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Best Android apps for high school students

May 1, 2012

Some say high school is the most fulfilling time of one’s life, while others think it’s all about survival. Growing up isn’t easy, especially when you realize that there is a high school waiting for you.

A few years back, it would have been a nuisance to do research work with the available resources, which weren’t much to talk about (imagine a life without Wikipedia). Nowadays, we no longer require jumping from one library shelf to another to find books for research. If one of your high school best friends has an Android device, then it’s about time you learn the meaning of the phrase, “What are friends for?”

In this post we will showcase ten handy Android apps that can help you survive high school. And, perhaps these might help you in keeping ahead of your classmates.


We all know that Google is a student’s best friend, but that’s only because it often redirects him or her to Wikipedia. The official Wikipedia app for Android brings the world’s global encyclopedia to your Android device with some very convenient features. With this app you can save and share articles with friends, read Wikipedia pages in other languages, and perform full screen searches.

The official Wikipedia app not just helps speed up research via Wikipedia, but also provides the utility to check back at saved articles when there is no Internet connectivity. Furthermore, it also helps in collaborating with friends by sharing articles. The language translation feature of this app is also of immense utility as it helps explore Wikipedia articles in other languages. For example, every good article regarding a topic, say the French Revolution, is not necessarily available in English. However, translating articles from a foreign language can be very handy. This can also save a lot of time from translating articles via services like Google Translate.

Google Translate

Speaking of translations, the official Google Translate app for Android is an excellent app for instantly translating text between various languages. While the Wikipedia app may resolve the issue for translating Wikipedia articles, you will inevitably require a good translation app. This is specially the case if you are taking foreign language classes in high school.  Translations can also be viewed in full screen mode for better viewing by people next to you.

The Google Translate app for Android allows you to translate text and listen to translations of 60 languages. Moreover, you can also ask the app to read the required text so you can hear a translated version spoken back to you.

Perhaps one of the best features of this app is its ability to provide speech to speech translations for live conversations between two people. The Conversation Mode provides direct translations by using the voice input of each person, hence providing translation for both. Users can also access translation history without Internet connectivity to get back to previously translated text. This means that you do not have to continually translate the same text if you require it again.

OfficeSuite Viewer 6

Many students often have to make presentations and spreadsheets and work with files of various formats, especially MS Office documents. OfficeSuite 6 is an application that resolves the problem of installing numerous standalone applications for viewing such documents. It provides a utility to view a variety of files from MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF, etc. This means that you no longer have to install a single document viewer app (e.g., PDF viewer) to view one kind of document.

Furthermore, all supported documents are displayed with a familiar interface similar to their native desktop apps. The supported file extensions include PPTX, PPSX, PPS, PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, CSV, XLSX, LOG, ZIP, and EML.

With OfficeSuite 6 you can also view attachments from emails and share them via email or Bluetooth. OfficeSuite 6 has both a free and paid version. The pro version of this application not only allows viewing files from the aforementioned formats but also enables editing them.

Google Drive

While many students benefit from cloud backup services like Dropbox, a better option can be the recently released Google Drive. This application extends the functionality of Google Docs by allowing you to store and share your files more conveniently. With Google Drive you can instantly upload your documents, pictures, and videos (such as video tutorials) and share them with your contacts. Google Drive resolves three major issues: creating, editing, and saving documents.

As many document editors for major document formats require purchase (such as the above mentioned OfficeSuite Pro), you can opt for a free alternative for performing these tasks in the shape of Google Drive. Furthermore, Google Drive supports more document formats than many similar Android apps, as it caters to documents, images, and video formats. It is also optimized to take advantage of larger Android tablet screens, running Android 3.0+ (Honeycomb and above).

No matter how good your English is, using a thesaurus and dictionary is always required, especially in high school when you are going through an important learning curve. The Advanced English and Thesaurus app for Android is a two-in-one bundle with 1.4 million words. Unlike other dictionary and thesaurus apps, this application delivers both utilities in a single Android application, which eliminates the need for installing separate dictionary and thesaurus apps.

