It’s a pretty safe assumption that everyone enjoys a little customization when it comes to their Android device. So, today I’m going to run you through some of the best apps to customize your Android phone.

Go Launcher ex (Free)

Go Launcher Ex is an app with many options for customization. This app will replace your default home launcher (HTC Sense, Motorola’s Platform, and Samsung’s Touchwiz) to a new highly customizable interface. Options such as transition effects, hiding apps in the app drawer (that you don’t use), custom themes, and choosing how many home screens you want are a few of the many options available.

Beautiful Widgets ($2.69)

The majority of Android users love having a gorgeous clock as the center piece to their home screen. However outside of HTC devices, not many offer a really nice clock widget. Well that’s where Beautiful Widgets closes the gap for the low, low price of $2.69,  you will have yourself an amazing clock widget that has a ton of custom options over 1,000 different clock skins and weather skins at your disposal.

Widget Locker ($1.99)

Widget Locker will allow you to customize your lock screen to your hearts content, and not much is out of the question when it comes to Widget Locker. Custom slider check, custom wallpaper check, custom shortcuts, and widgets on the lock screen  are only a few of the possibilities you will have with Widget Locker. If you’re tired of having a boring lock screen then this is the app you have been looking for!

SwipePad (Free)

SwipePad is an app that will customize your multitasking ability. This app makes multitasking a very easy “swipe” of your finger. You have the option to set 12 applications that you wish to be able to jump to, at any given time while you’re using your device. Then you choose a corner you want to use as your “swipe area” and your ready! Next time you’re in Gmail and want to get directly to your music player just slide your finger from the chosen corner and bam you’re in your music player. A must have in my opinion.

Icon Pack -Droidicon ($3.99)

This application will be your second hand helper in making your own themes if you use Launcher Pro, ADW, or Go Launcher. Icon Pack Droidicon will create custom icons for most of your apps. I say most because not all apps are supported, because, let’s face it – with over 250,000 apps it would be nearly impossible to have every app was supported. With that being said, it’s a super fun app that is great to use when creating a custom theme on your device. With over 1,000 icons and 170 different styles you’re bound to find one you’ll love.