Why do people drink wine? An old Latin saying gives five major reasons: “the arrival of a friend; one’s present or future thirst; the excellence of the wine; or any other reason.” In truth, the fruit of the vine crushed and fermented into that intoxicating drink we know as wine is part of human heritage. For centuries, the gift of Bacchus has been ever present in almost all significant public and private gatherings, with or without food (but especially with food).

But, not all wines are made equal–neither in price, quality, nor fame. Sadly, too, not many wine lovers know of the existence of other wine varieties; or, if they do, they wouldn’t know whose cellar they can get a sip from. Another sad note is that wine drinking has become a sophisticated endeavor these last few centuries that the average person could hardly keep up with the technical jargon.

Wine drinking should be made a human right (except for minors!), not just a privilege of the “cultured” and sophisticated crust of society. After all, wine drinking not only has health benefits but is also a human tradition handed down from antiquity.

If you are a wine lover and a proud owner of an Android device, here are some of the best wine apps for Android to help you find the right wine for any occasion. You don’t have to be a snobbish wine judge or wine taster to be able to carry out the wishes of your oinophilic taste buds. Enjoy the apps–and your wine!

Swirl Pro – A Wine Guide (by Kollifay Interactive)

Swirl Pro can easily become your personal sommelier with its innate aptitude for finding wine. Explore the thousands of varietals and have your sommelier suggest what food perfectly matches your wine picks. Swirl Pro makes your oinophilic life pleasurable and easy by letting you save a journal of your wine discoveries–complete with your personal notes, photos, and tags. Classify your wines into various default and custom categories. Rate your wines, too. With its lookup function for Snooth.com, you can quickly find interesting wine picks, and with the help of Google Maps, you can also easily find out which wine store nearest you has a bottle of your favorite. And, wine drinking being a social activity, Swirl Pro also allows you to share your wine lists to other fellow connoisseurs. A free, limited, and ad-supported version is available if you want to try the app. Otherwise, go full swing with your wine swirling and unleash the full aroma of Swirl Pro for US$4.00. [Get it now]

Wine + List, Ratings & Cellar (by Metosphere)

Wine + List, Ratings & Cellar is, foremost of all, a tracker app for keeping tabs on your personal notes and ratings for the wines you have drunk–either at home or elsewhere. It also helps you stay current with your wine collection in your own cellar. The app has a social networking function that gives you access to other fellow wine lovers’ notes and ratings for their own wine drinking experience. The wine community’s opinions can be handy next time you go dining or shopping for new wines. The app also tracks your wine statistics. A barcode reader provides a no-type, no-swype way to quickly add new wines to your lists. You’ll also love this: the app can be run from your SD card. Try the limited free version or go straight right into cellar management with the US$3.00 paid version. [Get it now]

Hello Vino – Wine App (by Hello Vino)