With more than 300,000 currently in the Android Market, it’s always a daunting task to to look for the most recent and best apps to make your Android experience more colorful and enjoyable. Anyway, let’s go straight to the point. Here are some of the best apps in the market right now:

Plants vs. Zombies

PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies is undisputedly one of the fastest-selling video games ever. Plants vs Zombies addicts have long been waiting for the mob of joyful zombies to invade Android, and now it that time has come. The game is already available with a price tag of $1.49. However, you can get it via Wi-Fi download, and it will be exclusive at Amazon Appstore. So what are you waiting for? Go grab it.

Army Sniper

Get into the battlefield with your Android device! Developed by Words Mobile, Army Sniper is an awesome target shooting game. There are a lot of games recently that involve you being the sniper and a counter-terrorist but this one is a bit more exciting. Army Sniper will provide you with electrifying gameplay like never before. Get it now in the Android Market for free!


I remember way back during the 90’s when I was still a child I was so fond of watching the X-men series. I even got hooked up with X-Men video games. Lately, Konami has gone old-school with X-men for Android. Decide which X-Man to be among your much-loved classic X-Men characters like Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, or Dazzler and clash with the Sentinels and super villains like Mystique, Nimrod, Juggernaut, Pyro, The Blob, Wendigo, The White Queen and of course, Magneto. Even though this game is a bit aged,it’s still very amusing to play. If you want go old school, X-men is perfect for you. Play like a mutant and get it for just $2.99!

S.O.S. by the American Red Cross

In case there is an emergency and there is no one that can help you, you can count on your Android, and an app called S.O.S. by the American Red Cross. This app is very useful since it can offer emergency care support, protocols & guides. It contains valuable facts and figures and even bit by bit video narration courtesy of the highly respected Dr. Oz. There are 3D animations to help you with the more complicated procedures too! There is no reason at all why you should not get this app since this can help you how to save a life!


Do you always miss to the chance to capture the most endearing moments? Now, you can capture the breath-taking moments in your life with just a single click on your Android device. This may not be an app overburdened with numerous features, but it certainly is a very handy one to have. It so easy to use and it is all free in the Android Market! Cherish every moment and capture all your sweet memories with SuperFastCam.


Right after you capture those “special” moments, you may need to do apply some finishing touches. Thanks to TouchRetouch, you can simply remove stuff you don’t like from your photos – like people, fat, or red-eye! It works like magic! All you need to do is mark the things you want to get rid of and then TouchRetouch will take care of the business so you don’t have to. It’s cool, and you can have it for only $0.99!

So what are you waiting for? Grab these apps now!