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Best Android apps for teachers, tutors, and educators

May 23, 2012

Our teachers are some of our modern-day heroes, for without them we would not be the successful people that we are today. Every letter that we write, every word that we speak, every value that we learned, every bit of knowledge that we gained–we owe them to our teachers.

And for that, our teachers deserve our thanks. To honor and give thanks to our teachers, we have compiled a list of apps that can be used by teachers. Through advancing technology, using these apps can certainly increase the quality of education in the classroom and lighten the load of teachers.

One of the primary tasks of teachers is helping children learn new lessons in school. They also give out examinations to test and measure how each student has learned their lessons, and at the same time, measure their own teaching skills.

In a class of 50 students or more, it can be a burden to check test papers and manually calculate the exact grade for each student. But iGradr Teacher Pocket Grader will definitely lighten the load by helping teachers grade each student’s test result.

The app’s main function is to automatically formulate a score chart based on the number of items on a test. Opening the app will bring you to its main page. Here, you will need to type the total number of items of a test and tap Calculate. The app will generate a chart that consists of # wrong, Grade %, # Correct, and Letter Grade. You can use these data to easily calculate the grade.

For instance, if a student scores 45 over 50, look for 5 under # Wrong or 45/40 under # Correct. In that row, you will see that the Grade for that score is 90% with a Letter Grade equivalent of A. It’s that easy. Get iGradr Teacher Pocket Grader on your Android device and grade each examination, hassle-free.

I can recall the days when my math teacher brought some flash cards to class for a little math contest. The first one who solved the equation on the flash cards got a point. I’m not a math genius and could only answer simple problems such as 1+1 or 1+0.

With the rapid growth of technology, flash cards have been replaced with digital copies or apps such as Math Practice Flash Cards. If you’re a math teacher, you should download this app to your Android device.

The app lets you choose four different sets of cards that have been grouped according to basic math operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. With each set of cards, you can edit the card set to suit your students needs. You can determine what numbers will appear on top and below the flash card.

Other options include Allow Negative Answers, Multiple Choice, Redo Missed Cards, Try Until Correct, and set the number of cards for each set. Every flash card includes cool animation and sound effects to definitely attract the attention of your students.

You can also disable these effects when you like to take things seriously or use these flash cards for your test. Math Practice Flash Cards makes your math class a fun learning experience.

A for adorable, B you’re so beautiful, C you’re so cute and full of charm. When I was kid, I used to like that song. But, it seems that I’m stuck at C and forgot the rest. For the little ones, it is essential to learn the alphabet, not only how the letters look but also their proper pronunciation and sounds.

For English teachers and tutors, you can use the Kids ABC Phonics Lite as your learning tool to help your students learn the alphabet.

We all know that kids have a short attention span and it can be difficult to grab their attention. But, this app is designed to grab the attention of the little ones by combining learning and play into one.

The app has 4 different modes such as Learn Letter Sounds, Build Letter Blocks, Pop Letter Bubbles, and Make Words.

In Learn Letter Sounds, a 3D letter block will appear. When you turn the block, an image with the associated letter will appear. A narrator will also pronounce the sound of the letter and the name of the image.

Build Letter Block lets your child choose an image and put it on the block that has the same sound of the letter block. For instance, if the letter block is A, you will need to put Ant and Apple to the block to complete the letter block.

The Pop Letter Bubbles game requires you to pop the letter bubbles that match the sound narrated by the app.

Make Words is like a puzzle game. But, instead of images, you will be combining letters to form a word.

The Kids ABC Phonics Lite app only features the letter A-H. Get the paid version to unlock all 26 letters of the alphabet. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one now and make your ABC’s class fun and creative.

We have flash cards for teaching mathematical problems. We also have flash cards that teach your students ABC. What do you think is missing? Of course, it’s the flash card that teaches your students the days and months on the calendar. If you own an Android device, then you can download the Days and Months Flashcards app as a tool for your class.

This app features and introduces the days of the week. It also teaches your students the 12 months of the year. The love and sweetness of February, the cold and presents of December, and the whispering winds of May. What’s more is that the app includes attractive illustrations for each flash card and a narrator to enhance the learning experience.

You can also toggle the Quiz Mode to disable the sound and use this app for quizzes. Use the Days and Months Flashcards app to teach your students the 7 days of the week and 12 months of the year.

Sir, what is the longest word in the dictionary? Ma’am, what year did the dinosaurs live on earth? Sir, what is an Android device? Every school day, teachers face students with a huge amount of curiosity. When that curiosity strikes, students go to their mentors to seek answers for the questions that have been troubling their curious minds.

