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Best inspirational and motivational apps for Android


Published onMay 8, 2012

Every day has the potential to be stressful. You might have a bad day at work, things may not be going your way, or you may feel like the universe is conspiring against you. If you have been feeling down a bit lately, it’s high time to get energized with inspirational quotes from famous people.

We’ve put together some of the best inspirational and motivational apps to help you perk up and recharge your day with a simple inspirational message or two.

Inspirational Quotes

Feeling down? Well, here’s something to inspire you for the day. A daily dose of feel-good quotes is a sure way to help you energize. Inspirational Quotes is probably the best way to get bite-size treats to satisfy your thirst for positive vibes.

Inspiration Quotes is built around a handpicked collection of inspirational quotes from around the world. The app is filled with over 6,000 handpicked motivational quotes, famous sayings, and inspirational words from prominent people with the developer promising new updates in the future.

If you’ve found an interesting quote that motivated you, then why not share it for the rest of the world to know. Sharing quotes is easy, as the app allows you to share via Facebook, SMS, or email.

Remember the movie The Bucket List? If you do, then we’re happy to tell you that there is an app of the same name. The Bucket List is developed by Metosphere and promises to be one fantastic application when it comes to sorting out the things you want to do in your life.

This free Android application is basically a to-do list that will inspire you to reach your goals everyday. You can share your list with other people and inspire them each day. The app also lets you input your life to-do lists, and set their priority levels to show how important they are to you.

You can also see other people’s Bucket Lists and, if you like, you can like their Bucket List and comment on them. If you’ve got some goals you’d like to achieve, you might want to give Bucket List a try. Who knows, it might just help you in reaching your dreams.

It only takes inspiration to craft an interesting idea and nothing beats organizing your ideas with Mindjet for Android.  Once you have started on an interesting idea, organize and branch it out by adding more details.

Mindjet is an interesting application for planning out ideas as it can easily map your thoughts. Suddenly lost track with your thoughts? With Mindjet’s user friendly interface; you can easily back track through your charts and see where you’re headed.

Mindjet comes preloaded with powerful mapping features, giving you the power to to style your text and topic, and relationships. You can even tag important notes to your file. Other than that, the app also lets you attach important information like links, pictures, notes, and so much more. Mindjet is perfect for users who love to jot down ideas and build on them when inspiration strikes them.

Start building confidence in yourself with Build Confidence, an application developed by Andrew Johnson that will help any person relax and feel good about oneself.

Users can build their self-confidence and relax deeply with the Build Confidence application. To get the most out of the app, users just need to plug in their phone’s headphones and drift away to sleep with this relaxing meditation application. One of the app’s major strong points has to be Andrew Johnson’s voice sharing some relaxation techniques, helping you build confidence while listening to some pleasant music.

Build Confidence is built on the idea of clearing your mind and building your self-confidence as you meditate. Overall, Build Confidence is an effective self-meditating handbook for people who want to meditate at their leisure.

You might feel blue from all of life’s stressful challenges but you can also recharge yourself and feel motivated again just by simply taking refuge in your phone. Motivation To Your Mobile will definitely inspire you in your day-to-day hustle and bustle. With the app’s uplifting messages, transform your life into cloud nine as you gain inspirational words of wisdom that will surely put a smile on your face.

Once you launch the application, you are treated to the encouraging message of the day. Each message is unique and is authored by famous encouragement speaker Derrick Hayes.  Start your day by encouraging yourself that you have a wonderful life. With the app’s huge collection of inspirational thoughts and uplifting messages, you’ll never have to worry about a single thing.

Ran out of ideas? Then Idea Generator app might just be the application that will bring a spark to your creativity. You have probably experienced brainstorming with your colleagues and received positive results. But, what if you’re far way from anyone and all you have is yourself and your mobile phone?

From the name itself, Idea Generator is basically an application that will help you generate ideas from almost anything that you can think off. Generate ideas in a flash just by setting the right category to spin your idea. When you launch the application, you will be treated with three configurable drop down lists. Pick the appropriate category that suits your taste and hit the generate button to create an idea.

Words grouped in categories are randomly combined to give you new ideas. Categories can range from adjectives, web, things, game, and aerial, just to name a few. Give the Idea Generator a try and see some wacky yet inspiring word combinations.

Start your day right by setting short-term or long-term goals with Goal Tracker for Android. Place any goal that you want to accomplish, from losing weight to buying that new car. Let Goal Tracker help you with keeping track of your goal.

Goal Tracker will list down everything that is due for the day and how much effort you put in achieving that goal. Use Goal Tracker to plan goals ahead of schedule. You can set goals on weekly, monthly, or even longer periods. Goals can vary according to your preferences. Goal Tracker can track down your goals in your family affairs, personal growth, budget constraints, health, career, and even your dream house.

In case you feel lazy, Goal Tracker can remind you of your unfinished business. Write down your goals using Goal Tracker and be motivated to fulfill your dreams.

Here’s one application that will lighten up your spirit. Bible Quotes brings users closer to the Bible by providing meaningful verses. Start your day right with famous Bible quotes and let the app quench your thirst for spiritual enlightenment.

Bible Quotes is pretty straightforward. The app functions the same as other inspirational apps that give a meaningful message daily. Aside from your daily dose of Bible quotes, the app also lets you add your own verses.  You can also look up verse in the Bible through the Look Up feature integrated into the app.

If you feel that the verse you have read for the day is truly inspirational, you can share it to the world via Facebook, SMS, email, Twitter and much more. Bible Verse is a great way to get motivated.

Meditating is a great way to relax yourself but when you’ve got your eyes closed, it’s a little difficult to keep track of time. Meditation Helper might just help you with that. Instead of keeping time by yourself, Meditation Helper will let you know when time’s up so all you need to do is focus.

Meditation Timer also allows you to target the length of time that you want to practice meditation for each day. The widget timer is not your ordinary timer–it keeps track of your target meditation goal.

Keep focused and allow yourself to meditate because Meditation Timer’s got your back.

Be happy each day with inspiration quotes to pump up your life. 505 Motivational Quotes contains, you guessed it, 505 motivational and inspirational quotes to inspire you with a smile.

505 Motivational Quotes lets you view famous quotes from different people in history. Choose from different categories such as Happiness, Inspirational, Leadership, Life, Motivational, Personal Growth, Success, and Wisdom.

Users can scan through the last viewed quote and they can also browse quotes by a specific number, so tracking down will be as easy as pie. Use 505 Motivational Quotes to inspire and motivate you.

If those apps have motivated you and have gotten your blood pumping, get out there! Carpe diem and reach for the skies! If your favorite inspirational or motivational app wasn’t on our list, share it with us in the Comments section.

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