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Best Android apps for soccer and football fans

May 18, 2012

Football and soccer sure are famous all around the globe. If you talk about these two games, nothing can make them more exciting than the cheers of the crowd. And, when the crowd goes wild, things can get ugly. Fans will do anything for their team, but things like high ticket price, fully booked stadium, or how far the game venue is could hinder that supportive team spirit.

Thanks to some Android apps, soccer and football fans can now be updated with their favorite teams and even play with their own teams in a virtual game. Here’s a list of the best Android apps for soccer and football fans.

If you are too busy to go to the stadium where your favorite team will be playing, no need to fret. As thrilling as actually watching the game, Soccer Scores – FotMob keeps you updated with the live action on the field. This app alerts you with the live scores of over 20 soccer leagues including Premier League, Major League, Bundesliga, and La Liga. Soccer Scores – FotMob provides you with all the game details such as team lineups, goals, cards, penalties, assists, missed penalties, substitutions and other statistics of the game. Statistics-wise, using this app is actually better than watching the game on the field or on television.

Aside from the aforementioned features of the app, Soccer Scores – FotMob has a few more. The app keeps you abreast on all the things happening outside the playing field. It gives you news updates about various soccer leagues, keeping you aware of all the changes in your favorite league or team. Soccer Scores – FotMob is free to download from the Google Play Store.

If you can’t get enough of soccer by watching it on TV or even playing it, try Football FreeKick (soccer). You can play soccer whenever you want with this app, taking your love for soccer to another level. This soccer game is easy to play with just some simple swipe gestures. The game has a little twist; it’s hard to master. Just when you thought that you’ve got the hang of the game, you will realize that you are still not good enough, which makes Football FreeKick very addictive. It is also possible to edit the game levels and share them with others who are also playing the game. This game is a good way of using your time if you are waiting for your flight or for your train to arrive. You can download Football FreeKick, free, from the Google Play Store.

Are you both an ultimate soccer fanatic and a gamer? Real Football 2012 will definitely suit your soccer cravings. If you’re talking about soccer games for your Android device, there could be nothing more detailed and comprehensive than this game. It has everything you could ever want. Playing Real Football 2012 is like watching the real game on TV and in high definition, thanks to the amazingly realistic graphics. Plus, you get to play 350 teams and 14 leagues with thousands of real players’ real names. You get to choose from various game modes such as exhibitions, international cup modes, and training mode.

You also get to interact with other football fanatics through this game. Real Football 2012 gives you the latest football updates which you and your friends can comment on. You can also create your own jersey design using the detailed editor and share it with other players. And, probably the coolest thing about this game is that you can set the outcome to just like how something happened in a real game that you recently saw. This is possible through Hypergame technology that allows you to recreate game highlights from the in-game news feed. Great, isn’t it? Real Football 2012 is also available for free from the Google Play Store.

There are lots of soccer games for Android, with Pocket Soccer being one of them. Though it isn’t as realistic as Real Football 2012, it’s just as addictive. Pocket Soccer can also be called button football because of its resemblance to the classic board game. The game doesn’t have cool graphics to brag about. It has a very simple interface, allowing you to play soccer with buttons on the playing field instead of human characters.

The simplicity of the game makes it very addictive that even non-soccer fans will love playing it. You can play against the computer if you are alone or you can make things more fun and exciting by playing Pocket Soccer with your friends. The game has different game modes which you have to play to unlock specials like soccer fields and balls. This game really is an exciting one but you have to pay a fee to enjoy it.

If you like to bet on your favorite team, then Soccer Livescores is the app for you. It is one of the first live score apps in the market and if you want live scores, the app can surely deliver. Like the usual live score app, Soccer Livescores provides you various game details that you might want to know about. It includes statistics, lineups, and other stuff about the game. Aside from those details, you also get to check on the team standings from various leagues as well as the players who are leading the scoring.

Probably the most thrilling and exciting feature of this app is the goal notification. If you add a game to your watch list, the app notifies you once a goal is scored. It’s almost as exciting as watching the game for yourself. You can also choose your favorite teams so you can always stay on top of the news whenever they have a game. While waiting for the game results, you can also connect to Facebook and chat with your friends about which team you are betting on. Try Soccer Livescores, it’s free on the Google Play Store.