Although we strive for excellence and perfection, human beings have the beauty of being imperfect. It is tied to our nature. Sometimes, we don’t have the answer to every question. That is why you need the collective knowledge and intelligence of Wikipedia to help you deal with the question that students throw at you.

The Wikipedia app is a software encyclopedia on your Android device. This app features about 20 million articles in 280 different languages. Instead of bringing your whole encyclopedia set with you, you can actually download this app and conveniently fit your encyclopedias inside your pocket.

If the moment arises when you are faced with questions you can’t answer, grab your phone, open the Wikipedia app, and search and find your answers within seconds.

Other features include saving articles so you can read them offline, sharing your topics with friends, search nearby articles, toggle full screen search, and read articles in a different language. Download the Wikipedia app and be prepared to face the wrath of curious minds.

Extend your interaction with your students outside the classroom with the official Edmodo app installed on your Android device. The Edmodo app is just like a social network. But, instead of your usual networks of friends and relatives, Edmodo is a place where both classmates and teachers can gather and share ideas.

Before using the app, you will need to create an Edmodo account. Just like any social network site, you can post messages, reply to comments, post images, share your thoughts, and a lot more.

With this app, you can easily share notes or additional materials to your students for them to learn better in class. You can even share some tips and notes for your next exams. With this app, you can easily interact and share your thoughts with your students outside the classroom. Enhance student and teacher interaction with Edmodo installed on your Android device. 

With the rapid advancement of Android smartphones, one can make a handy personal assistant out of their mobile phone. For teachers, we have an app that helps you lighten your load of managing your classroom. Introducing the Teacher Aide Lite. As the name suggest, this app is the ultimate all-in-one assistant for teachers. This app keeps information of your students.

You can also use this app to save contact information of your students’ parents. Forgot your attendance sheet at home? Don’t worry, this app can also record and save the attendance sheet of your students.

Teacher Aide Lite can also record and safely store your students’ grades. What’s more is that you can easily send your students’ grade and attendance records to their parents. You can even send bulk emails to your students with this app.

The Teacher Aide Lite app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. But, it will only support up to 5 students. You will need the paid version to keep records of all your students and unlock the app’s full capabilities. Teacher Aide Lite will be your log book, record book, and attendance book, and give you all kinds of classroom managing tools on your Android device.   

Checking the attendance is one of the basic responsibilities of a teacher. Doing so may help the teacher monitor the students’ tardiness in class. Teachers may also use the attendance as a basis for creating the student’s grade.

With your Android device, taking attendance is a breeze by using the Attendance Roster SP app. This app is primarily designed to help teachers monitor and record the attendance of their students in their class.

You can manually add a list of your data with this app, or you import your list at With this app, you can record attendance by marking your students as present, late, absent, or absent with excuse.

To enhance your student record, you can also take a picture of your students directly from the app. You can generate a comma-separated values (CSV) file to view your records using other spreadsheet applications. What’s more is that this app is currently being offered as a special promotion version that lets you enjoy all the features of Attendance Roster for free. So, what are you waiting for? Download Attendance Roster SP and enjoy a hassle-free attendance monitoring.

Every teacher has a different teaching method they use in class. Some utilize long hours of lecture. Others use role play, play, case study, return demonstrations, and other strategies. To keep students from getting bored, a teacher must learn how to utilize different methods in class. If you’re planning to conduct an educational film viewing with your class, then you might want to try the TED app for your Android device.

TED’s official Android app presents a collection of videos and presentation from educated and fascinating people around the world. Here, you can find different videos about science, culture, values, technology, literature, human nature, environment, machines, politics, arts, economics, religion, games, health, geography, life, media, romance, and many more. Just hook your Android device to a big screen TV or a projector and you’re good to go. And, after viewing the film, you may give a reaction paper as homework.

Who says that flash cards are only for kids? Think again, because we have an Android app that personalizes your flash cards to suit the educational level of your students. Featuring the StudyDroid Flashcards 2.0-Free app. This app lets you create your own flash cards and use them for your class. Flash cards are grouped into “Packs.” You can easily select a pack for science, history, mathematics, politics, and many more.

Creating a card requires you to put text on the front and back of the flash card. For instance, you can type the mathematical problem 2+2 on front, and type the answer 4 on the back of the flash cards. Just tap a flash card to view its back and swipe left or right to view the next card.

You can also create Packs online via and sync it to your Android device. This app is also good for students to test themselves before an exam.

Now that you’ve seen our list of Android apps, help your favorite teachers manage their classes by recommending one or all of the apps we mentioned.

What do you think of our compiled Android apps for teachers and tutors? Do you have any android apps that you can recommend? Add those in a comment below.