With Christmas less than two weeks away, the search for the best gifts for your friends and relatives is reaching a frenzy.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is an Android user, we’re here to make your search a little easier! Today, we’ll be doing a roundup of some of the best gifts for Android users. If you do have a specific budget in mind, don’t forget to check out our best Android gifts under $50, and best Android gifts under $100. Let’s get started!


chromecast angle aa

The Google Chromecast HDMI media player lets you stream your online video and music to your TV from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, with support for Android and iOS devices and Chrome for Mac and Windows. Setup is very easy, with all you need to do is to plug the device into the HDMI port of the TV and connect to the Wi-Fi network. You know it’s a good gift choice when the device is chosen as Time magazine’s Gadget of the Year, and the price point is a big plus. It also helps that the list of apps supported by Chromecast is growing regularly. Don’t forget to check out our hands-on Chromecast review here, and a video of the Chromecast in action after the latest updateBuy now on Amazon for $32.88.

Honorable Mentions:

Moga Hero Power and Moga Pro Power Bluetooth Controllers

Moga Pro Power aa 2

Both the Moga Hero Power and Moga Pro Power Bluetooth controllers are great gift choices for Android gamers. Giving you the functionality of full-sized game controller, the controllers make a world of difference in gameplay compared to using in-built touch controls. The Hero Power is the more compact and portable of the two, while the more expensive Pro Power gives you a great gaming experience courtesy of its bigger size, making it more familiar, and easy to use and handle. Both controllers also include the option to charge the smartphone while playing using its in-built battery. You can pick up the Moga Hero Power for $49.40 from Amazon, while the Pro Power will set you back $63.99 from Amazon.

Honorable Mentions:

Creative Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

best android gifts2 creative bluetooth wireless headphones

The Creative WP-450 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones features aptX technology that ensures audio content transmitted over Bluetooth is instant and crystal clear. Precisely tuned Neodymium drivers offer an accurate and dynamic listening experience for your music and movie entertainment. A concealed microphone lets you enjoy crystal clear phone calls, and the device is also equipped with ClearSpeech Engine technology that suppresses noise and enhances speech. Instant access to call and playback controls and volume level buttons are available on the device, and the soft leatherette ear cushions make it very comfortable to use, even over long periods. The durable hinge-fold headband design facilitates easy storage for your traveling convenience, and a travel pouch is also included. Buy now on Amazon for $79.22.

Honorable Mentions:

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Headphones

android gifts vmoda crossfade

The V-Moda Crossfade M-100 boasts crowdsourcing development from over 200 audiophiles, professionals and music legends. Dual headphone inputs allow real-time mixing by allowing you to listen to multiple sources simultaneously. The M-100 comes with a specially tuned SpeakEasy cable with mic for universal compatibility and communication. An additional SharePlay cable is included to allow you to share your sound with your friends.  The M-100 includes numerous innovations including a unique CLIQFOLD design that allows for compact storage, and comes with a newly designed, compact exoskeleton hard case with V straps. In this case, amazing quality comes at a price, but you definitely won’t be disappointed. Buy now on Amazon for $279.98.

Thinksound ts02 HD Passive Noise Isolating Wooden Earphones

android gifts thinksound wooden earphones

The Thinksound ts02 earphones feature real wood rear housing construction for controlled bass response, smooth midrange and natural resonance, along with a precision engineered front aluminum housing for accurate high frequency reproduction. The earphones feature an in-ear 8mm high-definition driver for outstanding, all-around audio performance, along with a reduced speaker diameter and housing size, to provide better ergonomics and upgraded acoustics. The earphones are stylish, with an ultra lightweight design, along with a PVC-free, tangle-resistant cable. Buy now on Amazon for $80.76.

Honorable Mentions:

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II

android gifts bose wireless speaker

The Bose SoundLink II features proprietary speaker technologies that deliver your music in all its clarity with robust sound that you wouldn’t expect from a bluetooth speaker. Its unique driver configuration allows the small, lightweight speaker to reproduce such deep, full sound. The speaker is small and light enough to carry in one hand or fit in a backpack or travel bag. You can control almost everything from the device, including playlists, streaming music stations, and volume.  The speaker is housed in an integrated bi-fold cover that protects the speaker, and flips open to become a stand. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery can last for up to eight hours, with an enhanced status light that changes from green to yellow to red to give you a clear indication of battery life. An empty battery usually charges in two to three hours.  The speaker also features an AUX input. Buy now on Amazon for $269.

