From waking up early and preparing breakfast for the kids to buying groceries after work, life as a family man or woman can be tough. Fortunately, help is available when you know where to look. If you have a smartphone or a tablet, for instance, just download and install these 5 apps to fully manage your family matters.

Cozi Family Organizer

Perhaps the best practical app for parents, especially moms, Cozi Family Organizer provides a free and shareable calendar and lists to synchronize the schedule of each family member. By posting an appointment, you can easily inform everyone that, say, you will be late for the night.

The whole family can access the same Cozi account, which means all information is viewable by everyone. This is particularly helpful to avoid conflicts of activity schedules. For example, you can be informed whenever one of your kids has a must-watch school play and therefore postpone your business meetings to a more appropriate time and day.

Family Locator

Ever worried about where your kids go after school? Or perhaps you are suspecting your partner to be cheating on you. With Family Locator, you can track their real-time location in a jiffy. Its developer claims the app to be quite accurate, efficient on battery consumption, and a powerful service overall.

Different techniques are used for tracking including GPS, Wi-Fi, and triangulation. You can also enable a breadcrumb trail history so you can see where your family has been during the day. Other safety features include a panic button, location of sexual offenders in the neighborhood, and many more.

Grocery iQ

Not just any app for writing things down on a list, Grocery iQ is specialized for gathering things to buy at the grocery with intuitive tools such as barcode scanning and predictive search. It works on multiple devices, even on the Web, so you have more options for viewing your grocery list.

Categories are also available, letting you order items according to priority as well as check off items already bought or still in stock. Even each store you frequent to can be given a shopping list which you can further specify down to the aisles for efficient navigation through each store.

Wunderlist Task Manager

Streamline the tasks of each member of your household and mark a deadline to each chore using Wunderlist Task Manager. Just like Grocery iQ, all tasks are synchronized in the cloud so you can access them across multiple devices and platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows).

While intended for a single user, Wunderlist has rudimentary task sharing: you can send a list of tasks to another person’s email and remind him/her when the deadline is near. Notes for detailing your tasks further, as well as the ability to prioritize important tasks by marking them with stars are also available.

The Weather Channel

Your loved ones no longer have to bring an umbrella every time they go out of the house because it might rain later. Instead, they can check out how the weather is going to be like for the day by using The Weather Channel.  The service also provides ten-day forecasts, an important feature for anyone with vacation plans or business travels within such time frame.

With these apps, you can take advantage of the “smart” in your Android smartphone for tasks such as managing your household.  What other apps for managing your own household do you use?