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Best Android apps for mothers and moms

June 6, 2012

Hollywood and mainstream media have been known to glamorize some roles. We’ve got epic movies about lawyers, cops, delivery boys–you name it, and Hollywood has found a way to add sparkles to otherwise “unglamorous” people. They’ve also glamorized motherhood, but being a mother isn’t all about fashion and finding ways to stay pretty and fit. It’s also about managing the household and taking care of your children and yourself.

Instead of listing apps that help mothers out there do things they can easily find in beauty magazines, we’ve put together a list of apps that you can actually use in planning your week and keeping you and your family healthy.

The Weather Channel

Nothing sucks more than being unprepared and getting soaked in the rain when your family is supposed to enjoy the weekend at the beach. Get an idea of what today’s weather will be like with The Weather Channel on your Android device.

This app boasts of being able to provide the most accurate and relevant weather information when you need it. Powered by more than 200 meteorologists and ultra-local forecasting technology, the Weather Channel can help make sure that you’ve got everything you need to plan your day or your week.

You can take advantage of the Weather Channel’s animated and customizable maps with Google Maps functionality and detailed weather conditions and forecasts hourly, for the next 36 hours or for the next ten days.

If you live in the United States and in Europe, you can get severe weather alerts. You can also get notifications on the current temperature and a severe alert indicator. You won’t need to keep launching the app to keep track of the weather because the Weather Channel has a widget that you can see on your homescreen. Always make sure you’re on top of the weather with the Weather Channel.

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for a long time or you’re just getting started, there’s no denying its benefits. Now that you’ve got an idea of what today’s weather will be, you can prepare yourself for a long day with the Yoga Workout Planner developed by DailyYoga, Inc.

Don’t worry if you’re still learning new positions because Yoga Workout Planner can guide you. Each position is accompanied by an animation on how it can be done, along with detailed written and voice instructions. Every session is arranged by a professional yoga instructor, with each session containing different focuses and arranged to 15- or 30-minute durations.

If you’re worried about the app eating up precious phone space with sessions that you aren’t interested in, worry no more. Every session except Sun Salutation is an individual plug-in which you can download from the Google Play Store. You can download the Standing Session or the Seated Session whenever you need it.

When you’ve got kids and a million errands to run, being able to sit down for a long period to do work can be a challenge. But, when you’ve got Evernote on your Android device, you can take your work with you, wherever you go.

Say, you’ve started working on a document on your computer but your child needs you to take him or her to soccer practice. No problem! If you’ve got Evernote’s desktop counterpart on your computer, simply open a New Note, copy the contents of your note to the open document, hit save and then Sync. This allows any device you own with the Evernote app to access your synced note. Just take your Android device with you to your child’s soccer practice and you can do work while watching his or her game.

You won’t need to be limited to just text notes. Snap a shot of something, like a shirt your child wants, and save it along with a note. Evernote can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store but if you want increased functionality, such as accessing notes offline, you can purchase and download additional plugins from within the app.

Back in ye olde days, family appointments had to be announced over dinner and if getting the family together for dinner was impossible, then sticking a note with a magnet to the fridge door was the alternative. But, what happens when not even the old fridge door reminder works? A member of the family either forgets the appointment or arrives way too late. Instead of waiting around to catch your family members, keep them updated with Cozi Family Calendar & Lists.

When all of you have your annual physical or dental, add an event with a time to your family planner. Every family member can now see the appointment. You can also send a weekly notification e-mail directly to your family members’ inboxes so they’ll be informed of the week’s schedule. Working parents who use Microsoft Outlook on their work computers will be delighted to know that Cozi syncs easily with Outlook’s calendar.

Share or assign tasks using shared or individual printable to-do lists for members of the family–or send the tasks via text message. There’s no excuse for your kids to forget their tasks with Cozi Family Calendar & Lists.

With RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner on your Android device, you’ll be able to shop smarter and scan faster. RedLaser allows you to search for low online and local prices from thousands of retailers. You can see product results from websites like Google, eBay, Milo,, and more.

Does your son want the latest book in a series? RedLaser’s local search can even find books in nearby libraries. If you’re looking to save on expenses, RedLaser allows you to compare items to find the lowest price.

If you’re worried that your camera isn’t equipped with autofocus, worry no more. RedLaser is equipped with state of the art barcode recognition that allows it to read virtually any product barcode. It can read UPC, EAN, UPC-E, EAN-8, and QR barcodes.

If your hands are busy, RedLaser allows you to search for products with your voice. You can also use the app’s image search functionality so you’ll be able to shop for a specific product even if you don’t have the box or barcode. When you’ve found the product you’re looking for, you can read reviews before you fully commit to purchasing.

