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Need a network boost? Check out the best Signal Boosting apps for Android!

Looking to improve your network signal and Wi-Fi connection? We've put together a list of some of the best signal boosting apps for Android! Read on to find out more!
May 15, 2013
Best Android apps for boosting mobile network and Wi-Fi signals
We all love a good network boost, and fast download speeds, but sometimes our mobile devices need a boost to reach maximum performance. If you want to get a network boost and maximize your download speeds, we’ll show you some of the best signal boosting apps for Android.

Android WiFi Signal Booster

Android Wifi Signal Booster

Android WiFi Signal Booster will analyze your WiFi network and connection strength so that you’re able to find a WiFi network with an even better connection. This particular app isn’t ideal for home use, but if you’re at an Airport terminal you’ll find it be a nice tool.

In the app there is a radar view, which will allow you to analyze a multitude of WiFi networks and find the best connection available. The app also has a signal booster, and according to the app description, it’ll give your Wi-Fi a network boost by 25-30%. Some people say it works really well too.

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Network Signal Speed Booster

Network Signal Speed Booster

Network Signal Speed Booster will boost your call and signal strength in just a few short steps. Simply open the app, and wait. That’s all the setup that is involved. The app performs all of the steps for you and lists them out on the screen so you know what’s going on.

The downside to this app is that it is plagued with ads. As you can see in the image above there’s a banner ad. When you hit the menu button on the app though, you’ll notice that there’s other options to take you to the developer’s other apps, his website, and etc. There’s no way to buy a pro version of this app to remove them either.

Regardless, if you’re not technologically inclined, this app is very simple to use. Especially with the nice network boost it gives you!

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Signal Booster

WiFi + 3G Signal Booster

Like most signal boosting apps, WiFi + 3G Signal Booster is very easy to use and configure, and it gives you a nice network boost too. It enhances the usual WiFi and mobile data signals, but it will also improve your Bluetooth connection if you need a stronger signal.

To set up this signal booster up, you simply tap a button and wait a few minutes for it to complete the process. During that time, it’ll tell you exactly what it’s doing to get a better signal. It’s a very simple and quick process that shows some positive results. If you’re looking for a quick network boost, this’ll do the job nicely.

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Wifi Manager

WiFi Manager

WIFi Manager isn’t entirely a signal boosting app. However,  if you’re around a lot of WiFi hotspots, it’ll help you manage them all by picking one with the best signal strength. After all, when you’re around a lot of WiFi networks, it’s often better to pick the one with the best signal strength than simply boosting a really bad connection.

This app does have a few options to help give you a network boost, but not in the traditional sense. For instance, there’s an option that will let you switch from a fixed to a dynamic DHCP. Of course, there are a few features in this app that’ll require you to purchase the $1.75 premium package. So, while the app is free, there are a few features that’ll need you to purchase that package.

All in all, it’s a great app to organize and find the best WiFi connection in your immediate vicinity while giving you a decent network boost too.

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Wifi Signal Speed Booster Pro

WiFi Signal Speed Booster

All of the apps on this list are very easy to use and configure, but WiFi Signal Speed Booster is unique in that it examines your WiFi speed in real time and then shows what the potential of your connection looks like. After that, you simply tap the fix button and your WiFi strength should get a tad better.

Given how simple this app was, we decided to give this signal booster the Speedtest treatment. Our first test more than doubled the speed — we went from 7mbps down to 15mbps down. The results seemed really fishy, so we uninstalled the app and ran another test. This time we got 10mbps down. While this signal booster seems to bog down your WiFi a bit for a dramatic increase, it does still increase give you a bit of a network boost, but not much.

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Signal Booster wrap-up

You can check out our leaderboard (image above) to see how these apps rate against each other. As usual, our ratings are based on download numbers and Google Play Store ratings, so there’s no bias on our part whatsoever.

When it comes down to it, these apps all essentially do the same thing. They’ll restart your modems to get you a better connection to a closer tower, and so on. On the other hand, and as you can see on the reviews section of each application page, many consider this stuff to be voodoo since signal boosters and similar apps don’t do much beyond what your device is capable of.

Of course, everyone is going to have a different experience with apps that give you a network boost like these, so you may not get the same results as we did.

Regardless, we’ve tried our best to find some of the best signal strengthening apps out there that’ll really give you a network boost. So, as usual, if we’ve missed one that really works well for you, be sure to let everyone know in the comments below.