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Best Android apps for meditation and relaxation

May 15, 2012

Are you always busy and can never find the time to unwind? A good night’s sleep will always be your easiest getaway from a stressful day. Unfortunately, that’s easier to say and harder to do, especially when you’ve got a lot of things on your mind, not to mention all the noise caused by your neighbors or other people in the house. Don’t worry because you can now use your Android device to help you meditate, relax, and sleep. Here’s a list of the best Android apps found on the Google Play Store for meditation and relaxation.

Tai Chi is a famous way to exercise, helping us to relax the mind and the body by relieving stress and relaxing the muscles. On the other hand, it requires years of training and commitment, which can be difficult for busy people. Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation is an app that teaches Qi Gong, which is a basic form of Tai Chi, through video tutorials. It teaches the three methods of relaxation, namely breathing, muscle relaxation and guided imagery. The app also comes with relaxing audios, such as the sounds of meadows, a mountain cabin, a day on the farm, a magical forest for children and a rainbow of emotions, letting you experience tranquility. You don’t have to pay a single cent for this app. Learning how to meditate and relax is yours for free!

If you’re too busy and you’ve got a lot of things on your mind, it’s easy to lose focus. This could end up in a mess as you begin to jumble things in your mind when you don’t even know what to do first. That’s why it’s necessary to find time to relax and meditate to restore some order to your busy life. Buddhist Meditation Trainer can help you out. It’s a simple app that helps in training on relaxation and enlightened meditation.

The app fulfills its purpose by providing you with quotes to meditate on. It has a meditation timer to measure the duration of your meditation and it features 10 levels of enlightenment. So you won’t get swept up in the hustle and bustle of a busy day, Buddhist Meditation Trainer can give you daily notifications so you’ll never forget to meditate. Buddhist Meditation is a free trainer for happiness and enlightenment.

Are thinking too hard about the things around you? Self-Hypnosis for Meditation is an app that can help you achieve a peaceful mind. The app does this by providing sound tracks which have been professionally designed to help the mind find its way to different states of meditation and relaxation. Metaphors and suggestions are also used by the app to train your mind and your subconscious to be at peace. All that needs to be done is to follow the step by step instructions and to posses the commitment to achieve relaxation. Self-Hypnosis for Meditation is free to download from the Google Play Store.

There are a lot of ways to achieve relaxation and one of them is Zen meditation. iZen is an app designed to help you practice Zen meditation. The app works by providing Zen music to help the mind achieve tranquility and peace. Zen music claims to help the mind reach a state of inner calm that cannot be achieved while meditating even in absolute silence.

The app has a timer which you can set based on how long you would want to meditate. The Zen music will end based on the time setting of your session. The app currently has eight meditation tracks and four of which are available in this free version. Attain inner peace by using iZen.

Famous forms of meditation involve relaxing and finding inner peace or enlightenment by just listening to the tranquil sounds of nature. Relax and Rest Meditations is different because of its guided meditation. This app guides you through your meditation as you listen to a sweet and peaceful voice throughout your session. It also provides you with written meditation tips to enhance your experience and make it more effective.

This app is flexible because you can use it depending on the available time you have. It has a 5-minute Breath Awareness Guided Meditation for your short breaks while you’re on the job, a 13-munite Deep Rest Meditation if you feel like sleeping, and a 24-minute Whole Body Relaxation for a complete meditation that you can do at home. You can decide whether you want to listen to natural sounds during your session. It has three nature tracks available namely rain, ocean, and stream. On the other hand, you need to pay a small fee to enjoy the benefits of this app.

Another app that makes use of hypnosis is Hypnosis-(Free) Relaxation. It’s not like what you see in the movies where people get hypnotized by watching a pendulum swing in front of their eyes. This app simply works with guided meditation where a voice speaks throughout the session. It claims to help relax the mind with the use of voice audio and music tracks.

The app features an option to switch between a female or male voice depending on the user’s preference. It also has an audio mixer where the volume contrast of the voice audio/music can be adjusted. It has six basic relaxation options along with two cycling music tracks. You also get new sessions and updates every week. Try Hypnosis-(Free) relaxation for free from the Google Play Store.

Tranquil and soothing music is always the best partner for doing Tai chi. It gives you a sense of inner peace as you listen to those kinds of sounds. Calming Music to Tranquilize is an app that gives you several choices of tranquil sound tracks. Whether you want to do your Tai Chi session or you just want to meditate, you can listen to these tracks to to relax and refresh your mind.

This app introduces you more to the Chinese culture with its Chinese style interface. It features different meditative states and elaborate descriptions. Find time to relax and listen to traditional Chinese music with this app, it’s free at the Google Play Store.

Another app that helps you to get a good night’s sleep is Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson. Deep Sleep also gives you guided meditation, designed to relax and clear your mind to get you to sleep. All you have to do is listen to the voice audio and you’ll hardly notice when you have fallen asleep. This is would be a great thing for people who experience sleeping disorders like insomnia. Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson will guide your mind to a restful sleep. Though the app is not free, it is definitely worth trying.

Another famous relaxation technique and exercise is Yoga. It has several variations and Yoga Nidra Meditation is an app that lets you experience yoga in a different way. It helps in relaxation through guided meditation. Yoga Nidra has several benefits, including relaxation, the reduction of stress and anxiety, improving the immune and lymphatic system, detoxifying your body and more.

Yoga Nidra Meditation is easy to learn, and it can be done anywhere. You can use your own background music and choose to measure your sessions with your own alarm. The free version of this app only has a 7-minute guided meditation. To have longer meditation sessions, you have to download the premium version of the app.

Most of the apps that we have featured so far utilize relaxing music to help attain a state of calmness or deep sleep. Relax Melodies also does the same. What’s different about this app is that it can be customized. You can mix your favorite sounds to create, save, and name your own tracks. You can choose from 41 ambient sounds and you can also adjust sound volume individually. Relax your mind and go to sleep easily with Relax Melodies. You can download it free from the Google Play Store.

Whether you want to relax for a minute while you are working or you want to get a good night’s sleep, there is an app for you. Try it now, download an Android app that would help you relax and unwind from your stressful day. If your favorite meditation and relaxation app didn’t make it to the list, share it with us in the comments section.