Best Apple HomePod deals

If you’re dedicated to Apple and you want a smart speaker, look no further than the HomePod. It’s built to compete with the best but it doesn’t come cheap, retailing at $300. However, there are a few opportunities to save money right now. Here are the best Apple HomePod deals available.

Before you get much further, the Apple HomePod is really not your best choice if you aren’t already in Apple’s ecosystem. It’s a great sounding speaker, but it primarily only works with Apple Music and you need a device running iOS 8.0 or newer to set it up.

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That said, the HomePod it does pack some impressive sound quality. It includes six down-firing tweeters and one large woofer to cover a full range of sound. The HomePod uses EQ to create a model of the room it’s in and compensates for furniture to give you the best listening experience.

It also looks great in pretty much any room of the house thanks to the trademark Apple styling. The HomePod blends in with a soft-touch gray exterior and six microphones to capture Siri commands from near or far.

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If you want to do some more in-depth research, you can check out our review from Sound Guys right here.

Best Apple HomePod deals

We’ve found a few options if you’re set on buying a brand-new HomePod.

Apple HomePod

Naturally, there are some accessories that are designed to best adapt the HomePod to your decor. Here are a few of the best options:

Evos Fixed Height Floor Stand for HomePod
$79 .99
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Evos Speaker Wall Mount for HomePod
$29 .99
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Circle HomePod Stand
$22 .88
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That pretty much does it for the best Apple HomePod deals, but there are plenty of other smart speakers to choose from. Here are a few places to look: