We all enjoy a good game, especially when it’s with you wherever you go. It makes waiting alone in a supermarket line less boring. Although going solo is great, we’ve got to admit that there’s nothing like a good co-op on action-driven application right at your fingertips. Check out our list of multiplayer games that we’ve found interesting.

1. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD

Racing games may not be your cup of tea – until this game that is. Asphalt 6 offers great graphics showcasing 42 different cars and bikes from the best manufactures that you can choose from, not to mention a good roster of virtual cities you can wreak havoc in. Whether you’re looking for challengers online or you’re with your friends for some cross-platform fun, this game will poke at your competitive side that one run won’t be enough. You can even customize your vehicles and challenge yourself against racers from 11 leagues in 55 events to earn your place in leaderboards. Best of all, you can have all these for only around a dollar.

2. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

If you’re an avid first person shooter (FPS) gamer on other consoles, then you’ll probably notice that Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation has a lot of things that look eerily similar to famous titles you’ve probably played before – but you’ll forgive GameLoft for that, since this really brings a great deal of fun to your Android device. Formula invasion story aside, the virtual environment will blow you away. Controls may be a bit iffy as a lot of FPS games on touch screen phones are, but GameLoft developers try to remedy this by putting in an auto aim option that works okay. Your character and guns are customizable, which is great help especially during multiplayer runs through 6 maps and 7 modes. Sound quality could be better though, but looking over minor annoyances, MC3 is a great game. Download it on your tablet for best results.

3. Pocket Legends

For those massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) fans out there looking for a fix away from your desktop computers, get Pocket Legends. Be a Warrior, an Archer, or an Enchantress and save the world of Alterra from invading zombies, aliens, and other oddities. What’s interesting with Pocket Legends is that you can create your own instance which other players can easily join in. It can sometimes be a bummer to be with total strangers in a dungeon with no semblance of strategy, but since the gameplay is pretty simple, you don’t really need to be as serious playing this as you are with WoW. You can do the run all over again in any case. Pocket Legends is free to download, but though there are in-game purchases in order to advance faster, it’s pretty fun to play.

4. Guerrilla Bob

The first thing you’ll probably notice about Guerrilla Bob is how pretty it is, but don’t be fooled with all the bright colors and the chibi characters, because with the amount of action and firepower packed in it, this game is most definitely not cute by any standards. Reminiscent of Metal Slug, Guerrilla Bob will have you running through levels, using a wide array of weaponry to exact revenge on your enemies. Not only is it multiplayer, it’s also cross platform, so if you have friends who play it on their iPads, PCs, or MacBooks, you can just hook up and do a run. For the full version, you can download it here. Your $2.99 will definitely be worth it.

5. 2-Player Reactor

2-Player Reactor doesn’t have impressive graphics and you don’t even have to go online. You only need a friend, a husband, or a sibling to play with, and that’s as multiplayer as it can get. But trust us, it is addicting. It’s probably because the instructions are so simple that you can’t help but get frustrated and competitive if you miss one of them. This game has garnered good reviews that the developers have released a paid version, which basically does the same thing, but only with four people. Just be careful not to break any displays while playing.

6. Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave

An update to the successful first title, Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave boasts of a deep RPG-con-tower-defense-game that allows four-player co-op mode across different platforms – from your Droid, to your PC to your iOS device. Become a Fighter, an Archer, a Mage, or a Monk and go through beautifully rendered environments while quashing tons of evil groups along the way. If you’re into player-vs-player (PVP), the game gives you the option to access the arena for $4.99, but it wouldn’t hurt your normal gameplay even if you don’t bother with it. If you’re a fan of the first release, you’ll love the fact that the skill cap was raised to level 80 and that new dungeons have been added.

7. Haypi Kingdom

No swashbuckling adventures here. Haypi Kingdom is an empire building/strategy game that may initially turn you off with its almost static graphics and an overly-simple interface. Although you may be tempted to uninstall it as nothing seems to be happening, stick around and do a few tasks. Grow your kingdom. When you find yourself consistently checking your phone to see if your crops have grown, then you’ve already fallen into this very deep rabbit hole of a game. Haypi Kingdom enables you not only to create your kingdom, but also to forge alliances with other real-world players and conquer different territories. You can chat with your fellow players and even participate in the live market to trade your goods. There are so many things to do with it that you’ll wonder why you wanted to uninstall it in the first place. It’s a game for those who are patient and are willing to think thoroughly about tactics, and it rewards you with a pretty powerful virtual kingdom and a sense of well-being.

Do you have any more multiplayer games that you’ve enjoyed but aren’t on the list? Leave a comment and tell us about them!

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