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Best Android apps for vegetarians and vegans

Our list covers recipes, places to eat and other guides
June 21, 2012

Don’t you just love the ring of “there’s an app for that”? We’ve covered tons of apps, from apps for musicians to poetry lovers and even to exercise buffs. The Google Play Store has something for everyone.

Are you a vegetarian or a vegan? Did you know that there are Android apps dedicated to guide you and help you sustain your diet? Most of these apps are free. There are apps to help you discover new vegan or vegetarian recipes, for finding places where you can eat if you are traveling, for guiding you in your shopping and for updating you on all the latest vegan- and vegetarian- related issues and news. Read on to learn more about these apps.

Finding vegan or vegetarian food outside your kitchen is tough and your chances are even slimmer if you are in an unfamiliar place. That’s no problem if you have HappyCow VeginOut Free on your Android. This app simply works by helping you find vegetarian- or vegan-friendly restaurants near your current location.

It’s very handy if you are going on a long drive or if you are traveling to other countries since the app provides you with a map of vegan or vegetarian restaurants and businesses in over 90 countries. You’ll never get hungry on the road again with this app. Try it now and discover new vegan restaurants elsewhere.

If you are vegetarian or a vegan, sometimes it’s better to cook your own food and eat at home. You will be sure that no other non-vegetarian or non-vegan ingredients are added or used to prepare your food and it’s also relatively cheaper. Other people, however, get tired of cooking at home because they run out of recipes to cook. In this case, I’m Hungry: Vegetarian Recipes can lend you a hand.

This app helps you find other vegetarian recipes in different styles. You can try Chinese, American, Indian, French, and more. Full details of every recipe are provided including a sample picture to motivate you to cook. Experiment on new vegetarian recipes with this app.

Want to be updated on all the happenings that have something to do with the vegan community? Be Vegan simply does that for you. With this app, you can check out the latest happenings and issues related to the vegan community.

Just choose from the respective tabs on the bottom of the app’s interface namely Recipe, Elite, Animal, News, and TV.  This app is a must if you are a vegan and it even has vegan recipes which you can check out and try to cook yourself. Through this app, you can make reading vegan-related stories and news a part of your daily routine.

Another alternative vegan app that is very informative and helpful is Vegan Life. This app gives you information about every vegan-related matter. It provides you with new vegan recipes, reports on animal cruelty, animal-friendly advice, and other things about vegan living. Most of the users of this app find the recipe articles very interesting and very informative, not to mention that it even has its own kitchen timer, which is very handy for cooking.

The app also lets you add every article or recipe to your very own favorite list. You can easily check out your favorite recipes every time you want to cook. With this app, one can cook vegan food while reading the latest vegan-related news.

Are you living in Berlin? Are you planning to travel there? If your answer is yes to any or to both of those questions, you should make sure that you have Berlin Vegan Guide on your Android phone. You can easily find restaurants and vegetarian or vegan establishments through this app. For instance, if you try to search for a restaurant you can set filters such as “organic food” or “places where dogs are allowed” to narrow down your search and then the app gives you relevant results with detailed information.

The app can give you information on over 90 restaurants and snack bars, 230 bakeries, 200 shopping places, and 90 cafes. All these you can easily find on the map provided in the app and if you select a specific establishment, the app gives you information such as the establishment’s opening time, what food it serves (only for bakeries), and distance from your location. There’s no doubt that you should have this on your Android device if you are planning to go to Berlin.

Vegan Los Angeles is yet another app that helps you discover more vegan recipes to cook at home. This app is very simple, yet it’s very informative and handy if you are running out of vegan recipes to cook. It provides detailed recipe information for every recipe, as well as YouTube demonstration videos on how to cook the recipe. The app could also come in very handy if you plan to go to Los Angeles because it also helps you find vegan restaurants in the area.

Do you want to make sure that the products that you are buying are vegan-friendly? That’s really not a very easy task to do, but if you use Choose Cruelty Free on your Android, it will do the trick for you. Through this app, you can access the latest CCF List of cruelty-free accredited products which includes cosmetic and household products. The list ensures that those products don’t have animal derivative ingredients or that they have not been tested on animals (e.g. make up, skin care, deodorants, and more). When you use this app, you will never have to worry that the products that you are using at home or you are using on yourself contributes to cruelty to animals.

If you are fed up with all the vegetarian recipes that you are cooking repeatedly, then why not look for new recipes in Vegetarian Cookbook. Through this app, you can discover tons of new vegetarian recipes which are presented in a very detailed manner.

On the home screen of the app, you can choose recipe categories and then check out the recipes under each specific category. It’s very informative, showing several relevant details for each recipe such as an introduction, nutritional information, cooking time, user reviews, and a sample picture. You’ll have no problem in cooking one of the recipes in the app because you’re provided detailed cooking instructions, allowing you to easily learn it on your first try.

Cookbooks normally just contain information such as how a dish is cooked, what ingredients are needed, and some background info about the food. But, Bible of Vegan Recipes is quite different. Aside from giving users some new vegan recipes to discover and try, it also includes some facts about food. For instance, it has food facts for the food-conscious, explaining the elements a certain food contains. Too much of a good thing can be harmful and it’s true even with fruits and vegetables. In this case, this app can be very helpful if you are very conscious about your diet.  It can also be a very practical reference for those who are starting out with the vegan diet.

Did you know that only some of the common products which you can find in a typical store are vegan-friendly? If you are in a hurry and you can’t find a vegan store, Secretly Vegan Free will surely come in very handy. The app provides you with a categorized list of common products in a store. All you have to do is search for an item that you need on the list provided by the app and find it in the store. It’s as easy as that and you don’t have to worry that what you bought is not vegan-friendly.

The list regularly updates, so if there is a new vegan-friendly product on the market, it is automatically added on the list. It’s a great app. Try it and you don’t worry about your shopping.

These apps could help you and guide you in your vegetarian or vegan diet. Share them with your friends so that they can also enjoy these apps on their Android devices. There could be other vegan and vegetarian apps that we missed out, so let us know about them by leaving a comment.