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Best Android Christmas Gifts

Have you decided what you’re buying the Android fan in your life yet? Christmas is just around the corner and we’ve got some tempting Android gift ideas for you right here.
December 11, 2012

Do you have friends who are always connected to their Android smartphones? Do you have a family member who just can’t put that Android tablet down? Maybe your partner is a real Android addict. Whoever you’re shopping for this Christmas, if they love Google’s mobile platform, then we’ve got the Android gift ideas you need.

We’ll be bringing you guides to the best Android smartphones and tablets in the coming days, but this guide will focus on Android gifts for smartphone and tablet owners.

MicroSD Cards

The majority of Android devices have a microSD card slot and many people run out of space pretty quickly, especially if they like to have a big music collection on their smartphone or a movie library on their tablet. You can pick up a microSD or microSDHC card pretty cheaply – a standard 32GB SanDisk card can be snapped up for under £15 or around $20 and it will hold well over 100 albums. A Samsung card will probably cost you double that. If you want to make it an even better gift, then why not preload the card with some content? Make sure you check that their device has the necessary slot before you buy.

Who can resist this range of 3-inch vinyl robots all based on the classic Android mascot? The original DYZ Plastic series includes designs from various artists and they are produced in association with Google. They start from $7.50 and there are a number of sets and special editions to collect. The snowman is appropriate for this time of year, but you’ll find tons of other great designs from the worker, to the vampire, to Professor Skully McRivethead. You can even buy a DIY version and paint your own design on it. Beware of cheap knock-offs, though! These Android collectibles have proven so popular that there are a lot of poor quality copies out there.

Sadly these are only available for U.S residents. You can find them at a bunch of major retailers like Walmart and Target. They come in $10, $15, $25 and $50 amounts and they can be redeemed online by entering the code on the back of the gift card. The balance can then be spent on movies, music, apps, games or any other content in Google Play. There’s no additional cost over and above the value of the gift card and they never expire, but you can’t use them for things like subscriptions or hardware purchases.

You’ll find plenty of Android themed t-shirts out there, but Android Andy features some of the best designs we’ve seen. These t-shirts all star your favorite Android mascot in various action scenes and they’re all nicely done. You can also get posters from this website. You can snap up a t-shirt for $15 plus $6 U.S. shipping and posters are $15 plus $8 U.S. shipping and they will send them internationally too.

If you’re prepared to splash out then you can equip the Android fan in your life with a wireless audio setup so they can enjoy wireless streaming audio from their Android smartphone or tablet. Phorus has created an easy to use system which gives you a dedicated Android app so you can choose and control music from your Android device and stream it to a receiver or speakers. The PR1 receiver is $149 and you can plug it into your existing stereo system, or you can pick up PS1 speakers for $199 each. The speakers are portable and can also act as docks for your device. The system uses your existing Wi-Fi with Bluetooth as a backup option. This is a solid and cost effective lossless audio streaming and multi-room solution.

This cute wee Android is actually a USB phone charger that you can plug into a standard socket and it comes with a 1.2 meter USB to micro-USB cable. You can move the arms and the eyes light up blue when charging and then turn white for standby. There is also a stand and a pair of legs to plug it into when you’re not using it. It will cost you $25 and it’s the ideal pocket sized charger for any Android fan on the go.

There are lots of stylus options out there for Android tablet owners, but this is one of the best and it’s currently reduced to just $8. Some Android smartphone owners may even want to use a stylus occasionally, whether they’re into sketching or just sick of smudges on the screen from those fingertips. You can write or sketch easily with this, it has a clip for safe pocket storage, and it’s a lot cheaper than many other styluses that don’t really offer better performance.

Spare a thought this winter for all those poor texters out in the cold snow. Sadly many Android smartphones do not have touchscreens that respond well to gloved fingers, so to avoid frostbite why not give the gift of warm hands? With Mujjo touchscreen gloves you can text and swipe away without losing a finger. They are warm, and unlike many touchscreen gloves, they don’t look like superhero gloves or robot hands. The basic range comes in a choice of colors for €24.95 or you can get the luxury leather gloves for €129.95.

Here’s something completely different for Android fans with a supported Samsung device which is NFC-enabled. These TecTiles cost $14.99 for a pack of five and they are programmable stickers that can be used to automate your phone settings. You could use them as shortcuts to set an alarm, call a specific contact, or send a text simply by tapping your device on the sticker. NFC hasn’t really taken off yet, but these handy stickers, along with the free app show off some of the possibilities. Just make sure they have a supported device (there’s a list via the link above).

More Android gifts

If you’ve got any other ideas for great Android gifts this Christmas then post a comment and share them.