Perhaps one of the most daunting tasks in life would be finding yourself a place to call home. The task can be frustrating, especially when your seemingly endless search becomes futile in the end.

Gone are the days when you browse house catalogs or finding yourself a real estate agent to do your bidding. Every nook and cranny can now be browsed and searched right in the palm of your hands. With several Android applications, you can make the search for a house easier and more convenient.

Here is a list of some of the popular and interesting real estate apps that will definitely shorten your house hunting.

Zillow Real Estate and Rentals

If you’re looking for a decent place to live in in the suburbs, then this is the perfect application for you. Built primarily for would-be homeowners, finding a cozy place to stay in a residential area can easily be looked in Zillow’s database.

Search for homes, apartments, or recently sold homes for sale in the U.S with up-to-date information regarding a particular place that you want to nestle in. As a leader in real estate services, Zillow provides information on various homes for sale across the United States. Plus, with GPS technology integrated into the app, you can accurately pinpoint homes as you drive across the neighborhood.

You can get the Zillow Real Estate and Rentals app from the Android Market.


From the name itself, this speedy application can find your next dream house in a matter of seconds. Primarily designed for convenient access and location reference, the app lets you easily search homes for sale with just a single tap. See detailed maps, price listing, property features, and useful information to help you decide on choosing your home.

You can get the Homes app from the Android Market.

Trulia Real Estate and Rentals

Perfect for the road runner, Trulia is the right app for buyers, renters, and real estate brokers. Designed for house hunting on the go, the app can search numerous homes for rent or for sale in an instant.

Users will find the app useful, as it is well-suited for potential buyers, especially since the app offers large, detailed maps and colorful photos of each house property in the apps listings. Trulia offers quick searches of open house schedules that can be easily saved to your calendar app. The app also includes a widget providing real-time updates on reviews and new listings of houses.

You can get the Trulia Real Estate and Rentals app from the Android Market. Real Estate Search

Providing a massive database for homes and real estate sales through the web, manages to port the same Web-based features and functionality to their Real Estate Search app especially made for Android devices.

Finding the perfect home will no longer be an issue as users can quickly open the Real Estate App and let their fingers do all the walking by searching homes for sale with the aid of the Area Highlighter.

Properties can be easily mapped according to the areas you have highlighted, and with the use of Google Street View, you can find yourself virtually standing on the place itself.

You can get the Real Estate Search app from the Android Market.


Featuring over one million homes for sale in its database, users will find the ZipRealty app quite handy in searching for new homes across the United States. With over 5,000+ cities across the country search by means of zip code, price, homes for sale, apartments, and size in a breeze. Each real estate are marked with its own personal Walkscore and Transit Scores for easy reference for you to know how they weigh in with the other homes you have searched.

You can get the ZipRealty app from the Android Market.

While these real estate apps do not guarantee that you will actually find a suitable place that you can call home, they can make the search less taxing and less exhausting.

Are you looking for a home today? Which of these apps have you tried using? Or, what other apps do you use for finding a home?

Paul Nuñal
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