This application has been built on the WordNet dictionary format, which is quite different from standard dictionary formats. The dictionary in this app groups verbs, adverbs, nouns, and adjectives in sets of synonyms to help the reader gain a better insight into the meaning of a word and related concepts.

Additionally, a simplified definition is also provided, along with opposites, synonyms, etc. Words can be searched easily by simply typing them in the search bar. Related words automatically appear in the search result as the word is being typed. Users can also play back pronunciations for selected words.

GPA Calculator

One of the trickiest things in high school is that of calculating your Grade Point Average (GPA). While the report cards provide all required information, however, it can be confusing to calculate your GPA using a simple calculator. GPA Calculator is a simple GPA calculation app for Android, which is meant to help you easily and accurately calculate your high school GPA, in just a few taps on your Android device.

To perform calculations with the help of this app, just select your credit hours, followed by the grade received in a specific course. Further calculations can be made by hitting “Next”, which can be used to perform calculations for numerous semesters and quarters. GPA Calculator has a very simple user interface which displays credit hours and grades in side-by-side columns. After you enter the required information, your GPA and Cumulative GPA is displayed on top of these two columns.

InstaFetch Lite

Instapaper is a famous web service that enables users to save websites bookmarks. It is mainly used to bookmark articles for later reading. InstaFetch Lite is an Android application for the Instapaper web service that provides the utility to save entire webpages offline to your Android device. This is similar to the functionality of the official Wikipedia app, except that InstaFetch can save webpages from any website. Moreover, you can also download and synchronize your saved content to read later. Such functionality can be quite helpful for high school students to save useful articles for later reading.

What makes InstaFetch better than similar applications is the fact that it uses the NReadability engine which removes clutter from HTML pages to make them easier to read. The InstaFetch app for Android also has a paid version. The Pro version costs US$3.17 and provides support for Instapaper folders, text-to-speech features, night mode (which provides better brightness for dark text), Evernote integration, Wi-Fi-only mode for automatic synchronization, and the option to star articles.

It is quite likely that you will be dealing with a lot of math in high school and it is therefore imperative that you know your formulas. Formulas Lite, as the name suggests is an application that helps users with important math, physics, and chemistry formulas. It comes with a built in Scientific Calculator and translator and even provides interesting facts to enhance your knowledge about formulas. The good thing about this app is that it is not just a simple calculator or reference application for learning formulas. Instead it offers a complete package for understanding and remembering concepts for formulas.

Formulas Lite not just provides guidance for common math, physics, and chemistry formulas but also offers help with important things like the Periodic Table of Elements. It even has a unit converter to convert values between different measures. Interestingly, the application’s name is Formulas Lite; however, there is no pro version for the app. Nonetheless, the available options are already so rich that a pro version with additional options seems a little difficult to imagine.


If you are struggling with keeping up with your homework, meetings, class schedule, and projects, then Studious is here to the rescue. Studious is designed for students who need help managing their extensive study schedule while keeping tab of all the assignments and tests via reminders. Studious is a great app that comes packaged with great features. With this app on your Android device, you can automatically have your phone silenced in class while getting occasional homework and test reminders.

Another great thing about Studious is its ability to categorize your to-do list according to task and subject. The app also helps you in saving notes and photos on the go. With great developer support, the app is consistently getting improved with new features and bug fixes pushed frequently.

There are some worthy competitors for Studious, but this one seems to top them all with great functionality and easy-to-use interface. Studious is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Agenda Widget for Android

In high school the most important step towards success is being organized. Agenda Widget for Android is an app that helps you do just that. It allows you to organize and keep track of important events and tasks. It appears on the Android homescreen to serve as a constant reminder for complete, pending, and upcoming tasks.

Agenda Widget for Android is highly customizable and provides the option to display calendars and tasks from other applications. Furthermore, it has numerous themes and provides date row views and inline and icon viewing modes.

If you think the above mentioned features are good enough for organizing your high school agendas, then think again. Agenda Widget also has a paid version known as Agenda Widget Plus, which comes with extra features such as an additional grid view and theme, UTD support, cleaner settings, and the option to easily create separate widgets. Agenda Widget Plus costs US$1.87.

With these apps, you have almost every chance to get through and survive high school.  What other helper apps do you use for your high school life?