lite from the Android Market.

Rutracker Downloader

Rutracker Downloader has no speed limits, but it does have ads. To remove them, especially in Rutracker Downloader or higher, it is necessary to buy the Rutracker Downloader Donate patch in the Android Market. This program requires you to be on Android 2.2 or higher.


  • Search and download files from,, and
  • Manage multiple torrent downloading
  • Queuing torrents
  • Manage storage space
  • Limit your upload and download speed
  • Provides web browser integration
  • Provides RSS support for automatic torrent downloads from published feeds
  • Set peer limits
  • Support magnet links downloads

Get Rutracker Downloader from the Android Market.


This app is more of a remote torrent manager than an app that downloads torrents to your phone.  Unlike the four previous apps, Torrent-Fu uses uTorrent WebUI or Transmission to download torrents to a remote computer, instead of downloading the torrents directly into your phone. To be able to use Torrent-fu to manage the torrent downloads to your desktop, you need to install either uTorrent 1.8.2 or Transmission 1.2 on your desktop.


  • Search for torrents using keywords, bar code scan or from your browser
  • Manage multiple torrent downloads
  • Limit your upload and download speed
  • Provides RSS support for automatic torrent downloads from published feeds
  • Set peer limits
  • Supports magnet links downloads

Get Torrent-fu from the Android Market.

One of the downsides to using BitTorrent apps or downloading torrents to your phone is that they eat up battery life, as they download content from the Internet. Wi-Fi is the recommended network to use with these apps.  Be careful about downloading software, too, in order to avoid malware.  Most importantly, download only legitimate and legal torrents.

What BitTorrent client do you use on your Android device?