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Best Android apps for runners

June 6, 2012

Staying healthy and fit couldn’t be easier, thanks to our mobile phones. They’ve evolved from being simple communication devices into state-of-the art physical workout companions. There is nothing better than reaping the benefits of staying healthy, and that is why the Google Play Store is literally spilling over with health and physical fitness applications.  There is no dearth of Android apps for runners, too.

Here are some of the best Android apps that will surely help you with your running activities.


Practicing for a marathon? Then Runkeeper is the application that will prepare you for the ultimate marathon in no time. Runkeeper’s popularity has exploded since it was released way back in 2009 and it continues to help runners keep track of their workout’s detailed information.

Runkeeper provides users the chance to create real-time GPS route maps and audio cues to determine distance and time. Users can also input categories for non-running outdoor activities like biking, swimming or climbing.

Runkeeper primarily uses your phone as the main source for data entry. It can also show you a very comprehensive activity history that you can track each day. All saved user data can be accessed anytime. These data include monthly mileage, calories burned, average pace, average run length, and the number of calories burned. Runkeeper also provides a handy website to let users update and synchronize their results with the Internet.

As a runner, it is always important to keep track not only of your workout records on the field but also to keep a keen eye on your weight. Sometimes it is hard to resist the temptation of fast food products that are appealing as well as deadly on your diet. If you can’t stop the urge of eating, then here’s an app that will certainly help you with your eating habits. Fast Food Calorie Counter, from the name itself, helps users track down calories of certain foods.

The app can track almost any type of food and serves as a quick reference guide for about 9,000 food items from over 72 famous fast food restaurants. Users who want to know a certain calorie count for a particular food will just need to input the food and the app will show you important data such as calories, fat grams, fiber, carbs, and protein.  The app is pretty useful, most especially when you just happen to be in a fast food chain, eating your daily mix of fries and milkshakes.

Endomondo Sports Tracker by Endomondo is one of the best health and fitness apps on the Google Play Store to date. The app is a great companion for runners, joggers, cyclists, or anyone who simply wants to take her/his time running or walking. Endomondo Sports Tracker helps you keep track of your time, distance, speed, and altitude, as well as keeping a record of your previous workouts.

The app works by integrating itself with Google Maps and your personal collection of audio tracks. Get real time updates on your current workout through the use of GPS. Sync your data across multiple platforms such as the cloud or import your file to another application. You can also communicate with other devices, such as a heart monitoring system or Sony Ericsson’s Smart Watch.

Cardio Trainer by Noom, Inc. is a versatile app, not just for joggers but also for other outdoor sports such as cycling, swimming, or skateboarding. The app features great mapping that utilizes your phone’s GPS system to accurately display both distance and speed when you start your workout.

Cardio Trainer has a sleek, clean and easy interface from start to finish. Cardio Trainer also provides a map route that can be viewed later on when you are not anymore on the streets. What makes Cardio Trainer a great application is its accuracy in determining your path. The app can even track the slightest movement you make, like crossing the street.

Runstar is one of the first few running apps to debut on the Google Play Store and, until now, continues to be a fan favorite due to its easy-to-use interface and its robust design features. Similar to apps like Runkeeper, Runstar uses your phone’s GPS to keep track of your workouts. In addition to that, users are provided with course maps and pace calculation timing during the workout.

What makes Runstar different from traditional running apps is the ability to set training goals. This feature is very useful for those who are planning on losing weight after a particular period. Additionally, Runstar has a built-in MP3 player that allows users to create and customize their workout playlists.

Softrace is a unique application that focuses not only on tracking your workouts but also focuses on the thrill of fast-paced competition. Softrace is not your ordinary health and fitness application but rather separates itself by adding a challenge. By allowing the app to track your progress in running, biking, or other outdoor activities, Softrace also lets you race with other users, as well.

There are different modes to choose from: Challenger, Practice, and Racing. In Practice Mode, users can practice their skills and maintain digital exercise runs, complete with distances and average paces. In Challenger Mode, users can create custom tracks or use Google Maps to find existing tracks on the field that can be later used to challenge friends. Racing Mode, on the other hand, finds existing opponents that can be challenged. You can also use this mode to begin a race with an opponent. Compared to other apps, Softrace changes the way you workout by challenging you to a social match-up with other users in the vicinity.

Feel the need for speed with Runtastic, a personal tracking app for running, biking, and other sports-related activities. Just like those traditional fitness running applications, Runtastic uses the built-in GPS system on your phone to chart your activities and track down your progress. This includes tracking your distance, time, speed, calories, altitude, and pace.

Runtastic also features numerous workout settings that you can use to enhance your outdoor workout. Users can also keep track of their progress through Runtastic’s numerous features like a personal workout diary and metrics, dashboard configuration, monitor logs, or even set your own goals to be accomplished during a specific period.  Additionally, users can also choose a training plan to help keep track of their body statistics and upload the data to Runtastic’s website.

As a sports athlete, it is always important to know that keeping track of your weight is a crucial factor. Your body should be fit and healthy to do rigorous exercise. If you happen to eat any dish in your path, then you already know the dangers of becoming overweight. Nevertheless, there is an application that will definitely help you trim down fast and lose that unwanted fat.

Ultimate Weight Watcher Diary features the most comprehensive tool in monitoring food values based upon criteria such as protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber. Users can simply check the details of a particular food just by swiping the item. Not only that, the application will also help you in managing your meal, thanks to the Meal Maker feature. The app also lets you track your food intake. You also have access to widgets for easy access and tracking of the foods that you have eaten.

Before you head out for a workout, be sure to start your day with a warm-up. If you are unfamiliar with any warm-up exercises, then all you need to do is download Workout Trainer and let the app teach you all the basic workouts led by professional coaches.

Get that perfect body you have always wanted in no time with free workouts and premium workout programs that will help you achieve your goals. Workout Trainer is the perfect training companion for anyone who loves to spend time doing rigorous outdoor activities. Workout Trainer features detailed information on workout exercises, shown in detail with accompanying pictures and information. The app also lets you schedule your workout via the built-in calendar.

Problems with losing weight? Then worry no more as Calorie Counter Pro is here to save your day. Calorie Counter Pro is a comprehensive diet application that will surely help sport athletes trim down fat fast. Calorie Counter is simple and easy to use. Featuring over 416,000 foods, users will never get lost in finding information fast on a particular food ever again.

The app supports a search mode, easily scanning the whole database as you type a particular food that you want to know more about. Calorie Counter Pro features Food Tracking, Exercise, and Planning modes that will not only feed users with important food information but will also teach users how to stay healthy through exercise, time management, and goal accomplishment. The app also features beautifully rendered charts for easy reference.

Pack some of these apps with you the next time you go on a run and shed all that unhealthy jiggle. If your favorite running app didn’t make it to our list, share it with us in a comment below and help out your fellow runners.