Whether you’re a high school student who wants to earn straight A’s in school or a college sophomore striving hard to live with the continuous onslaught of exams, then look no further, as there are Android apps that can help you in your woes and worries inside the campus grounds.

Here are five of the best Android applications that can help you in your studies.


Definitely a must-have application for the everyday campus trekker, Evernote combines all the best features when it comes to note-taking. Evernote helps students keep track with almost everything–from notes, pictures, and to-do lists, just to name a few. Stay organized even if you literally have hundreds of notes and reminders with the easy-to-use search feature that pinpoints your search request accurately, saving you time and improving productivity.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Students will never have to carry around a bulky dictionary as the compact Merriam Webster Dictionary can now be accessed right from the palm of your hands. Featuring voice input search functionality, students can easily look-up words via speech-based lookup. Boasting not only just a dictionary, the app also features synonyms and antonyms of each word entry and an example of how the word is used in a sentence. As an added bonus, the app also lets users save their favorite words and improve their vocabulary with the Word of the Day option.

WikiDroid for Wikipedia

Wikipedia has become synonymous to research with its free online encyclopedias. Almost everyone has relied upon Wikipedia for notes, information, and research options. Considered to be a favorite option for getting fast information on thousands of topics, Wikipedia has been the primary choice for many students. Opening Wikipedia on a mobile phone may take some time especially when loading fully-packed pages. However, a mobile version of the famous encyclopedia now exists to make Wikipedia more accessible to mobile users. With the WikiDroid app functioning as a pocketable Wikipedia, users are able to access the rich information on Wikipedia through a mobile phone–but minus the bloat of a desktop version of Wikipedia pages.

Adobe Reader

Students who are fond of reading books on the go will be happy to know that they can do the same task using their mobile phones. Adobe Reader can render PDF documents with ease, as the app can support PDF portfolios, password-protected PDF documents, and E-books. Adobe Reader is a perfect companion for those long boring train rides during which you might want to review your lectures or  read e-books.


If your curious mind tends to ask questions about all sorts of mind-boggling stuff you stumble upon within campus halls, let the WolframAlpha app do the fact-finding for you. Students can feed the application with unknown dates, words, or phrases that they are curious to know more about and WolframAlpha can dig up all the necessary information related to their queries. Questions can also be asked to gain quick information on a variety of topics–from the probabilities of having a full house in poker, to the person who assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

What Android apps do you use to help you with school work?