Statistics aren’t enough for you? A lot of soccer and football fans still enjoy the classic voices of commentators and sports analysts talking about game details. If you’re one of those fans, you’ll love Sky Sports Live Football SC. This app has everything you could ever need. You can check live scores, league tables, game statistics, results, and the best part is the live commentary. Through this app, you get to hear and enjoy the details of the game withthe commentaries of Jeff Stelling and the rest of the guys every Saturday through Sky Sports News Radio.

You can also check out the live match photos, player profiles, and team lineups. Sky Sports Live Football SC also keeps you updated on the latest football news and developments in different leagues. The app also has a “My Scores” page where you can choose certain games that you want to follow, making it easier and hassle-free to keep on top of the action. All that you can enjoy through Sky Sports Live Football SC, free of charge.

Americans are famous for the various sports league like the NBA, Major league Baseball and, of course, the NFL. Football’s just as exciting to watch as soccer games but it’s more physical, making it an exclusive game for the tough guys. If you’re not a fan of physical injury or being crushed under the weight of several bodies, you can still enjoy the sport. You won’t need to limit your participation to the TV and couch because even if you are not as tough as those guys playing on the field, Fantasy Football 2011 is a game you could play with your tough hands.

This game really looks like the real NFL game, thanks to great graphics. In this game, you can manage your own NFL team. You can create or join leagues and check the live fantasy scoring. You also have the power to screen your players and choose which ones you want to drop or start. You can trade your players and manage teams in different leagues. Be a team manager and play maker on NFL through Fantasy Football 2011. It’s free on the Google Play Store.

Another app that is made just for the delight of all the football fans out there is THE Football app. It’s not just any football app because it is THE football app that a football fan must try. This app is more of a live score app but with some extra features. With this app you can enjoy live commentaries and videos, tickers, league standings, and updated game statistics. It also provides you with by-the-minute news to keep you updated on the hottest things in the sports world.

You can use it to follow your favorite football team and be updated on your team’s games, standings, and statistics. One thing that differentiates this app from other live score apps is that it provides information about football clubs and teams, as well as individual players. Football just gets better and better, so be updated about the happenings in different leagues through THE Football App.

If you can’t get enough of the game, put matters into your own hands by playing Soccer Superstars Free. This game is developed by GAMEVIL INC., which also developed the Soccer Baseball Superstar game–the successful game which sold over 12 million copies. In terms of graphics, this game is different. It’s not very realistic but it isn’t like RPG games; it’s more of anime, where the effects exaggerate movements in a fun way.

In Soccer Superstars you can manage your teams and players. You can train them, let them perform events, and buy items that would help them win the game. It has 5 game modes, namely, Exhibition, My League, Season, Cup and Dramatic Mode for you to enjoy and explore. You can also customize your team and players. You customize just about anything, from the physical appearance to the uniforms of your players. You can even name them after your friends. Try Soccer Superstar on the Google Play Store, it’s free.

If you already had enough of the 2011 version of the NFL game, then move to the next level and try NFL Pro 2012. The graphics have greatly improved in this version and things look very real. You can now play any of the 32 teams in the NFL along with over 2,000 players. Plus, you can choose from an overwhelming 200 game plays to devise your tactics to outplay the opponent. If you are a beginner, don’t worry because there is an assistant to advise you on what you need to do.

You can surely enjoy football more because the game controls are more fine and precise, making your team play just as you want it to. And, if that’s still not enough for you, this app can update you on your favorite team through the official NFL RSS feeds synced directly in the game. Enjoy NFL with NFL Pro 2012, free.

With all those apps, soccer and football fans are sure to be glued to their Android devices. Whether you’re trying to keep on top of the latest sports news or you’re playing your own fantasy out in any of these game simulators, there are apps to answer your every need. If your favorite soccer or football app wasn’t mentioned on our list, tell us what it is in a comment below. Happy playing!