Make sure that you’ll never forget your grocery list at home, buried under a stack of things, with Out of Milk Shopping List for your Android device. You can access your shopping list, pantry list, and to-do list right from this intuitive and easy-to-use app. You can make more than one to-do list.

The next time you’re at the grocery store, you can save a lot of time by grouping together items in categories. No more racing up and down aisles to pick up everything you’re looking for. Your shopping list history also remembers the items you’ve previously entered into it.

Worried that you’ll be getting the same thing you already picked up the last time you went grocery shopping? Out of Milk allows you to make a pantry list so you can keep track of important things, such as condiments and spices.

Search for products either by typing items manually, by speaking to the app or by scanning the barcode. To make the deal even sweeter, Out of Milk also allows you to add details such as the product price or whether or not the item is tax-free, so you can number crunch even before you get to the grocery store.

These days, people want instant everything and many families have fallen into the trap of eating fast food for every meal. Instead of getting quick and unhealthy food, take some time out of your day to prepare a real meal. If you have no idea what to cook for dinner, download Recipe Search to your Android device.  You can prepare for meals ahead of time by looking up recipes. Check out the ingredients, add them to the shopping list on your phone, and purchase them before you head home.

Alternatively, if you feel like making a special dinner but you don’t want to run into the store anymore, check your fridge for what ingredients you do have. If you find beef or pork, input that into Recipe Search’s search box and you’ll be shown all recipes using your ingredient. Check out which recipes you can make with the ingredients in your kitchen.

Do you have a question that not even Google Search can answer? Recipe search gives you access to a forum, so you can ask other foodies or check out similar questions that have already been answered.

Do you need even  more recipes? If by some stroke of luck or misfortune, Recipe Search doesn’t have the recipe you’re looking for, don’t hit Google just yet. Try checking it through 170,000+ Recipes BigOven. With that many recipes all in one app, you’re bound to find the one that you want. Search the app’s database of recipes by keyword, course, or ingredient. If you’ve got leftovers, you can use 170,000+ Recipes BigOven to figure out a recipe to reuse them.

You can also see recent raves and random recipes, for those days when you just want to try anything new. For the dishes that you loved, add your own review to to inspire other cooks to try it. If you’ve got a recipe that the app doesn’t have, you can post your own recipe to and view them on the app.

Proud of that casserole or pie? Snap a shot using the app and share it. All of that is available for free. If you want additional functions, such as importing your own recipes using Recipe Scan or uploading a photo of any handwritten or typed recipe, you can invest in an optional membership. If you’re not willing to invest, 170,000+ Recipes BigOven is still a handy app for all your gastronomical pursuits.

Whether you work with kids, you’ve got kids of your own, or your partner needs first aid, iTriage Health is here to help you with any medical questions you might have. Though iTriage should never be used as a replacement for a real doctor, it’s certainly handy to have on your Android device to give you information when you need it.

Developed by two ER physicians, iTriage allows you to search, save, easily access and share the medical information that’s important to you. Is your child coming down with something? Enter the symptoms into the app to get an idea of what could possibly be ailing your child and what the potential causes are.

If you need a healthcare facility, iTriage can help you locate the nearest hospital or clinic with turn-by-turn directions. iTriage also can give you emergency hotlines, and physician and nurse advice lines. To make sure you’ll never forget important medical information, save your personal healthcare facilities, doctors, diseases, procedures, medications, and health plan advice line details to iTriage.

At the end of the day, it’s finally time to relax and have a little you time. Some of you might prefer watching the TV, but for those of you who’d prefer to read, you can curl up with a magazine or a book or pop open your RSS reader to check all your RSS feeds. But, if you want the lighter, paperless, and attractive experience, there’s Pulse News.

What this app does is put all your favorite websites that you check daily into a colorful and interactive mosaic. Put all of the things you read daily in one place! You can tap on an article to view the clean and elegant view of the story, but if you prefer to read the original article, Pulse News can show you that, too.

Save your favorite article using a account and get more material to read with Pulse’s weekly publisher features. If you’re starting to get sleepy, save a story you’d like to read later across all platforms or sync them with Instapaper, Read It Later, and Evernote.

Make life easier by equipping your Android device with some or all of the app’s we’ve listed down for you. Android’s got your backed covered from preparing for your day to cooking for family meals, to keeping your family healthy, and to giving yourself a great end to a busy day.

Though the app list may have been titled apps for moms, it doesn’t mean that dads can’t use them! If fathers out there are feeling left out, we’ll be putting together an app list for dads, as well, so keep your eyes peeled for it.