Honorable Mentions:

Limeade Blast 15,600 mAh

moto x accessories limeade blast

A lot of smartphones nowadays feature non-removable batteries, and even otherwise, external battery packs are your best bet. The Limeade Blast is one of the best, considering that it provides a whopping 15,600 mAh capacity and can be used to charge two devices simultaneously, holding more than enough juice to charge the battery of your smartphone multiple times. Also includes a built-in safety flashlight, and 4 LED indicators to show level of charge. Buy now on Amazon for $49.99

Honorable Mentions:

Sony Smartwatch 2

sony xperia z1 accessories sony smartwatch 2

The Sony Smart Watch 2 interacts with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and lets you keep track of everything without needing to take your phone out of your pocket or bag. When a call, message, email, or other notification comes in, the Smart Watch gently vibrates on your wrist to let you know. You can browse and read all your notifications directly on the device. When out of bluetooth range, the device functions as a standalone digital watch. The Sony Smart Watch 2 offers decent battery life and is also waterproof, and can be a very handy accessory to have. Don’t forget to check out our review of the Sony Smartwatch 2 hereBuy now on Amazon for $189.95.

Honorable Mentions:

Sony QX10 and QX100 attachable camera lenses

sony qx 100 lens xperia z1 aa (2)

The CyberShot DSC-QX100 features a high-quality 1-inch, 20.2 MP Exmor RCMOS sensor, paired with a fast, wide aperture Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T Lens with 3.6x optical zoom, and a BIONZ image processor. The QX100 also features a dedicated control ring for manual adjustment of focus and zoom and several different shooting modes can be selected. On the other hand, the CyberShot DSC-QX10 features an 18.2 MP Exmor RCMOS sensor, and 10x optical zoom Sony G Lens. The camera has built-in Optical SteadyShot image stabilization to combat camera shake for blur-free photography, and also features Program Auto, Intelligent Auto and Superior Auto modes to choose from. Both lenses connect to your device via NFC and Bluetooth. The QX100 is available on Amazon for $498, and the QX10 for $248.

Photojojo Android lens series

android gifts photojojo lens

The Photojojo Android lens series features multiple lens types, including Super Fisheye and Fisheye, which are ultra-wide angle lenses that provide hemispherical views, the Telephoto lens, which features 2X optical zoom, Wide Angle/Macro lens, and the Polarizer lens to create effects without needing photo editing applications and filters. You can pick up individual lenses for as low as $20 (Super Fisheye and Polarizer cost $25), or pick up all as a part of the Android Super Kit for $79. You can find out more, and order the lenses here.

Easy-Macro Lens Band

best android gifts1 easy macro lens

If you’re not looking to invest close to $250 or even double that on an attachable camera, a cheap and fun camera accessory will do the trick. The Easy-Macro Lens Band is a simple, flexible magnification accessory for smartphones and tablets that lets you take closeup photos with incredible detail. The band is stretchable, ensuring that the lens will fit any smartphone currently available in the market. When not in use, the band is compact and portable, and can even fit in your wallet, with the original card. Using the band will give you 4x optical magnification, for great close ups. Buy now on Amazon for $14.95.

Nexus 5

Google Nexus 5 black vs white aa 10

The Nexus 5 is another great smartphone from LG and Google, and provides the one of the best Android experiences you can have, especially considering its price point. The latest Nexus is not without its flaws, but in this case, its positives far outweigh the negatives. With high-end specs offering great performance, the price and the promise of timely OS updates are this phone’s biggest selling points. Don’t forget to check out our detailed hands-on review of the Nexus 5 here. You can buy the Nexus 5 from the Google Play Store here, available in white and black, priced at $349 for the 16 GB version, and $399 for the 32 GB device.

Honorable Mentions:

Nexus 7 (2013)

nexus 7 2013 aa design one handed

Like the Nexus 5, Google managed to find the perfect balance between specifications and price with the second iteration of the Nexus 7. Featuring a sleeker design and far better specifications across the board, the Nexus 7 (2013), manufactured once again by Asus, is a great follow up to it’s predecessor, the first gen Nexus 7. As always, Google followed its high-end specifications at a reasonably low price policy with its latest 7-inch tablet offering, and the Nexus 7 (2013) can easily be recommended as a must buy. Don’t forget to check out our hands-on review of the Nexus 7 (2013) here. Buy now from Amazon, starting from $199 for the 16 GB version.

Honorable Mentions:

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